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Thanks ❤️ I love that you saw exactly what I was going for; a swarms strength is in its numbers and you need to sacrifice some members to ensure the survival of the swarm, but if you lose too many the whole swarm is vulnerable.

Thanks! I appreciate you mentioning the music, it's my very first attempt and I was super insecure about it.

Thanks for the write up! That translates perfectly to Godot :) I was thinking more of the geometry of the surface though, the player seems to dip into the "bumps" on the surface, or am I just hallucinating? Is that a complete mesh with collision shape?

The art style is jawdropping, along with the music and mechanics. My initial thought was "how the hell did they manage this in 72 hours", but then the game ended abruptly and I was left with a hunger for more. I would buy a full length title with this style and music instantly.

Sad to say that in its current state you can't compete for high scores as you can achieve maximum score fairly easily, hope they let you fix that! I really want to play more of this.

Hahaha did you put rocket boosters on a frickin planet to outmaneuver an alien invasion? Genious! I like the mechanics and I try to pull of successful slingshots with the comets but haven't hit a ship yet, but it's getting there! And as Yaroslav said, the floaty music really is a perfect match for it.

This art style takes me back to the era of CD-ROM interactive stories, almost made me wish there was an optional 256 color mode. I should have read the game page before playing, this game has some pretty deep mechanics for that simple control scheme, which would make it interesting to compete for a score in. Good job!

I'm so curious as to how you made the surface of the planet possible. It seems like a "simple" vertex shader, but the way it affects the enemies and projectiles as well throws me off. Easy 5/5 on technical implementation, easy. Good job, and wow!

Those bees really tears that bear to shreds, don't they? I love how this game quickly punishes you for beeing too greedy, but you still have to step on it or else the bees will overwhelm you. Good balance!

Love the aesthetics here, had to go through your other games on as well for more. The responsive controls made it "easy" to navigate the torrent of bullets, made me feel like the skill ceiling was really high. Good job!

My tacting was shooting around in a circle and a number 8 pattern :D

It was tiny on my 4K screen, but you could press Alt+Enter for fullscreen.

Damn, what a pleasant vibe in this game. Good job!

Thank you for the great feedback! I failed to add a more descriptive introduction apart from the game page, but the gist of it is; you need to maintain as large a swarm as you can, as your score is multiplied by how many there are in your swarm. It's ok if half your swarm dies, there are constantly spawning yellow "flatsvermers" that you can recruit by flying next to them, and having a larger swarm increases the chance of picking up powerups and new recruits.

In short, Flatsvermers strength are in their (dwindling) numbers :)

Congrats on your first published game! I just wanted to mention that you exported with debugging enabled (among other things, you get that console window when you run it). For future reference you can untick the box that says "Export with debug" when you select what folder to export to :)