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<3 so good!

<3 Lovely game Patrice, great work

SO so stylish, loved our time playing this & awesome to see something made & set in Scotland! Great work here, the shaders & title cards in particular are amazing

<3 2d!

I love this so much, the musical walking is fantastic and I love the combination of quotes from caught fish

Fantastic retro platformer with tons of character!

Great work all! Amazing intro haha :D

The art is really cute and I love the shifting animation style

Really lovely! So chill, I love these kind of morphing mechanics style games, the transitions you've got are so good

Though it took me WAY too long to realise i could move pipes around in the paint game..

I love the "bye bye" "I am going away" lines so much

The character controls and lerps are great (as is expected in stuffed wombat titles) The constantly slowing walk speed was interesting! had me constantly bunny hopping

Really cool, great work!

The pixel art is beautiful and the feeling of picking up speed and then maintaining the momentum is fantastic

Really lovely, choosing the path of the story to suit your individual audience members is such a neat touch

Great work!

Thanks again for fixing it! me and some friends finally got around to playing it and had such a great time. Exploring the space we'd once just been sharing stories of, but now together, was a really cool experience :)

I was also really inspired by your game for my own project Heck!, focusing on fun multiplayer movement, exploration, & to do lists :)

Really awesome entry which teaches an important message in a great way! (no spoils)

The composition is fantastic, all the art and music and story and gameplay fits together so well, and there's so much of it! I love wandering around the alien city especially

It's really cool having a minigame for the virus fighting, and each patient having a specifically different fight is a great touch. I also love that you can auto battle these as I am awful at bullet hells :)

The new game+ unlocks are also super interesting and I recommend everyone play to unlock them!

Great work all involved

Ah! thanks that was so fast :D Can't wait to try this out later!

So great, played with some friends (multiplayer wasn't working sadly - so all offline but exploring at the same time) and this was fantastic!

Managed to get all the achievements through sharing what we found which was a really cool experience, really captured the feeling of being out of bounds, lots of mundane walking for points of interesting content

And I love all the movement types & character customisation, really great work!!

Thanks so much :) Will definitely check that out!


Thanks so much! That's definitely understandable, we noticed it during development but didn't have enough time to fix it sadly, something we'll keep in mind going forward though :)

"Papyrus, Please", if you will

Thanks so much Mist!! Yeah that's definitely something we want too, we're toying with the idea of more drastic branching too but don't want to give up the more optimistic vibe of the game compared to Papers, Please etc

We're currently pitching to a publisher though so maybe there will be more! :)

PS I loved Arity!

Wow! Thanks so much for the lovely and detailed feedback :)

We're currently working on a pitch doc for a small publisher looking for 10-30 minute games so fingers crossed!!

Definitely taking your suggestions on board in terms of teaching how to use the switches &  having more unique feedback per stage

Sorry about that! Yeah there are definitely a few little bugs like that I want to work out moving forward but we didn't have time during the jam unfortunately

Thanks for the kind words :)

Wow! I love that collecting friends allows you to see the world through their eyes, really cool and cute game :) The humour is great too!

Cool! I love the little battles :)

Only managed to get 9/10 gems, I was lacking 3 friends for the final one, but this is really cool

Great work

Fantastic!! I love the art and idea, the rhythm gameplay is cool too. I wish there were some sort of minimap or radar to help find others, and maybe a sprint button as backtracking was a bit tedious

But overall this is really cool, great work!

Really impressive! It's an interesting combat system and I like the tutorial text at the start of the first few combats :)

I love it! The menus and intro/win animations especially are great, and obviously the idea is hilarious :D

Cool! Interesting puzzles and I love the effect of the unicorns connected to the player :)

Awesome! I love the unique characters, Emmy was my fav :)

Great work

Woah!! I love this, the art is amazing and bringing all the pieces together is really cool

Amazing, well done :)

Really cool puzzle game! Lots of interesting ideas here, and so many levels! Everything is introduced at a good pace for learning too, great work!

Cool! I smiled when I realised I was collecting my rainbow trail, really cute :)

Great work

Really cool to see this developed with all the extra levels and art after playing your prototype early on!

I love the speech bubble stage :) Really great work!!

Good work :) Very chill maze with a great message!

Great use of the theme! The puzzle gameplay reminded me a lot of CARRION

Very polished especially for a game jam, awesome work!

Really beautiful! I liked the gameplay of placing stars a lot, and I'm glad you chose to include more than were necessary so it wasn't just a hunt for the final collection. The astronomy focus reminded me a lot of If Found, which I also loved :)

Great job!!

Cool! I love this kind of game, but I was a bit confused by the numbers at the side changing as you submit - I think it'd be more clear if they always stayed the same so the player can review the board themselves

Well done :)

Beautiful game, great job!

Awesome! I love my homing piercing rocket launcher. The boss turret-worms were a great touch for time saving, super impressive for a 48 hour jam! Well done :)