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A crazy taxi inspired game jam!
Submitted by C.Bedford (@cbedfordart), tom (@developedbytom), Rneuma, Aruudlay (@aruudlay) — 1 hour, 38 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Audio (Does not apply for Physical Games)#14.8184.818
Fun Factor#44.2274.227

Ranked from 22 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Is your game a video game or a physical game?
Video Game

Was your game made solo or in a team?
A team! Tom did all the coding, CBedford did all the 3d assets and most of the textures. Rneuma did the music and SFX, and Aruudlay helped with the building textures!

Did you use any third party assets, if yes what assets did you use?
Human animations are from Adobe Mixamo.

Did you use choose from one of the optional secondary themes?

Does your game contain 18+ content (Nudity, Gore, Language)?

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Hah, love the vibe. Hate the controls, but love the vibe.


Yeah we definitely could have worked a bit better on the controls lmao, but maybe that's something we can look into when we go to do the eventual update. Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed the vibe!


Perfect Dreamcast vibes. Really liked the concept and the presentation; everything had so much character, and I loved that :)  My only gripe about the gameplay is that I really wish you could control the camera, and that there was more of a difference between the mech and the car. 


Thanks so much! And yeah we were hoping to have a slightly different playstyle for the mech, just completely ran out of time ;;. When we go to do the update we'll be playing around with some of the controls/camera issues which will hopefully make it easier to enjoy the new content we'll put in there.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

you know what? i gave 5 stars for everything in the rating!

growing up i would play gta on purpuse to be the taxi driver!

so this game?! perfection!

+infinate love for this game :)))

i cant imagine the AI work yall had to do for this tho

this team made a great job! really!!!!


1) i think i beat the game cause (idk if that information is relevant but...) i had 25 love and there were no more passengers...

i think they didn't like my driving then :/

2) i clicked the "respawn" option in the menu (just to try it out,  before quiting the game...) twice

and it got stuck in a building... both times

wrote this update - in aneutral tone - just to let you know of these things. hope it was helpful :) 

the five stars in everything in the rating are still all there :))) 

i really had a blast with this game :)) missed my gta taxi driver days :))


Thanks a bunch! We're super happy you liked the game! Sadly, as we don't have an ending done for the game yet it simply continues after you've collected all the passengers. When we've added our update, it should signify when there are no passengers left. The respawning glitch is something we seen as we were putting the build together, but didn't have time to fix yet, but we'll be working on that too! Thanks again, and hope you'll enjoy the new stuff to come when we eventually get to it!


Something about this really took me back to the Dreamcast. It's shamelessly wacky, impressively varied and a lot of fun.

One issue that stood out: I kind of expected the mech form would be able to turn while not moving... wasn't sure if there was any difference in how the two forms behaved, but a "versatile vs fast" dynamic was my first expectation.

The voice-acting, music and depth of content were outstanding for a jam. Also, props to all the effort in order to build an entire city traffic system within the timeframe!


Thanks a lot!! And yeah unfortunately we didn't get to fully implement the mech in the way we wanted to, as we had considered using a different control style once in mech mode. It was another case of "ran out of time" syndrome lol! We definitely over scoped (as usual with a game jam). Glad you enjoyed the overall feeling though! 


Loved it - especially the music and visuals!


Thank you!!


I love the outrun kind of music!

It was so much fun driving out of control, kicking other cars one after the other while hearing the screams of the passengers!


Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the game and the music (that's my fav part of the whole thing lol).


I really love the gamefeel of this one, plus the visuals and music are amazing! The songs gave me PS1 jazz fusion vibes. It definitely could fit in as one of the quirky games of the 90's/2000's. The voice acting was a nice touch as well.

I could see this becoming an at first glance light-hearted arcade game with a dark story, a la Paradise Killer, would absolutely love to see it explored further!


One thing we really wanted to try and get in there (but didn't get to) was a few cutscenes to liven up the experience. We also tried to focus on making something that was a bit more fun to play since this time around we had a better idea of how to make things work. I'm glad it gave you such a nostalgic feeling, since that era was exactly the one we were going for with the visuals/sound.  Thanks for playing!

(P.S. Also glad you enjoyed Paradise Killer! I didn't do much work on it, but I got to do some of the splash art [loading screen paintings] for that game which I'm super proud of!)


Love the general mood of the game with this cool music and colorful retro 3d style models.

Quite fun and unexpected to blend a mech game with crazy taxi of all things, but as a fan of the latter this definitively scores bonus points by my book :p

I also found it really funny that everyone seems rather chill about having a giant robot wreaking havoc in traffic while driving ranom people around town, but hey they don't seem to care about the kaiju stomping around in the bay either so what do i know XD

Jokes aside good job to all the team it's a cool game that's fun to play even though there's no ending yet for the jam version :)


Haha thanks! We really wanted to capture that wacky feeling of "how is everyone okay with this" while you drive haphazardly around the city. We're hoping to finish adding in some of the other ideas we had nearly completed before the jam time was over soon, which should get more use out of the mech too. Thanks for playing our game and leaving such a lovely comment!


This was a very lovely, chill game. The world was charming, the art was nice, the music was lovely, and it all came together for one nice experience. If you got the time, throw in an update that loops the music and it'll be a complete package.

Good work all around!


Thanks! There are actually three tracks that do loop, but annoyingly they seem to take ages to switch over to the next track ;;. We do plan on looking into it when we do our update after the voting period though. Really glad you enjoyed the experience and thanks so much for playing!


This is all my retro gaming dreams come true. The music is absolutely ace, and the voice acting was a nice touch, I laughed out loud at some of the passengers reactions to crashing into stuff. Plus there's no time limit so I can just drive around enjoying the vibe! Stunning graphics!


The kind of game style we were going for was such a big part why I grew up loving games, so hearing that it has that feeling is great! We're hoping that we can get around to a small update, and I'd like to include some more fun details as well as other missions styles too! Thanks for playing!


The mood of the game alone just sells it, even car physics are stylish in a way.

12/10 best soundtrack + would totally bang low poly girls there


Glad you enjoyed it! I was so determined with the road traffic, its probably the assets I spent the most time texturing! Maybe we'll make a low poly dating sim next time just for you lol.


You're the best Pegasus!! The voice acting, art, environments. Incredible! Amazing intro too. AND customisable Pegasus colours??

It also feels awesome to control and I love the crazy taxi gameplay, knocking those cars off the road is as fun as I hoped ;)

Drifting feels really good once you get into the swing of it.

Such fantastic work! Great job!


Ayyy thanks for playing! I'm so glad you've enjoyed the wackiness of it all, since that's one of our favourite types of game genres we're totally into! And all the sound really enhanced the whole thing, so we're really happy to have worked with a sound pro this time around too. Thanks so much!!


I love this! It's incredibly charming, and the voice acting was a nice surprise. But I must admit, the part I had the most in was crashing into the other cars XD

The only thing I found off-putting was the camera movement, which took some getting use too.


Thanks! The car crashes were absolutely my favourite part too lol! Sadly we didn't get around to spending more time on the camera as we had hoped, and we think we know why it's jitters around so much - so we should be able to put a fix to that soon with the coming update. Thanks for playing!