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I'm glad you liked it! When drafting the idea, I had a couple plans for more levels, enemies, and mechanics. But intentionally left those out to make it simple. Gotta test out if the idea is worth it first ya know :P

Thanks for playing!

I noticed the direction on death thing in all the levels, but what I liked about Maze was the path was open ended, so you had to plot the path yourself :)

I did accidentally eat myself a lot xD

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. The fruit/salt has a chance to spawn on each other, making a piece of salt useless :(. I only noticed this in the third level not the other two. Probably because they're so many more spawning.

Haha I love the switch in tone of the music. This game is super fun! And I love the simplicity of the idea of backwards snake. I found it super engaging on the third stage, having all these obstacles appearing while you're flying through. This was honestly one of my favorite games of the Jam in terms of fun!

My only bit of constructive criticism is that it starts far too slow. I like that you're introducing the concept, but the intro level takes a looong time even though you start off with only 3 length. I would suggest it more as a tutorial level with a separate option even or try to shorten it even further. I almost stopped playing the game before that first level completed and missed out on the real fun of the game!

Also maybe have the switch in tone be related to how fast you're moving. It doesn't fit super well on the first level for example, but it's a banger for the third haha.

Great job!

Awesome job! I love menus that are playable in some way so the level select was a cool addition. I also appreciate that even though the graphics were all really simple, there was color scheme and crispness of the edges that make it visually appealing :).

I liked the use of death as a puzzle mechanic in a fast paced game, and that you give time at the start if you don't move to plot out your course. I would've loved to see more puzzles like "Maze" which use the direction you die as a way of speeding up your time because that one was very satisfying to complete with the optimal time.

The only tweak I'd suggest is when the time runs out to give a bigger indication that you lost the level and also give a little pause before the player can start (maybe just like .25 second animation where you can't act so as not to slow down the game). I would get frustrated when I'd lose the level and immediately start moving so the timer would start ticking again and I'd feel rushed to complete and fail again. The reset button helps with this for sure, but I think it would be more satisfying with the short delay.

Aw thanks so much! <3

Wowie! The platforming (albeit a little too quick for me), visuals, and audio are all super polished! And the idea of not only beating the level in a time limit, but coming around to kill yourself is really creative and unique!

Also having the win/lose of your game change the path your character goes on in the levels is a super cool touch. Makes it much more replayable. Big plus! (Quick bug report, when I won twice, lost once, and won once, it took me to the 3 wins, no loses level not to the 3 wins, 1 loss level)

I love how you implemented coyote time and auto-edge vaulting when jumping at a ledge. I don't know if it was just me, but it didn't seem like the auto-vault would happen if I was wall jumping and slid up the wall. I feel it would be cool to add if it's not already there that if your sliding up the wall and reach the corner you do the same thing. A lot of the wall jumping areas felt like you were only a few centimeters away from making it.

Great job! One of my favorites by far :D

There is an exit-to-menu button in case people ran into bugs, but I actually forgot to include it in the controls on the page. Whoops!

Congrats on your first published game!

Yeah the drifting was in since the beginning but was never able to resolve it. I think it's a quirk of how I'm blending my animations (because it also blends events which I use to change the player movement).

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you liked it! <3

Wonderful level of polish for a 3 day game! Easy to grasp mechanics + great movement + great music + great visuals... This looks to be the dream team of devs afterall :P

The mechanic was very polished! Sadly the 4th or 5th level got stuck with a loading screen covering the level so I couldn't continue. The level complete sound cracked me up as well :P

Haha I love the seagull sounds! If anyone else has trouble with the Web version, try a different browser. It worked fine in Firefox for me, but wouldn't load in Safari.

The visuals are also very impressive :)

Music is very fitting lol... I like the visuals and the dash is a fun little animation. This game is like an I Wanna Be The Guy type game because it is super difficult and pixel perfect to progress. I've been sitting here for 10 minutes and only nearly got through the second gate :(

This made me chuckle many times :P. I enjoyed the Stanley Parable, but it was a little tedious trying to find all the endings because it's a longer game. Having that sort of energy in a more condensed game proved much more enjoyable for me. It doesn't get stale because there are only 5 questions ; ).

Also I just want to say that circle having 3 sides isn't that out there... the back side, front side, and circumference is really just one continuous side haha.

Awesome game!

This game is short and sweet. The puzzle mechanic is easy to grasp and reason about, so even though it's simple the gameplay is fun! Congrats on your first Jam!

Beautiful visuals! I love the pixel art. And the game is very simple to grasp and fun!

I love the cute bouncing penguin! And the music is very cute and fitting :). I couldn't get past level 4, and when I died a lot the music started getting repetitive (because it would restart the song with each life). It helps makes the play feel more smooth when the music continues playing through to the respawn. Just a thought.

Really enjoyed it!

I wish I could see more of the surrounding area to appreciate your randomized maps, but I do like that it feels like you're lost in a labyrinth with it being so dark. I find myself hugging the walls in every room to help guide me places.

I didn't really get the increased health situation, it seemed like it would swap between starting with 6 health, to starting with 3 health, to starting with 8 health. I never went over 8.

Thanks for playing! Yes, there were some... quirks with the controls I didn't iron out in time :P

Aw thank you <3

Sadly the wheel settings didn't seem to work for me. I changed the speed and tried flipping the rotation of one side of wheels but they still turned in the wrong direction too slow to move :-(

Thanks for checking out the game! I've resolved the visual bug, so next priority is to resolve the sticking to walls :-)

It was fun to play and the character is very cute :p. The music for whatever reason reminded me of the town music in the megaman legends games

I was stuck for a while trying to figure out what to do, how to earn points, etc. I thought it was a wave-survival type thing but I had -215 points that would go up and down seemingly randomly.

However, I eventually realized that you move right to gain score. Seems like a lot of people had issue with this too, so maybe just some indicator at the start to move right (just like an arrow on screen at spawn is probably enough).

After that it becomes a nice casual game like doodle jump :)

Fun and cute little game. I like the subversion of sorting colored balls with just changing their colors :p. I found it pretty hard to click on the balls, so the game could benefit from having slightly larger hit detection (or smarter hit detection such as checking where the ball was coming from for a short distance). Although I was playing with a trackpad so that does contribute to the difficult somewhat :p

Very creative idea! And I love the sound effects (low, medium, high pitch knock when changing state for example).

My only issue was the box to cover the screen was in the way a lot. During levels it was small but would cover up the right quarter of the screen, and in the menus it covered half the screen so I couldn't play half the levels :O. Which is sad for me because I'd love to play more levels haha

I enjoyed the stream, thanks for playing and for the ideas!

I really enjoy the calm nature of tweaking your trajectory. I would've liked more control over the camera so I could see where the cookies were and also judge my distances to objects a bit more. The music really helps set the peaceful nature :)

The game was fun and pretty hard. I wasn't able to beat level 6. The music was far too loud (even with my volume at its lowest setting), so I didn't listen to it much.

I like the difficulty of the game, but found the input a little frustrating to get very far. A short "coyote time" or input queuing could help since the bounciness of the ball makes it difficult to time inputs. Also this might just be a me thing, I find it more intuitive to have an action occur due to a mouse down than a mouse up.

Very fun once you get used to the trajectory of the box. Great number of levels for a game jam play time of 15 minutes. I especially liked the levels with large structures that you have to pelt in the same place a few times and then the whole structure topples :P

Thank you so much! I'm glad people got some fun out of it even with the visual weirdness :)

Aw thanks! I'm glad the game wasn't as much of a flop as I thought from the visual bug :D

Thanks for playing! I really appreciate the time checking it out :)

Having in-game controls definitely seems necessary, especially for the crates xD. The difficulty with seeing edges is an issue even when the shader works, so that's something for me to look into. I was tossing around the idea of outlining platforms (a.k.a. cell-shading).

I got around to filling out the jam page. The controls are there if you're willing to give it another shot :)

Thanks for checking out my game!

Hmm, the levels are designed so you shouldn't need to look up to interact that much, but I'll increase the range of motion in the next build to feel less restrictive.
There's two issues with the movement right now: you can get briefly stuck in walls pretty often and the visual bug makes it hard to see where you're going. I'm curious if your issue was a different one.

If you use one color as the background, and outline everything else with the second color you can see everything

They've said in other posts that the color output needs to be in two colors (color output meaning what the user sees on screen)