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I love this so much, one of the ones I keep coming back to from the bundle.

The atmosphere is perfect and getting into the flow of just climbing is really relaxing and beautiful

Great work!

Awesome, so beautiful!

It already released on Twitter, Discord & via email!


Thank you!! I don't have much experience with combat systems/difficulty balancing but I've been working on making it a lot fairer for the post-jam version :)

Years of experience & lots of jams! :)

Great! Send my a link if you upload somewhere and I will play it :)

Cool, managed to play the downloadable version. I love the art & aesthetic of it!

The different movement abilities are fun too, though I wish it was easier to pick up the canisters and that there was more feedback for doing so - a little sound or something

Well done!

Couldn't get it working unfortunately!

This is so cool!

The multiplayer had some slight issues but mostly worked! Multiplayer is very ambitious for a game jam anyway so very impressive :D

Upgrading felt awesome, I love being able to upgrade my speed in games it just feels so good - and being able to do it here on the fly without stopping the gameplay was fantastic

I love that there is a progression system with the castle in the middle guarding the good loot

The art and animations are also fantastic

Great work!

Thanks, kind of my first time with a combat system! Totally, it's definitely more suited to those larger open areas :)

Thank you! I also noticed it in the web build even after some optimisations but that's jams for you! Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep that in mind going forward :)

Thanks a ton, anton! I definitely agree about a lot of the corridors being way too narrow, because of the time I just ended up using that demo level but going forward I want to support multiple levels and have them much more open :)

Ahhh okay that makes way more sense now! Thanks for clearing it up :) My final time is 05:27!

Thanks, that's high praise! :)

Thanks so much!

Thanks a lot! Never really done any third person stuff before so it was a learning experience :)

Thank you! I agree, that's a great idea :)

Awesome! The menus are great, and I love the combination of 2d/3d stuff!

The boss fights are great but a boss health bar would be a welcome addition :) 

Great work! I like the swinging ponytail while moving, that's a nice little touch

I love the art! It's fun too though I wish you could walk backwards while firing towards enemies in front of you :)

Great job

I AM hungry how did you know

Cool stealth game! I like watching the t-rexes pad about the place

This is great! I love the animations, and the item pickup effect is great

Well done :)

Like Lost In Space! I get it!

This game is amazing, all aspects; art, music, .., art

I finished it! That's how good it is

Great jobs :)

Great! Still love how those procedural mimic tongues look. Well done :)

So cute! I love all the little animation panels

Great work

Cool! I love these interesting item designs with actual tradeoffs and different gameplay styles, awesome

Great work :)

Cool! Interesting introduction of special powers at the start of each match! Well done

The art and overall atmosphere here is fantastic, as is the writing!

Great work :)

Love the enemy designs, and the equipment showing up on your player

I found the aiming controls a little weird but manageable

At first I thought the exp orbs were enemy projectiles so tried to dodge them!

Where does it show the ammo count?

I got to level 5 with 975 gold! Great work :)

Cool! Very enterthegungeon-esque

My first room I went through the portal as the chest was dropping, rip

AWP probably my favourite weapon, but it can be a bit hard to switch as if you keep running into it it switches constantly back and forth

I really like the slime death trails

Great work :)

my mouse wasn't locked to the game window which made it really hard to play unfortunately!

This is really cool! I love the upgrade UI, and the dash feels awesome, along with picking up all the atoms

Great work

Cool! Looks great. The money is so shiny, I think I understand piracy now

Nice! I like all the animations and effects you have, looks really awesome

Good job

Thanks for the kind words! I haven't had that issue but I applaud you for breaking it :)

You're telling me?! Catpack is awesome! My favourite so far.