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Cosmic Horrors Jam is a two-week jam where you make a cosmic horror themed video game or physical game. If you don't know what Cosmic Horror (sometimes known as Lovecraftian Horror) is exactly, put simply it is a horror sub-genre that as Wikipedia puts it: that emphasizes the horror of the unknowable and incomprehensible more than gore or other elements of shock. A sub-genre that emphasizes themes of cosmic dread, forbidden and dangerous knowledge, madness, non-human influences on humanity, religion and superstition, fate and inevitability, and the risks associated with scientific discoveries. 

Your game can be any genre, made in any engine, for any platform (though making it playable on PC is preferable so that it can be shown on the live stream) the only fundamental rule is that it should be a part of the cosmic horror genre. Make a classical Lovecraftian mystery, an Elder Thing virtual pet, an insanity simulator. The possibilities are endless! Just remember that your Cosmic Horror creations can be solely original you don't need to use the creations of the Cthulhu mythos or other Cosmic Horror writers (Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard, etc.).

For more information and to join click here! 

Nice job, great to see you are still working on it!

Yeah, that's fine feel free, and don't be afraid to show them when they are printed!

Congratulations on winning the Audio category, the fantastic tunes alone made you deserve that result!

Congratulations on being the only game this year that won two categories Originality and Visuals! Well done!

Congratulations for winning the Fun Factor category!

Congratulations on winning this year's MechJam, it's most definitely deserved! If you are on Discord let me know so I can give you a Steam key as a prize!

Thank you!

Awesome, I can't wait to play them!

Really good as ever! I love the branch of fate concept and being able to pick your first party member. I kept dying to the Four Wheelers though and don't have the right items so I'll need to try again but better prepared.

A lot of fun! Really impressive to release a multiplayer game this good in only a 2 week game jam!

Interesting prototype, not sure how I am meant to interact with anything aside from moving around. The music is very well made!

I beat the enemy mech! You may want to make this game a HTML5 game embeedded in Itch, rather than downloading the HTML5 file itself.

This is a very charming game with a very neat concept. The only thing I would maybe suggest is putting an invisible wall around the play area because if your throttle is too high it can become quite easy to wander off the screen.

Good mech designs! It got to a point though where no matter the input combination I couldn't attack the enemy, not sure why. 

Not sure where to go? The visuals are really nice though.

Cool concept, the controls felt a bit off though and it made going around the track very difficult at points.

Really cool and impressive! But it got to a point where all the AI kind of froze, which made the game chug hard and it seemed more kept spawning.

Nice visuals. Definitely needs some sound though!

An option to flip the character would be really nice.

Nice little mech simulator, I dig it!

I was a bit confused by the controls. But I loved the visuals and the music was really great too!

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Will have to try this again on my own to properly read through it all.

I loved this! It was a ton of fun, would love to play more if you ever continued with the project.

Couldn't manage to do anything?

If you ever fix it let me know, I'd love to revisit it!

Can't run it, unfortunately.

Well written! 

This is cool, just a shame about the lack of any sound.

Quite a fun game!

It's cool, but the enemies feel a bit too powerful and those turrets are real bastards. With some fine tuning applied I would love to revisit this game. 

Very difficult but cool!

I had a lot of fun with this, I appreciate that there are a lot of enemies to face. I really like the visuals on display here too.

I need to play this again so I can read it properly and enjoy it. But from what I have seen so far it's very well done, I like the writing for the Dwarf race, mention of aquifers makes me think of Dwarf Fortress.

Very unique idea. Made me feel bad for my mech employees though :(

I couldn't really get a good grip of the gameplay, but I like the idea of it and the presentation too.

Good start to a prototype, nice visuals!

I'm not a MOBA player so not sure what feedback I could give other than things I encountered. For example whenever I got to the enemy base the hero mech would start to ascend for some reason. Nice job though.

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This is fantastic! Unfortunately due to some weird bug with Unreal Engine and OBS it was running slowly on the stream even though it ran flawlessly for me, it's definitely the best optimized game out of all the UE entries this year. Really impressive and I will play a lot more of this!

Just to clarify the bug is with OBS not this game at all, this game ran amazingly. 

Need to play it again in my own time so I can properly read everything, but I really like the presentation and the writing!