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Hello! I am actually the same artist! I wasn’t at the table at the time and you spoke to my table partner. I’m the one who does the mandalorian comic as well haha! That one isn’t on sale online yet - I’ll still have some at the table for thought bubble but will have it on sale online soon! Thanks for buying my comics and I hope your kid enjoys Avery!!

Thanks so much for the lovely comment! And yes! I'm glad you were able to spot it!

Thanks! When I started this my experience with writing was preeety lacking! But having the feedback has since helped me consider how to approach things differently and hopefully enhance future episodes.

Thanks a bunch for such an in depth comment! I know I'm replying to this 2 years too late but when I read the comment initially it really stuck with me, and has made me consider it in a lot of things I create now! I hope you'll enjoy future epsiodes when they (eventually) arrive!

Aww thanks! I do enjoy character design most out of everything - so I'm happy you've liked that aspect so much!

Thanks so much!

Thank you!

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Thanks! Lettering is one thing I still struggle to do sadly lol! Hopefully, with more practice I'll be able to write a legible font. Glad you were able to enjoy it despite the fact!

Cowboy Bebop was always a big inspiration for me, and thought it would be cool for Avery's first ship to be inspired by it (a mix between that and the first ship I got in NMS). I take it that you don't like it?

Thanks a bunch! We're super happy you liked the game! Sadly, as we don't have an ending done for the game yet it simply continues after you've collected all the passengers. When we've added our update, it should signify when there are no passengers left. The respawning glitch is something we seen as we were putting the build together, but didn't have time to fix yet, but we'll be working on that too! Thanks again, and hope you'll enjoy the new stuff to come when we eventually get to it!

Thanks so much! And yeah we were hoping to have a slightly different playstyle for the mech, just completely ran out of time ;;. When we go to do the update we'll be playing around with some of the controls/camera issues which will hopefully make it easier to enjoy the new content we'll put in there.

Yeah we definitely could have worked a bit better on the controls lmao, but maybe that's something we can look into when we go to do the eventual update. Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed the vibe!

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the game and the music (that's my fav part of the whole thing lol).

One thing we really wanted to try and get in there (but didn't get to) was a few cutscenes to liven up the experience. We also tried to focus on making something that was a bit more fun to play since this time around we had a better idea of how to make things work. I'm glad it gave you such a nostalgic feeling, since that era was exactly the one we were going for with the visuals/sound.  Thanks for playing!

(P.S. Also glad you enjoyed Paradise Killer! I didn't do much work on it, but I got to do some of the splash art [loading screen paintings] for that game which I'm super proud of!)

Haha thanks! We really wanted to capture that wacky feeling of "how is everyone okay with this" while you drive haphazardly around the city. We're hoping to finish adding in some of the other ideas we had nearly completed before the jam time was over soon, which should get more use out of the mech too. Thanks for playing our game and leaving such a lovely comment!

Thank you!!

Thanks a lot!! And yeah unfortunately we didn't get to fully implement the mech in the way we wanted to, as we had considered using a different control style once in mech mode. It was another case of "ran out of time" syndrome lol! We definitely over scoped (as usual with a game jam). Glad you enjoyed the overall feeling though! 

Super cute mech! I love the addition of the little siren as well. It's fin traversing the town in the heavy mech, the controls took some getting use to but made sense once it clicked. Might benefit from the cursor being hidden/locked (i ended up clicking out of the game a couple times lol). Love the start menu too!

Love the visuals, the opening, and the visuals of the world. Sadly I'm also getting the errors that start when enemies spawn which can cause quite a bit of lag for me and resulting in an untimely death. Would love to try again if it gets updated! 

Has a nice slick visual style to it which I really like. Being able to shoot or use the blade is a really cool option and the mech designs look great. The blade was a bit hard to handle overall since I'd find myself completely swarmed whenever I went in for close combat. A good looking game overall though!

I'll sound like a broken record but the overall look and intro and tone was excellent. I loved hearing all the clips and story telling while roaming around. Would love to be able to play a couple of rounds or waves of enemies if that's ever considered for an update. Super impressive! Loved the UI too!

Thanks! There are actually three tracks that do loop, but annoyingly they seem to take ages to switch over to the next track ;;. We do plan on looking into it when we do our update after the voting period though. Really glad you enjoyed the experience and thanks so much for playing!

The kind of game style we were going for was such a big part why I grew up loving games, so hearing that it has that feeling is great! We're hoping that we can get around to a small update, and I'd like to include some more fun details as well as other missions styles too! Thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed it! I was so determined with the road traffic, its probably the assets I spent the most time texturing! Maybe we'll make a low poly dating sim next time just for you lol.

Ayyy thanks for playing! I'm so glad you've enjoyed the wackiness of it all, since that's one of our favourite types of game genres we're totally into! And all the sound really enhanced the whole thing, so we're really happy to have worked with a sound pro this time around too. Thanks so much!!

Thanks! The car crashes were absolutely my favourite part too lol! Sadly we didn't get around to spending more time on the camera as we had hoped, and we think we know why it's jitters around so much - so we should be able to put a fix to that soon with the coming update. Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much! Hopefully you'll enjoy our next submission in the next MechJam!

Thanks! There is definitely more we want to add to it, since we cut out one of the levels and the actual ending sequence we wanted to do. Because we'll be using this to learn a few more tools, we'll be throwing a couple more things in here as an update sometimes after the submission ratings are over.

Thanks for playing!

Really cute design and straight forward. I like the idea of auto rotating shot types. Definitely a bullet hell from the get go if there ever was one lol. I think I would have enjoyed some sound, especially when enemies got hit or destroyed to be able to navigate a little easier. Was fun to play!

Controls are pretty unique, I really like the idea of a key per foot, which actually hooked my attention immediately since my rat brain wanted to solve the mechanics and get the metaphorical cheese (the rocket) on top of the hill. Would agree that the collision could get you a bit stuck but really appreciated that I couldn't completely fall over given the pacing and feel of movement. My partner was more determined than even myself, and managed to get to the top! Took us a minute to remember we had to actually shoot the rocket rather than just get to it though lol.

Thanks <3!

Thanks so much!! Really glad you enjoyed what we were able to make!

Hello! I'd like to add my comic to the bundle if still possible: