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Great graphics, really fun, and I just love how you put in the various weapons in the game, especially the gatling gun! 

I think the enemies look too similar to the wavy grass though. The screen shake also gave me a bit of a headache, lol. 

It's also great that you went all the way to do a retro-style score system, but given the players are mashing the shoot button all the time, I was skipping through and submitting scores for "AAA" - suggest using some other key to do the score submission.

Yeah, that highscore table was the bane of my existence. I took the Jam limitation of 1 button and 1 joystick very seriously, so i didn't want to switch to another key for that. In retrospect I should've probably just had a death animation play to pause the game for a few seconds, that way the player naturally didn't mash it.