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Carboniferous Isle DemoView game page

Side Scrolling arcade shooter demo
Submitted by — 37 minutes, 49 seconds before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#342.4122.667

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New/Hobbyist (this is my first published game concept)

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Congratulations on your first published game concept! I was really excited to play it because I studied Carboniferous paleontology back in university. I would have liked to see more Carboniferous content, for example a forest of Carboniferous plants as a background instead of a generic albeit pretty sky scene. Overall, though, a crisp and well functioning game.


Thanks Magoo - saw your comment in the recording of the live stream - it would have been good to nerd out on it, my background is in biology.   The concept of this is potentially as a first level, where you're flying towards the island - the island itself would be heavily forested as the name suggests!  The main theme is obviously the high levels of oxygen giving rise to the prevalence of giant insects (taken to extremes in the game, obviously!).  If I take this further into making a full game out of it, then you'll be seeing plenty of trees and ferns!


Congrats on your first published game! It plays really well and I can't put it down! After about two dozen tries I got to a high score of 7050 :P


Well you kicked my butt, my best is still 3450!!  Thanks for the feedback - appreciate it.


Those god damn mosquitoes! :D

Good job!


Thanks - they ARE super annoying - like mosquitoes in real life!


Congrats on your first published game! I just wanted to mention that you exported with debugging enabled (among other things, you get that console window when you run it). For future reference you can untick the box that says "Export with debug" when you select what folder to export to :)


Thanks Fredspipa - I'll do that next time!