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Yeah, sadly something I didn't get around to fixing in time :(

Interesting idea. The spawn rate of enemies seemed overly small. I would sit around doing nothing for a while without any spawns, I think I saw 3 enemies after playing for 5 minutes.

Additionally, the music is very loud and the options slider wasn't saving the volume.

Very interesting idea! But too difficult for me. I wasn't able to get past the second level after a few minutes.

Love the baba is you vibe. It's really difficult, but I've always been bad at word puzzles. My best score was 6

Very intriguing. Spent a good amount of time making interesting shapes by recursively transforming them :)

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. That 4-in-a-row was what I used in my testing for death animation and it felt like a fun trick to leave in. Plus it gave more options for how you could try to build shapes :)

Great visuals (especially the title/intro scenes)!

It wasn't clear at first that the timer also caused a game over, I first ran into it during the level with like 8 connections and I kept failing without much visual info. When lovers join they change there visuals. As far as I can tell, the only change when the time runs out was the timer becomes a hashed box. Since it's part of the ui I didn't really notice it and was looking for some hidden mechanic I was missing or something. Maybe a pop-up that says Times up, or the timer shows the time you reached and flashes grey-red-grey etc. instead of just removing a piece of ui.

Music played well for the feel of the story which was an interesting addition while puzzling out the levels.

The ants (especially the drawn ants) were adorable! And the music adds to the cute adventuresome atmosphere. The apple however felt a little too bottom heavy and was really frustrating to move towards the goal as any push (regardless of how many ants I had at my side) the apple would just roll around me.

Interesting idea, too difficult for me. I got to wave 5, but at that point there was no way to get to my generator (swarm was all over the screen) so I was just running around. I noticed that the zombies would spawn on top of you sometimes if you were in the corners/sides which was kinda annoying. Maybe have an indicator before they spawn so that you can get out of the way or don't spawn them when the player is within a small area.

Fun time! Played through all the levels. Just the right difficulty for a jam game :)

I disagree that the theme was an afterthought. The theme's true intention (from Mark's video) was about linking mechanics not physical objects, and you're linking your set of platforming mechanics to your set of puzzling mechanics. I thought it was really well done :)

Thanks! I tend to ignore the aesthetics (leave things as blank white or various colors that don't blend together), but I wanted a chill puzzle experience this time and it was only about 30 min of work to get all the colors to blend well together :)


I was hoping to have time to get smooth animations, but the calculations to make the rolling look realistic was daunting to say the least haha. I'd love to get some smooth motion eventually. I feel like it'd blend more with the music if that was the case :)

Yeah, I spent so much time on the mechanics I forgot all about making levels haha. I built all four levels in the last hour... I wanted a tutorial that would be easy to understand the concepts without any text, but due to the lack of time, I definitely didn't give the first three levels any flavor :(

Thanks! My favorite tutorials are the ones that are naturally built into the play of the game, so I like to practice that myself whenever I can :)

Yeah, wish I had a little bit more time to work on levels. I had a couple more ideas that I was using for testing, but didn't make the cut because I wanted to make the game easy enough for people to get the rules and they play with it in the last level. Hopefully I keep working on this and add more levels but who knows :p

Heyo, yeah my game dev has slowed down a lot since I started my new job. This one was definitely a confidence boost. Not because the project is amazing or anything, but that I "completed" it in 8 hours. Makes me feel like I've got plenty of time even with my job :D

I've made most of the mechanics (though there are a couple bugs), so it's really just about making levels, which is pretty easy to keep up with. I was also thinking about trying my hand at a level editor for the first time. Might be fun :)

Spectacular game! One of if not my favorite of the jam! It's really well polished visuals, there's so many levels, the difficulty ramps up pretty well, the music is bumping, the physics of the trains is well executed (momentum with more carts, turning backwards bunching up the carts, etc.). Everything is so well done I'm surprised and impressed by the work your team completed in two days!

Absolutely adorable visuals! I love that you can see the cute little faces in the pot.

I really like the idea of using the golf cart to play, the resulting physics was quite hilarious xD.

The sound effects were particularly loud for me, and the menu didn't seem to work for me (for the sound effects specifically). Also, the music slider seemed to linearly change the volume, but because volume is in decibels (non-linear scaling) when you go to 50% of the bar the music is basically silent.

Hmm, the camera should be following the blocks while you move, so there might've been a bug :(

My girlfriend really enjoyed playing. Very creative idea to make use of physical constraints instead of just digital!

Cool little game. Looks like it was designed for mobile which I could see being fun. What I'd love to see would be a way to see your tree when you're done with the level because some parts looked really cool :)

Haha, that was a fun 10 minutes! I appreciated how much faster you move when you're properly coordinating both halves at once because it made it very satisfying when I somehow had control and was flying around the tracks!

Ah! I probably should've been able to figure that out myself lol! I tried again and made it much farther! I collected a mushroom and was about to get the second when bicc got crushed by an elevator and I wasn't able to proceed :(.

Also I like that the music changes after a couple minutes. Adds more variety :)

Awesome idea! Definitely my favorite game so far! I love how strategic you have to be compared to normal tetris. If you don't do any planning you get royally screwed! After a few attempts I was able to get a score of 185 which I felt quite proud of :P

Quite fun! If there was some music, sfx, and feedback from being hit I could play this for hours!

Congrats on the game! I liked that you had to stack the characters on top of each other. It was satisfying when it was blue on green because of how the movement speed worked. However, I couldn't figure out getting past the fire block because I wasn't able to get green stacked on blue or jump green over :(.

I love me an arcade-y space shooter, and I'd love it even more with some epic battle music to get me into the rhythm :).

I found the game a bit too difficult. I wasn't able to last more than a minute after multiple attempts. The time you're rewarded for capturing an enemy's life-force often didn't feel comparable to the time lost trying to shoot it down enough to capture them in the first place. So maybe that could be a place for tweaking.

Loved the lighting effects with the pixel art, and the enemy explosions felt very satisfying.

Very cute visuals! I loved the title screen, although it would be nice to have a bit more contrast (especially for the buttons) :).

I wasn't able to figure out the "jump" action for the smol character. The controls listed it as "right left" but the movement is already the arrow keys so wasn't sure what that meant.

Interesting idea! I loved the little animations in the title screen and the music was nice and calming :).

I kept getting stuck when I'd get close to certain objects (like the gelatin which looks like wasabi and the can of worms). I couldn't find the places to click away, so sadly I never got very far :(.

I'm glad you liked it! When drafting the idea, I had a couple plans for more levels, enemies, and mechanics. But intentionally left those out to make it simple. Gotta test out if the idea is worth it first ya know :P

Thanks for playing!

I noticed the direction on death thing in all the levels, but what I liked about Maze was the path was open ended, so you had to plot the path yourself :)

I did accidentally eat myself a lot xD

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. The fruit/salt has a chance to spawn on each other, making a piece of salt useless :(. I only noticed this in the third level not the other two. Probably because they're so many more spawning.

Haha I love the switch in tone of the music. This game is super fun! And I love the simplicity of the idea of backwards snake. I found it super engaging on the third stage, having all these obstacles appearing while you're flying through. This was honestly one of my favorite games of the Jam in terms of fun!

My only bit of constructive criticism is that it starts far too slow. I like that you're introducing the concept, but the intro level takes a looong time even though you start off with only 3 length. I would suggest it more as a tutorial level with a separate option even or try to shorten it even further. I almost stopped playing the game before that first level completed and missed out on the real fun of the game!

Also maybe have the switch in tone be related to how fast you're moving. It doesn't fit super well on the first level for example, but it's a banger for the third haha.

Great job!