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Thanks a lot :)

A lot of fun, a good mix of multiple elements. I really adore the graphics and sound. The tune is very catchy, great job! (I wasn't the best could only make it to Level 5)

Thank you 🙂

Thanks so much Jonah I'm glad you liked the look of the game. Thanks for the Twitter follow too 😊

Thank you Stefan I have already fixed the 1 block issue but I can't upload the update until after the voting period. Thank you for your nice comment 😊

Glad you enjoyed it, I loved playing with the dynamite too. At one point I just put in loads of dynamite while making the levels and blew it up haha!

Nice little project I really liked the enemy designs, hopefully you'll be able to continue this one day!

Thank you so much I really appreciate that 😁

Sorry about the bad collision and thanks for playing. Appreciate it! 😁

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Yeah sorry about the awkward collisions, the joys of speedy development 😅 It's weird though that it wouldn't progress when your miners met, I am not sure why that happened sorry. Thank you for playing!

They're live now 🙂

I can't see them either yet. Very weird.

Awesome to here that can't wait to see what you do with it!

Ah I see I was wondering what that box was in the intro!

That was a ton of fun, I made it all the way to the end without dying once and managed to purchase all the equipment upgrades. I'm so glad you were able to get it fixed!

Really like this game, it's nice playing a mech game where you don't just shoot things. Loved planting and really love the graphics!

Damn this is cool!

No worries dude it was a fun game. In this jam you can update builds, just note it on the page, if you want to fix it :)

Loved the Game Boy like look of the game. The mech sprites are amazing! Loved the destruction, multiple weapons and simple but fun gameplay. Maybe a few more evil mechs could have been added though.

Very hard but still had fun with this game. I really appreciate the variety of mechs you implemented, nice work!

Mind-blowing visuals, so smooth and beautiful. Shame it's only a prototype though would love to see this expanded with proper gameplay. Has a lot of potential!

Great gameplay ideas! Even though I ran out of time I liked just going through the multiple parts, changing them out and staying under budget. Very cool game.

Difficult but fun. Maybe a way to fire in the direction of the cursor would have made the game feel a little smoother. Really great menu and UI!

I really like the mech and alien designs, they're great. It's a fun pleasant little sandbox maybe some objectives would have been cool though or a way to take damage. Good job!

Really unique controls, I can't wait to see the progress of this project. Think you have definitely achieved something really special here with more work. I'll definitely join your sub-reddit!

Fantastic writing and fantastic presentation too for a text adventure game. Really enjoyed it!

I had a ton of fun with this. Great art and mech designs, a good variety too. One thing that maybe could be tweaked is having to see the cutscene every time you die.

Really nice graphics, but dude those enemies are mean spawning right behind me haha.

A cool little bullet hell, definitely hard! But really needs some audio feedback to communicate to the player like taking damage and stuff.

Really nice 1bit aesthetic. I completed once and then every other try I couldn't get it again haha, I enjoyed it!

A really unique idea - loved the unique controls, simple but effective. Nice models too I especially like the main character model.

I really loved the idea behind this. It's truly immersive and I had a lot of fun with it, even though I died a lot! Definitely unique. 

Pretty cool platformer I like the sprite work in the game. One thing that was a bit awkward was after I got past the boss I just ended up in an infinite loop of falling, the last saw was evil too haha.

I had a lot of fun with this even though I haven't properly had a go with the multiplayer yet I really enjoyed the game. The survival was cool and it was satisfying when I killed that giant eye. Great job!

Fun little top down shooter - I like the addition of the slow motion mode but it may need a bit of refinement. Great job!

Really nice game definitely going to give it another shot with a controller. The pixel art is tremendous and the mech designs are so cool. One thing that might be handy is for the big crate type things to knock you back so they don't become stuck on you.

Cool experience, the controls could be a little awkward at times when you'd get stuck but that's a jam for you haha. Two things that would have been handy is a full screen mode as I really wanted to see more of the visuals and some audio too. Especially feedback audio when walking or taking damage.

Really cool little preview. The art is fantastic and the brief bit of gameplay was really satisfying, hope you two continue this project!

So much fun had a blast playing it with you on the stream. Really can't wait to play this again in the future especially the larger game modes. Thanks again for the beta key :)

Simply incredible, some of the best models I have ever seen - even outside of a game jam. I really fell in love with Titan and once again I would like to apologise for my awful platforming on the stream. This game is just perfect!