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In the Win32  folder is a folder called Debug. In the Debug folder is the executable Magoomium.exe. I checked it the website you linked and confirmed it is virus free.

Very compelling, though I do find it surprising that such an amazing visual artist chose to make a text-based game. Speaking of your art, if you might be interested in collaborating on a project I have in mind, please email me at my gmail address, mathesonkendra.

Wow! You are an incredibly talented artist. This is the coolest thing that has happened since I started making games. Thank you so much!!!

I found the Reset button and now I love it even more! I'll go ahead and update my rating to straight 5's now. Superb.

Thanks for playing and for the helpful feedback! When you and your sister played did you find the advantage was to the person on the keyboard or the person with the mouse?

Amazing. When I first heard the theme of this jam, this is exactly the kind of game I hoped someone would make! It is a delight to play. I just wish I didn't have to start again at the beginning when I mess up.

A challenging game that made me a feel smarter as I began to have success! I was so proud when I eventually punched all my opponents... so it was a bummer that they regenerated. I wanted a parade! Really strong on-theme submission.

Soooo cute!

My game, Lovely Letter, has only ratings. It is especially fun in local multiplayer mode so please try it if you have a friend or loved one to play with.

This is such a cool thing to do. You rock! My game is Lonely Letter.

Mine is legitimately good! I have made 20 games since taking up the hobby but my husband says the one I made for this jam, Lonely Letter, is the most purely fun.

I am very happy. I have made 20 video games since I took up the hobby but my husband says the one I made for this jam is the most purely fun.

I am very happy you played my game as I am a big fan of yours! Unfortunately, you did not seem to see the buttons which allow the chameleon to change colour to match the background. I guess I need an Instructions screen.

Hi, all! I was really, really looking forward to this jam but it turns out I won't be able to participate due to a scheduling conflict. I decided to make a game that meets the technical requirements anyway just for my own learning. It isn't an official jam entry since I made it two weeks early but I'd still love some feedback on it if anyone feels so inclined.  It is called 'Cape Split' and  depicts my experiences crystal hunting in Nova Scotia.

Is there a preferred mapping of Game Boy buttons to keyboard keys?

You are definitely right. Next time I do a point and click adventure, I'll make the clickable things light up when moused over.  The art was drawn on a whiteboard.

Thank you so much for trying it! It is not a game. It is a template dynamic animation toolkit. I can now swap out the image files to make cartoons about anything in real time. It's essentially a digital puppet theatre.

Great art and crisp, clear UI. Very well done!

I wonder how will they pick which podcast episode titles become theme options. 'The Mongers You Know' would be best for a fishing MMO but 'Tons of Plank' would also work.

Here is a hint, just for you, written in strikethrough and backwards so no one else reads it accidentially:  AYAMASMORFSLOOTFOTESAWORROBNACUOY

I am thrilled that you're enjoying it!

This game feels unfinished but it has potential especially as a tool for young kids to learn how to use a mouse. Currently, I get the same results (1001 people, 98% happy) whether I do a great or terrible job of firefighting.  Great bold colours.

Success! The problem is the instructions say 'A' to jump. Now that I got to play more of the game, I like it even more. I love the melting / refreezing mechanic.

I can't get up on the second spring.

Artful, intelligent, and on theme! I personally wish it were a tad easier but others will love how hard it is. Really, really well done. You deserve a prize.

Super cute art! Unfortunately, I can't get past the very beginning.  I get stuck between the two springs. I'm sure the crate is supposed to help me but no luck so far. 

What a great game! You have a unique concept perfectly matched to the theme and you executed it brilliantly.  I hope you win.

This is the most beautiful game I have ever played.

My high score is 4 but I still really like it. The background is the most beautiful thing I've seen in a while! How was it made?

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I have just submitted a project to an overlapping jam (EduJam) which combines a demo level of a phonemic awareness game with a minilecture describing my philosophy of game  dev for early childhood. I'm thinking of expanding the demo game to many levels and then submitting it this jam but I'd love to get some feedback on Level 1 first.  


Looks good. Love the shadow!

I don't understand the judging criterion "how well the two or more source games are represented". Do we need to be inspired by source games or can our project be wholly original?

Hello, radHabit. I am just curious if the "rad" in your name is short for 'rapid app development' and if you program in radStudio, the Delphi programming environment. I'd love to connect with another Delphite if that is, in fact, what you are.

Genuinely fun and interesting. Love the flying grass animation.

Absolutely gorgeous, thought-provoking, and empathy-inducing.  10/10.

I have submitted my project which includes an interactive dictionary that translates English into my conlang, Blink. If any of you would like to make an interactive dictionary for your conlang but lack the necessary programming skills, let me know and I'll try to help you out.

Gorgeous and interesting!

Have a happy jam! I will not be participating... but only because I already made a happy, child-friendly, Easter-themed game this year. Feel free to use it for inspiration:

Thank you for the running the jam. I'm sorry you didn't get more submissions. I haven't been able to play your game because I cannot open a .rar file

Hi there! I like a lot of things about your game, especially how you incorporated the theme of "curfew" by requiring the player to return home by nightfall. I need your help, though, to beat it. As I understand it, every building gives out the same clue until I go to the one being referred to. For example, I get the clue about the tallest building in town until I go to the tallest building in town where I get a new clue. But when I get the clue about the river, what am I supposed to do? Confused. And is it random that sometimes there is a middle-aged ne'erdowell and sometimes an elderly one?