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Thanks for playing! I loved your game.

You know what I like about this? Most people making pixel art games, only get it about 80-90% of the way. This is 100%. The polish here is fantastic. The game play is super novel. The death anim reference is perfect. Nothing to complain about. Can only want more.

Hah, yup, so I did. Woops. Thanks for playing! I was suitably impressed by your jam game as well.

Amazing game. Jealous of how polished and well executed this is. I found it hard because I suck, but I have a lot of appreciation for the details put in here.

Super polished jam game. And super fun. Amazing effort.

Brutally hard is not lying. I mean, fuck a duck, that's hard. Like, fun hard. I like the idea. Random makes it a bazillion times harder though. If it wasn't random and you could learn the levels, this would be totally awesome. Still a lot of fun, still a great jam game.

I could use some more ratings...

10/10 on the visuals. I'm such a huge fan of flat shading. Plenty of comments on the controls. Don't forget us lefties when thinking control schemes either. Another tip for 3rd person cameras, move the camera closer to the player if there's something in between. It's hard to control, when you can't see your player! But still, awesome effort. Gorgeous game. Really clean. Lots of future potential for more levels.

Love this aesthetic. Love it. Really neat game. I could play way more.

Hey, awesome, especially as your first game. Genuinely impressive how much content/action you've included given that fact. You know you're on to a winner when you face plant into the same section after overshooting and come back and try again and again until you get it right. I hope you consider this a smashing success. And it's only up from here.

Thanks. I hope when you make that game, you come post it on my page somewhere so I can check it out too.

With a name like that, you must be a fellow aussie. Great game. Really smooth. Once I worked out the mechanic, I was flying around. Nailed the challenge level. Looks gorgeous too. One of the best games I've played so far in the jam.

Hey thanks, that's quite the complement. I think it's a combination of leaning heavily on the things that have worked well for me in the past, and practice! Also, it's probably simpler than you think. 

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Congrats on finishing your first game and releasing it. You should be proud of that. And, having played it, you made a fun, addicting little game. Awesome work. Loved the sound fx and music and how that combined with the overall style.

As far as learnings and so forth, to reflect on that. Someone commented on my game, to paraphase, 'this is like a month's worth of work' (which I took as a huge complement), and while I don't think it's quite that extreme, I think the point to take from it is, each game jam, you learn a little more, you remember what worked and what didn't, and then come next jam, you're a little bit better, a little bit faster. You have a clearer plan to start things. You know when to cut your losses and cut things that aren't working. And the next jam gets even better.

So keep working on those skills, keep pushing yourself and keep participating in jams. Awesome work.

Sure, Lesser Acts of Piracy is in 3D:

I learned that listening to the sound of a few accordions (well, programmed accordion VSTs) playing a sea shanty for 4 days straight will in fact drive you nuts.

Seriously though, I managed scope a lot better this time around, so not so much the usual last day panics.

Hey, cute game, cute art style. Overall I think you did a great job of the art and sound. Regarding feedback on art, the things that stand out to me would be:

- If you're going to use outlines on your art (normally a good choice), they should be a consistent size across all your sprites. Keeps your sprites looking like they're one consistent group, and not looking like a hodge podge collection (though yours aren't nearly that bad).

- The wood texture is a bit strong, it cuts into the readability of the text above it a bit. Tone back the darker lines a little and it'd be fine.

- The pale creamy coloured outline on some of the things gets lost a little in the sky blue background. I think the brown you use as the outline for most of your sprites would make a better choice.

Overall though, something to be proud of. I think, if you weren't confident of your work before this, you should leave this jam confident you've got it in the future. I'm a real fan of these colours, though I want to see more of the teal in your logo used as well. There are some little nuances around shadows and shading that are a step above. And as a whole, the overall style makes a great package.

I think more programmers (myself included) should make the effort to better their art and sound prod skills. So well done.

Fun game. For this style of game, I think you executed it perfectly. Great work.

The little subtle text shake is a great touch. Smooth, gorgeous game. Really enjoyed this.

Thanks :D


This is so well polished. I hope you're damn proud. The visual style is a damn masterstroke. Awesome game.

Because I tried, and it was even working, then 'Unity' happened and it broke and now I can't get my WebGL builds to work for the jam game. Am well aware of the impact this has on getting people to play, but what do you do?

Where's ma boat? 

Hilarious concept. Good fun.

I always love feedback. My game, Lesser Acts Of Piracy:

Always love feedback. My game, Lesser Acts Of Piracy:

Agreed! Maybe not an explosion, but the point stands, some sort of visual feedback would make things better. Thanks for playing.

Thanks! What bits did you find confusing. Obviously I can't fix things for the jam, but I'd love to know what I could improve.

Hell yeah I want to see vids of people actually playing my game.

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Thanks! Alas, that is the game jam conundrum. Real life (real job) kicked in in the last few days and stopped me from spending more time on it. I would have loved to polish all those edges you talked about, but such is life. I still think the game has all the enjoyment in the form it's in.

Thanks! Since you asked, no, it's not just rng. The AI decision is 25%: attack the leader, attack the person with the least cargo, attack the person closest or just random. It's definitely designed to 'punish' the leader, without being completely overwhelming. To give it all a bit of back and forth challenge.

Here's Lesser Acts Of Piracy:


Ah yes, if only that were the only bug in the ships AI. There are, indeed, no colliders (well, there are triggers for raycasts, but not solid colliders) to prevent a bunch of other potential bugs and issues. But the ships should (in theory) always steer around the rocks, and each other. Except when they don't. And the other ships also shouldn't suicide straight into the player. Except when they do. Alas, thus is game jamming.

I'm glad you had fun.

Thanks! I did originally have the idea of showing the cargo on board. Apart from just not having time to implement it, I wasn't sure it'd visual be recognisable while everything else is going on. But whether it's that, or something else, I do agree that it'd be good to visual see somehow what the other boats are carrying. I'm going to give it more thought post jam.


And yup, that makes perfect sense to implement.

I'm still under 10 ratings :(

Lesser Acts Of Piracy -

I wonder if you'd think the same thing after hearing it over and over again for four days straight...

Don't feel embarrassed. You made a damn fine first game. Actually finishing and releasing something that plays is a big deal.

Goddamn adorable art. Loved this game.

Here's my game, Lesser Acts Of Piracy:

Thanks! I've already played and rated Sacrifice :D