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Yaroslav Soroko

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Heya, I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you!

You're right, the game still needs balancing, and I decided to work a but further on it to make it more enjoyable :)

Hey, thanks for playing!

I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it!

Cool, thanks!

Hey, thanks for playing my game and enjoying it!

Yes, I used Game Maker Studio 2  to make it.

I've  tried to recreate Reigns mechanics as a programming challenge for myself, but do my own stories, so I guess it's a good think it reminds you of Reigns, it means I succeded :D

Wow you are so young and already programming!

It's really impressive! I'm 25 and recently got into it :D

Thanks for telling, I noticed it happens when you rate a game and afterwards type a comment, but must have missed this one!

Thanks for playing! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it!

Yeah, I think it's cool to try to implement some game's mechanics on your own, it's a good challenge for a programmer!

Good job!

Oooh, got it, thank you for the explanation! I'll try it again! :)

Hey there, I liked the mechanics and small details (like the deLorean), but I am completely lost in terms of gameplay :D

Took me some time to figure out the controls, but now I don't understand how to beat the other robot. The only thing I understand how to do is switch gravity and grab boxes, but I don't know what to do with the boxes :D

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Really cool!

Love the sound you made for when you throw the scateboard and you hit an enemy :D

Wish I could skate on that big ramp :D

The theme overall and the idea are really great!

I have no idea of what's going on!


I am entertained xD

It's quiet satisfying to shoot those giant chicken!

I wish there was more explanation about the cards or a bit more gameplay, but hey, in 48 hours you did a great demo!

Nice graphics, I liked the guards who look like bananas :D

I wish there was music and also some sort of Game Ending.

But I guess making those nice graphics takes time!

Good job overall!

Hey there!

I liked the style, the music, and most of all, the 'coothcoocootchoo" sound you make when you steer the ship :D

But I didn't figure out how to fish :C

I was trying to aim for those bubbles in the water, but nothing happens :/

Hey there! 

It looks like the game needs a bit more enemies/cards to use.

(I was a bit lost at the start , misplaced the card to a space with no enemy in front and lost :D)

Good job on implementing the mechanics though!




Fun mechanics!

Is there a way to beat island 2? I kill all the enemies and collect the vinyls, but if I jump back to my ship I just drown.

Satisfying little game!

I also didn't figure I could switch places with the threwn cards straight away (:facepalm)

Managed to get to the end!

Hey there!

I really liked the visual style and how the music compliments the theme!

As a suggestion, for a race game, I found my ship to be incredibly slow (I understand ships shouldn't move at 200km/h but in terms of the gameplay I found it a bit unstatisfying).

Overall, nice style!

Thanks mate, I am glad you liked it!

Thanks for the menu background comment, I'll improve it after the jam! I submitted my game 3 minutes before the deadline because one hour before I decided my game over screen looked awful (you should have seen it compared to my menu, haha). 

Good job there creating all the pirate skins and the name combinations! :D

(my favourite name was Moisty No Brain :D)

Very nice little gem!

I like how difficult it is and the overall retro feels!

I managed to beat it! (That feature at the end seems like it would make a good addition!)

Hey there,  very cool little game (although it took me some time to understand how the controls work, I'd suggest writing something like Shift + WASD for climbing, instead of just Shift, but maybe it's just me :))

Very simple, very original and very good level design!

I managed to beat it (Yaay!)

I think this is an idea that can be used for a full game, you should keep working on it!

Very satisfying user interface and overall experience playing the game! 

Keep up the good work!

Hey there, great job!

I really liked the idea and the mechanics!

Today I saw a game which was apparently inspired by yours, so congratulations, you became a reference!

Hey there!

It's cool you managed to recreate Tiny Fragment's mechanics, but I think you should at least mention it in your game description (and try to avoid using the same exact level design in some of your levels).

Otherwise, good job on your programming, must be challenging to implement these mechanics to real life!

Hey there, really nice idea!

It's challenging, with great graphics and a nice rework of a classic!

Hey there! I really like the writing, it's really funny! Not trusting the dead guy made me smile! :D

Can you finish the game at this version? It seems after the rookie is giving you a new card all of the new cards start disappearing when you zoom in so it's impossible to read those.

Great job overall!

Nice story, music and spooky atmosphere overall!

That's a great job you did in so little time!

Hey there! I liked the retro style! Gameplay wise, it feels weird when you are followed by all those levitating bodies xD

Also, the music is really catchy!

The game  can be a bit weird if you get a wrong hand (like you start with the cards who cannot stop the bugs), but considering it was done in 2 days, this is a very good job! Reminded me of Plants vs Zombies :D

I like the sounds and the "tower defence" aspect of the game.

Hey there, thank you for your feedback! Yeah, I still need to do a lot of balancing around to make this game decent :D

Wow that's a lot :O

You should add it back! :D

Thank you!

Hey thank you for the nice feedback, it means a lot for me!