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I was aware of that but it felt awkward to move the mouse to the edge of the screen when I was placing stuff in the middle

Interesting idea for a game, it felt quite slow to get into and I would have prefered some way to rotate the camera on the keyboard without snapping to views

It's my first time doing anything with them, don't think I'll be using them again in a hurry XD

Ohhhh, that makes sense, I assumed that it was just set dressing telling me to climb up

Really pretty game with a cool climbing mechanic, it felt really unfair when the I died because there wasn't any warning for the stuff falling 


Thanks for playing my game :) Your videos are the reason I started doing game jams!

Sounds good! I think part of the confusion was that the score and enemies didn't reset when I died so I assumed that you just had multiple lives

But the description says that it is game over when the ruby leaves the screen

Very relaxing with great sound design and use of colour!

The tongue mechanic is fun but the game never seemed to end

Hi, would you be able to try my game :)

Cool game! I really like the art style. I had a glitch where an enemy pushed me out of the back of the screen but other than that it was really cool!

Does using a font from somewhere like or OpenGameArt limit your grpahics to 4 stars?

See title

Really cool for your first game, there are some collision issues and the sprites would probably be better if you set the sprite filter to point(no filter) rather than bilinear to remove the blurriness. I found it really fun though!

A really interesting little game, it took me a while to get to grips with the timing on the heartbeat but still really enjoyable.

I'm guessing this doesn't apply to html5 games

Does it get past the screen that just says stream sim?

Very stylish game. I found it kind of hard to figure out what I was meant to do other than wandering around randomly though.