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A ye olde merry delight! I laughed many times. Thanks for this. 

Oh, I love this cozy game! This is the kind of unexpected, eyes-tearing-up, beautiful experience that makes me care about indie game dev. I would have enjoyed it even more if there were no lose condition and I could just float around forever but I suppose other people like games to involve skill and all that. Thank you so much for making it! If you're looking for more work to do, I'd love you to expand it to cover the entire planet and add a soundtrack featuring music from whatever region is being flown over.

From the outstanding art to the witty dialogue, this game is a riot! I'm not good at dodging  stuff so I would enjoy a mode with fewer projectiles and more emphasis on memorizing  grocery store layout but that is purely personal preference. 'Expecting Groceries' is super high quality and deserves to place highly in this jam.

I played the post-jam fix and enjoyed it thoroughly. I dug the simple strummin' soundtrack, the art style, and the off-beat humour of the intro/outro. It is an excellent proof of concept! The most needed area for improvement is the instructions. I actually typed a comment about how the game was unplayable before finally figuring out that I had to drag the mouse from one side of the tile to the other.  That was not obvious. With a clearer explanation and more responsive feedback, this could be successful. 

It is a testament to the quality of your graphics and music that I kept playing this game over and over even though I kept losing. I don't have the skills to succeed at this game but I appreciate it especially the top notch proc gen.

If you like ants, try mine: Other games that aren't mine but you should definitely try are Teddy Bear Story and GO.

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This game is  a smooth, responsive platformer of extremely high quality. I don't have a musical ear so I really couldn't access it at all... but I brought it my husband to beat it for me and we loved it! We appreciated the way the quotes/thoughts popped up after each puzzle as a little thought-provoking reward and how the background added so much depth. I would have appreciated an Easy mode for people like me with the music visualized in some way that I could have memorized. I know that would take the puzzle out of it to a certain extent but, without that, it is unplayable for a lot of people. Regardless, it is a thing of beauty and you should be very proud.

This game is intriguing. I could see it really becoming great. As it sits, though, I don't feel the player has enough good options at any given moment to feel creative or in control. Do expand it, though. There's something there.

The scarecrows are fantastic! I think this game is a bit backward though. When there are four enemies shooting at you, it is very hard, but then when you kill two and it gets so easy that it feels boring. I think if it were the other way around and the number of enemies kept increasing, it would feel like a fun learning curve.

I love the art and the voice and the zaniness and how it is completely unlike the other entries. All it needs is a slower ramp up in difficulty. It's way too hard way too fast.

Just found another one I adore! GO is a chill resource-getting game with charm up to wazoo:

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I. LOVE. THIS. It brought me back to the very best gaming experiences of my youth. As I played through the trollishly long final challenge, I had some time to think about why it so instantly captured my heart and the best I could come up with is that it "feels" great. The way you move with the mouse and your party sallies thence like knights on horseback, and the way the resources just hop into their spots is so satisfying. Great humour, too, and smart design! I really really wish there was music but I still had to give you a 5 for that category because of the killer mouth sound effects ("happy purple!"). Please expand this in to a full game so I can play it for hours and hours and hours. Please change the name, though, "Go" is much too boring for a game that isn't at all.

There are so many entries in this jam about collecting coins, at last I come a game where I get to spend the coins! And on something awesome! This game is smart, cute, and focused. One classy detail I especially appreciated was the arrow pointing to the shop. Great job.

A gorgeous mix of architecture and an amazing variety of switches and crystals and beams to interact with! Y'all accomplished a lot in a week!This is a project well worth continuing.

Wow! That's awesome. Which combination of enh-ants-ments did you use to score a 68?

For me, the stand out is Teddy Bear Story. It amazes me that a game that is so short can be so emotionally engrossing:

Thanks for playing! The crumbs are hard to see by design so that user will want to buy the power-up that turns them blue, and the ants are hard to click by design so the user will want to buy the power-up that turns them jumbo.

The characters are cute and the house is lovely but what's missing is something to make me care about my goal, either a narrative to explain why I'm collecting these animals or a time limit or something. Am I correct that there is no sound? I didn't hear anything but I do only have one working headphone so perhaps it was all just funneled to the other ear?

Holy wow. This game is startling. You evoke a mood and a world and tell a story and break my heart all in such a short space of time. It really is an artistic achievement. It was a hard sell for me because I don't generally like things that are dark or sad but you made me like this. I immediately went to check out your creator page. You describe yourself as "Currently Developing Game of the Year 2021" and I believe you. Well done!

A lovely game, your daughter must be thrilled! I like how getting the rainbow ray made me able to do so much more, that really works for the There and Back theme. During the boss battle, though, I couldn't seem to move or do much of anything so I died. Is that part just unfinished? My only other criticism is that the high pitch of the jump sound effect hurt my ears after a while.  Overall, though, the music and effects are expertly chosen. My favourite part is how you animated the main character sprite. You truly brought that drawing to life! You and your daughter might enjoy trying my entry, 'Hurrah, Hurrah!'.  I'm a parent, too, so all of my games are designed with families in mind.

If you tune in to several of the judging streams, is it good sportsmanship to ask a judge to play your game if another judge has already done so or should you sit back to let others have a turn?

Hi there! This is Kendra. We corresponded a long time ago about collaborating but I seem to have lost your email address. You don't seem to have used itch a lot since so I don't know if this message will find you... If it does, I have another project that may interest you artistically. Shoot me an email or, if you've lost my email too, respond here.

This is inaccurate. Collectables is the inspirational design focus. There will also be a theme plus the bonus limitations.

Okee dokee. I am now following Vimlark on Twitch. thanks for the recommendation.

Awesome! That makes me incredibly happy! The only people who have downloaded Rocktopus are my brothers, you and Joshua McLean which is a bit disappointing after the solid month of my life I put into making it so if you know anyone else who might enjoy it, please spread the word.

It seems to me that to  make a turn-based game, there are basically three options: hot seat multiplayer, online multiplayer, and user vs. AI opponents. The 8-bits to Infinity FAQ has long recommended against making multiplayer games because of the "extra difficulty giving feedback" so are most people planning to make a "user vs. AI opponents" game? Is that your expectation and recommendation, Joshua?

This game is a delight and a slick execution of the jam requirement and theme! One quality of life suggestion:  allow the user to simultaneously close all the info boxes by right-clicking on any blank area of the screen so the boxes don't block the action or make the screen look cluttered. (Or just have them disappear automatically like Bauke R. suggested.) It is a nuisance to close them all individually.  Also, although I love the music as much as I love the rest of the game, the two don't really seem to go together. I'd save the song for an Al Capone game and choose a more wintry, chill piece for The Curling Project. Congratulations on a well-constructed prize-worthy entry.

Thanks for the thorough feedback! The odds for the slot machine should always be 1 in 36. Perhaps you are just very unlucky or perhaps the problem is related to that bug you found? I will investigate. Do let me know if you're Mom tries my game.

As for your game, it is GORGEOUS and has so much potential. I hope you expand it in the coming months. I will be Following you to see if you do.

No worries :) How did you enjoy your first 8 Bits to Infinity jam? Did you see Joshua McLean try your game?

That's kinda like giving a low rating to a dog because it doesn't meow. You should just rate the games with Mac builds.

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They are the best.

I'm H. H. Magoo, the creator of Rocktopus. My game is an under the sea stop motion musical extravaganza.  It was all made during the jam window except for a cameo by the fish from my 2019 Stop Motion Jam project, Wizard of the 4 Corners. Like Sleepy Gary, I am a parent, though my son is, as yet, too young to be particularly helpful with animation. I'm sure I'll have him shaping clay by SMJ: 2021. When I'm not programming, I enjoy hanging out with him and my husband, and acting in community theatre. I recently played Maria in the Sound of Music which proved a major inspiration for Rocktopus. I love Stop Motion Jam and can't wait to see all your eye-popping projects. 

Update: I KNOW HOW TO DO IT NOW! Another user reached out to teach me. Rocktopus is coming later today and you won't have to go folder digging to play it. :)

It works! It works! Thank you so much!

Dear Morfy, Thanks for playing Locust Pocus. It isn't my best game but it was an idea I needed to get out of my system.

I am just about ready to publish my most ambitious project yet, Rocktopus, which I made for Stop Motion Jam and which contains your lime green axolotl. The last thing I am hoping to get working before putting it on itch is a shortcut to the executable but I'm having no luck at all. In three years of trying I've never found a way to make a shortcut that works on other computers (relative pathing?). Any advice?

One thing I would love help with, anegri: do you know how to build an application in RADstudio that then end user can find without digging in the win32 > debug folder? I've had no luck with that in three years of trying. I've tried making a shortcut with a relative path but that has never worked.

Thank you so much, both for buying Spasm and for the kind words! Feel free to put links to it anywhere you like. And as you use the program in the future, please let me know  any other features you wish it had so I can develop a new and improved second version. I can't wait to see your Stop Motion Jam submission!

Wow! This is my first time meeting someone else on who uses Embarcadero's RADstudio. I use it for all my games, coding in Delphi. I love everything I am able to do with RADstudio but finding information and support is tricky because so few people seem to use it. I don't know anything about adding libraries so I can't help you there.

I'm feeling oddly sentimental about this upcoming jam because Puzzle Jam 1 was my first jam with 8 Bits to Infinity... and very excited because puzzle games are the best games!

Congratulations on your first published game concept! I was really excited to play it because I studied Carboniferous paleontology back in university. I would have liked to see more Carboniferous content, for example a forest of Carboniferous plants as a background instead of a generic albeit pretty sky scene. Overall, though, a crisp and well functioning game.