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I've been working on something similar, maybe we should compare notes!

In the new version the Leap can be used to interact with the menu, which was my one complaint.

Really great game; check it out!

I think this might be my favourite of this year's non-VR submissions! The whole thing is really polished, beginning with the cinematic camera entrance & floating instruction text. The controls are really nice; intuitive and fun to use. I really like the unique art style in the game & your own take on the DOOM HUD. One complaint is having to use the keyboard to start the game & go through the instructions, I prefer being able to use only the Leap for input.

Really fun overall, awesome work!

Nice selection of minigames. I really like the use of the scene rotation to switch between games. Using a 2D interpretation of the hands is a unique & interesting take which works really well for this game. There is a lot of polish to the game too, I especially like the scrolling text on the strength test & the ring indicator when a dart hits the board. The dart game was my favourite.

Awesome stuff!

Very cool game. I enjoyed trying to make as many cuts as possible in the stationary mode, and trying to hit every tatami in the thrown mode. It's nice to have the stationary mode to play around with the destruction & the thrown mode to add some challenge. Controlling the katanas with my hands felt awesome, I really like the audio/visual feedback when you swipe with them. The background art looks good and fits well with the theme. It would be cool to have the ability to interact with the menus with the Leap rather than using a mouse. Also some sort of scoring system on the thrown mode would be awesome!

Overall a really polished game, well done!

Awesome space arcade shooter. The overall look is really clean & polished. I like the use of the minimal, semi-transparent hands. Being able to start the game simply by making the shooting gesture gives an immediate idea of the control scheme, which is nice. The shooting itself feels really nice and easy, the crosshairs work well. I think it would be cool if the dodging worked on a per-hand basis, allowing the user to dodge left/right/down (left only/right only/both dodge)? This could add some more skill to avoiding the incoming bullets.

Very cool experience, great work!

Cool arcade-y shooter! The different weapons being tied to different hand gestures is a nice touch, and is intuitive to use. My favourite weapon has got to be the missile launcher. The controls work really well; one hand for camera controls and the other for aiming/firing the weapon. The menu system you have is interesting and works well, but some identifier that your choice has been recognised would be nice.

Nice Job!

Cool climbing wall game. Very clean style of art and UI. The controls are very intuitive and feel good to use. One thing I found was that the score screen would disappear as soon as I moved my hands, so I couldn't always read it. Also some indicator of your progress while climbing would be cool.

Overall very polished and a lot of fun, well done!

(Early Test - 3 Days before deadline)

Nice repeat-after-me style memory game. I always like interactive/unique menus, and I really liked that in yours the game board was present all the time allowing me to play around and get used to the controls before playing the real game. The main game works well; it's cool that the example speeds up each time, it would be tedious sitting through a longer and longer example and it adds challenge because it is harder to follow. Also cool that you have a separate sandbox mode. One thing I found was that the outline of the text looked a bit off, are you drawing the same text behind it multiple times? I solved this by using the Unity outline component which can be added to text elements. Overall a nice clean look & easy to understand mechanic.

Highscore - 61

Good Fun!

(Early Test - 3 Days before deadline)

Another cool rhythm game! I am glad that you opted to allow hands in place of tool tracking, it's not always easy to find objects which the Leap will recognize as a tool. Really like the stretching & squashing you have on the drums when hit, this makes it feel very responsive. I also like your tutorial & gradual increase in challenge, which makes the game very easy to pick up and play. I enjoyed the improv time, perhaps a sandbox mode with the user just presented with a drum kit could be cool? The black text on the UI is quite hard to read, Unity has an outline component you can add to text elements which should help with this (that's how I fixed this issue with my game). Overall very cool.

Good Stuff!

(Early Test - 4 Days before deadline)

Very cool rhythm game, had a lot of fun with this. I like the menus being accessible completely using the Leap, but it can be a bit tedious trying to get from one side of the song list to the other (due to the smoothing times of the songs, maybe if another swipe is detected you could double the lerp speed?). I am terrible at most rhythm games but this one seemed fair, though the song lengths made the play sessions a bit too long for me personally. The number and variations of songs is great. The scoring screen is so smooth and clean, I really like it.

Highscore - C (Easy, Let It Go)

Well Done!

(Early Test - 4 Days before deadline)

Nice arcade style game with lots of potential! Works well, I like the particle effects and that the scene whiteboards have flowcharts/code outlines on them. The in-game UI for points was quite hard to see on larger resolutions (1920x1080), switching to Unity's new canvas based UI should help with this.

Highscore - 131.04 (at 1.5 difficulty)

Good Work!

(Early Test - 4 Days before deadline)

I really like the 'wave to start' menu you have. The overall look of the app is very clean and polished, and I enjoyed playing with both English and Russian. Often found that words would be repeated straight after completing them, maybe a system for ignoring the last completed one from the selection would help here? Also with the scoring mechanism, maybe separate this out into a 'time trial' mode, while also having the normal sandbox mode? The scoring is cool but having no losing conditions makes it less meaningful (perhaps I am missing the point here, my background is in games).

Nice Work!

(Early Test - 4 Days before deadline)


Cool story-driven game. I like that you used the playback functionality of the Leap for the higher god section. The music playing gameplay was interesting & was fairly intuitive, but I would have preferred if the objects representing the note colours shared that colour in their 3D representation more obviously. Also it would be cool if the menu supported starting the game with a swipe of the hand or something similar, rather than having to use keyboard/mouse input.

Ending - I chose respect

Nice Work!

(Early Test - 4 Days before deadline)

The polish in this game adds a lot to it. For example the death fading; with all the non-essential cubes fading first, leaving the player and the cube they collided with to be apparent for a second. I also really like the menu functionality, hovering over buttons and having the circle shrink is really intuitive. Struggled a bit with the depth of the coins when I first started, but got used to it. I was also thinking it could be cool if the player could earn extra lives? Perhaps by collecting a certain number of coins in succession without hitting any cubes. A bit finicky but the on the Game Over screen the "Play Again" button takes you back to the menu rather than immediately restarting the game, maybe change it to "Return to Menu"?

Highscore - 1546

Good Work!

(Early Test - 4 Days before deadline)

Cool game. The flap gesture works well, I wasn't sure about it to begin with but the indicator makes it easy. Loving the death animation, which was what I spent most of my time looking at. I was about as good at this as I was at the original!

Highscore - 3

Good job!

(Early Test - 6 Days before deadline)

I really like this, I think it must be the most responsive feeling Leap game I've played. The subtle camera rotations and interpolations while moving in different directions really help. I also really like the hand movement indicator HUD being part of the ship in the world. Found that I had to be very precise when shooting spiders, but maybe that is by design? The difficulty ramp makes it easy to pick up and get the hang of, before the challenge kicks in. Would be nice to have waves of enemies though, as my arms got quite tired holding the same position for so long.

Highscore - 136

Well done!

Cool game! I like the art for the coins and explosions.

The guns are overpowered haha, you could improve them by giving them a small amount of ammo.

Well done

Really cool game! The menu system is one of the best I've used so far with the Leap, and the intro video is a nice touch to ensure everyone understands. A lot of variety in the puzzles, which make it a lot of fun! I like the little things such as the girl turning her head to watch your hands moving. I had a little difficulty with pushing the girl towards the exit, especially in the third stage.

Other than that fantastic experience, very polished, well done!

Really cool, very nicely finished. My favourite had to be the snail, but I also liked the cloud effect on the bird level. The only issue I had was the text overlapping when changing levels too quickly.

Well done!

Really like the concept and you've implemented it very well. Using my hand to knock the ball around felt very natural. Found that when my hand was in the scene before the timer had started, I would accidentally have knocked the ball away and that the camera would not follow. Your menus are very cool, however some way to go straight to the next map after finishing would be nice.

Had fun, well done!


This is fantastic! My experience for the first few minutes was of everything being obliterated under the fiery wrath of my hand guns. When I discovered that making fists would let me drive along the ground, it opened the door to a whole new level of game play carnage! I found subtly rolling up alongside other vehicles only to knock them violently off the road immensely satisfying.

When I saw that little arm come out and slap on the police lights on I almost died.

This is beautiful, well done!

Very cool! My favourite part was the fist clench to take pictures, it was so intuitive! The other controls were less so, but after watching how you did it in your video I found that they were quite easy to use too. One problem I found was when clenching my fists to take pictures the camera would often jolt around a bit and end up capturing something else.

Well done!

Cool concept! Really nice art. Personally found it quite difficult to control, I had to place my hand almost directly on top of the Leap in order to descend. Otherwise a pleasant experience, loved flying beside the tiny houses.

Well done!

Played with only the Leap and loved it, I can only imagine how good it must be with the Oculus as well. In the spherical mass scene, I really liked the effects of removing my hand and then replacing it on the other side of the tracking range. The spotlight hand scene is my favourite though, being able to control the size of the light by opening and closing my hands felt fantastic! Very polished! The shadows cast under the title from my hands were a really nice touch.

The beginning bothered me a little having to remove my hands from the tracking range to click the right arrow, but it was understandable considering that is also your scene switch control.

Would be really cool to be able to have some (even small) effect on the music playing.

Had a lot of fun with this, well done!

Really nice fire simulation. Clapping to pause time is cool, and moving the camera around in this mode felt very natural. The simple introductory instructions at the start are a nice touch.

Well done!

Very polished! The user interfaces are lovely, especially the visual feedback you have on button presses etc. Couldn't get the shape detection to recognize any of my drawings on the main menu, but had it manage a few in the drawing mode. Love the score screen, the particles following your finger are a really nice touch. Had a little difficulty trying to press the 'Start' button in the lower right side of the screen to begin a song.

Well done!

Really cool concept. Use of tool tracking for the pan felt very natural. Had a lot of fun shaking and throwing the food around within the pan!

Well done!

Cool little prototype with a nice concept. Had the same issues as mechabit; found it difficult to stretch my fingers far enough apart in some of the stages.

Still had fun with it though, well done!

I can't play the piano and this game really captures the essence of that! Haha.

Seriously though, this is a very good prototype for only three days work, well done!

Nice concept, the tracking of the thumbs up/down worked well. Would be nice if you added support for also tracking thumbs up and down for the left hand. The GUI is really nice, I liked the circle percentage especially.

(To be sure: I answered 'No' to the question 'May I watch you sleep?')

Well done!

Very nice design on this, love the visual feedback you have on the notes especially. The note count at the end is a nice extra touch. Messing around playing music with this was very entertaining!

Overall very polished, well done!

Very cool concept, well implemented. Really like the overall look of the game, the simplistic graphics and GUI. 'Picking up' the tray was a nice touch, but I found that having my hands upside down to hold the tray upright became quite straining (this might just be me).

Well done!

Managed to get it working after the tip about the type of pencil to use. Cool concept, taking tools out of tracking range to 'fall asleep' was a nice touch!
Well done!

Nice concept. Found the controls hard to get the hang of and just ended up flailing my arms around, very tiring! Some instructions would be useful (unless I've just missed them).

Very well done for your first 3D game!

Simple concept, implemented well, fun to play.

Well done!

Really cool! When I first saw this I thought it would be way too difficult to be enjoyable, but you've got a nice 'balance' here. I'm afraid I didn't manage to stack it very high haha.

Well done!

Uploaded a new version which should hopefully fix the .dll crashes some were having (changed Unity to launch with the default built-in launcher).

Also now have a video of the game:

(No editing software though, sorry)