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Soft locked myself a few levels in, but it was really great for the time frame (even if you went over a little).

Very ambitious to attempt a stealth game, but I think you mostly nailed it. Good job!

You can technically tap against the edge, and if you see a dip you know that's the wrong way. There's only one instance where this isn't true (my mistake). If I had more time, I would've added a checkpoint once you were halfway through each room.

If anyone wants the solution, here you go: 

Might've taken too abstract of an approach for the theme of this jam, lol.

My index finger is in pain, but great submission, lol. Only suggestion would be to maybe make the text above the chickens billboard.

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I sit over here, forever trapped between a pillar and no secret level :(

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Man I love this game. Shocking you made it in just 3 hours. Only suggestion would be to maybe tune to spike hitboxes as most of my deaths occurred when I easily had a dozen or so pixels between my and them.

Very much enjoyed the game. Shame about the game breaking bugs you ran into though, but this was a super fun game for such a short development time (even if you want over a little).

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Very interesting take on the theme, I enjoyed it! Nice little mind game :) 

Here are the two solutions I've found in case anyone's stumped:

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Highest was at ~$1,850,000. I challenge someone to beat me >: )

I didn't grab a screenshot of it unfortunately, but I did just get this: 

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Given that I run a D&D Youtube channel, I feel obligated to rate this game. It's really good! Managing dice rolling is always a pain in game development (from the few times I've tried it). Sad that there's nothing special for a nat 1 or 20 though :(

Yeah, both Frustration and 50% is enough were tied till the final few hours, so I figured I'd just do both here :D

I would've maybe adjusted the base audio to be softer (my ears are bleeding), but other than that I loved the game!

Simple concept, but executed very well! Outside of audio, my only suggestion would be to make the countdown timer more noticeable (as it is you kinda have to stop playing to see where you're at), and to do floating text for the amount of time added (again for visibility).

Really love the aesthetic. I'm a sucker for hand-drawn crayon illustrations, lol. Gameplay-wise it would've been nice for the different colored triangles to do different things, like maybe red bounces faster, green bounces with less force, and blue sticks the ball to the triangle and lets you aim and fire it. Something like that could've added a lot more depth.

Very fun and polished! I really enjoyed this game. Once I figured out that bigger triangles = clearing out the boards it really played well. I also liked how time slowed down when you clicked a ball to start the triangle. 

I highly recommend playing the game downloaded instead of WebGL. The game is too CPU intensive and overwhelms the browser. 

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Picking up the cubes/ore felt very good. Could've maybe done with applying some force to throw them, but that worked well. I had some trouble figuring out how to play. I mined every ore I could find and put them in the center, but when I pressed the button nothing happened. Maybe a tutorial level would help here? 

Regardless, nice entry for your first jam! 

Wait a second, that's just GLaDOS! Fun game though. Could've probably utilized wall jumping a bit more, especially on the boss fight. Also could've given the boss an attack to knock players off the platform or something. But I liked it!

The gatling gun is better early game than late, but I agree that it needs tweaking. I'm planning to make it fire you backwards so it'll be awkward but it'll let you evade a bit.

Oh, the planet is just an ICO sphere in Blender that's had a displacement effect with the texture settings Clouds > Blender Original.  It's a toon shader with rim lightning. I unfortunately didn't have the time to implement shadows, so you can't easily see when you're dipping into the terrain.

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So to get projectiles and enemies to go around the planet, you must first understand orbital mechanics! /jk (only just a little bit)

I used Unity, and I know you use Godot so I dunno how well this will translate, but I tried to keep it simple. I made all objects physics-based (rigidbodies), and disabled their gravity. I then applied force every physics frame in the direction of the center of the planet at a constant force equivalent to 9.8 meters squared (Earth's gravity). And that's all there is to it for a simple orbiting effect! 

I could apply force in any other direction (like a bullet), and if that force ends up meeting or exceeding the downward force, it'll enter orbit. You can see this happen sometimes with the shotgun or gatling gun powerups due to random force being applied to their bullets. 

Thanks for the comment!

Yeah. Though afterwards I felt like I was wanting to go murder some bees in revenge.

Thank you! I probably should've tweaked the alien color in retrospect due to the similarity with the grass, but I agree that simplicity with colors generally works well in swarms. 

Thanks! I'm glad the game entices others to keep playing like it entices me :)

Yeah, that highscore table was the bane of my existence. I took the Jam limitation of 1 button and 1 joystick very seriously, so i didn't want to switch to another key for that. In retrospect I should've probably just had a death animation play to pause the game for a few seconds, that way the player naturally didn't mash it.

Fun game! I think something could've been done to give you a bit more control over the zombies (maybe like a way to bait them somewhere?), but beyond that I think you executed everything well!

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This soundtrack... beautiful. Post the game to, they'll love it lol. 

Great controls and feedback, amazing graphics, fantastic sound. There was a technical issue with the credits being behind the background image, but aside from that, solid execution! Only thing missing was a high score  tracker (or was that supposed to be in the credits section?). 

Thanks :)

Credit goes to Joshua for that catchy tune.

I agree with frespipa here, super relaxing game to play. I'd maybe do something with the background, and add in something on top of gathering more orbs, but it's a really relaxing game. Nice job!

Great music, sound, and glass shatter physics! Movement felt very solid and responsive too. I also love what appeared to be an online leaderboard, which is a nice touch. 

Changes I'd make is to have music persist through reloads, make it so you can't jump high enough to get rid of the bottom platforms (causes a huge graphical issue when the bloom cuts out), possibly add in running and death splat sounds, and I'd try and make the menus controller friendly. 

Fun game!

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Fantastic animations, these are great!  I think my only issue is that the game doesn't work in fullscreen on ultrawide monitors like what I have (cuts off the UI). But the game was still relatively playable.

Smart to make an auto runner. Perfect game for a limited inputs jam! 

Loved the art style and gameplay. Unless I just suck and didn't get far enough, you could maybe have added a few more power-ups and variety in obstacles, but what you had definitely worked here. Good job!

Simple, but I liked it! Could easily see something like this being expanded into a full game. Maybe with an art-style similar to geometry wars? Include some power-ups and you'll have a solid arcade game for mobile.

Is there any way to make the game not run full screen? It squishes the game for me. 

Aside from that, for being new to game development I think you did a good job and are on the right track! Maybe consider faster/more persistent bees as they're not a huge challenge. 

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Yeah I was shooting for a Dear Esther approach, but don't think it translated well. I've got an idea I'm working on for the current Major Jam that'll improve the gameplay quite a bit. Thanks for the comment!

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Great art and a nice quiet atmosphere. I love the setting. There are some technical issues (text clipping, seeing the walk animation while stuck in dialogue, small things like these), but nothing hugely wrong. Maybe could use some more audio? But that's all I can think of. Good job!

You built an indie gameboy game, this is great lol! Very charming and it's super polished. Could maybe use some audio? But that's my only suggestion.

Definitely like the minimalist aesthetic (though Mirror's Edge has always been my favorite, and this has a similar vibe going for it). 

I'd look into adding a crosshair, fixing the floaty controls, and maybe looking into that music's doppler effect. Is the melee attack achieved via a raycast? I've always had better experience with melee by using a box collider as you don't have to be as precise. 

Anyhow, fun little game for the jam :)