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Submitted by Playimu (@playimu), MARROW (@ProdMARROW) — 3 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#24.3244.324
Audio (Does not apply for Physical Games)#34.4124.412

Ranked from 34 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Is your game a video game or a physical game?
Video game

Was your game made solo or in a team?
Marrow: musician

Did you use any third party assets, if yes what assets did you use?
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I struggled with aim/losing the mouse cursor. Otherwise, this is smooth and gorgeous for a game in this style. Having the water spray when your down at the bottom of the screen of the second boss is slick af.


Realy nice looking and playing game, i realy like the art style and the model design. Prety engaging and challanging :D Good work.


Loved the visuals! It's a bit hard though, and I was unable to beat that normal difficulty boss because he's just better than me :/

Some more hints to the health of the enemy you are hitting and perhaps their weak points breaking one by one would have made me feel like I was actually getting somewhere, and a little more juice on explosions and stuff would have gone a long way to improve the feel, but overall a really nice polished little game.


Overall - pretty fun little boss shooter. Demonic enemies were actually kinda scary. They had a lot going on, but in the end they came down pretty easy. Some more exposition/characterization, even without a full story, would have gone a long way.


This is an absolute incredible game. Such high quality for something made in two weeks. The art, the music, the gameplay, everything. Even the balancing is on point.

Very well done. Absolutely incredible!




If this is the product of two weeks, I want to see the product of two months! Great stuff.


This was stunning.

I am floored that something of this high quality managed to be created within the span of two weeks. Everything was beautiful. The music was great, the sprite work was incredible, & the game play was super solid!

I am a fan of the bullet hell genre, so I like to think I know my stuff. This did not feel like a jam game. This felt like an early access demo for a game that is deep in development. I really hope this goes somewhere because it very easily could.

One thing that was a tad tricky to get used to was the act of aiming and moving separately. Most bullet hell games keep these the same so that the player isn't overwhelmed with having to multitask on two very different & challenging fronts. Boss 3 certainly made this clear. This isn't a bad thing of course, you did a good job of not having the bosses be mobile/hard to hit, allowing the player mental time to cycle between dodging and shooting, just something to note if this goes further.

This team is going places, mark my words. Good work.


Really cool! I love this type of games! Good job!


This game actually blew my mind! Outstanding job on the visuals, gameplay and music. I can't wait to play it some more and actually try and defeat the other two bosses.

Submitted (4 edits) (+2)

Absolutely gorgeous pixel art, and incredibly polished gameplay considering the timeframe and that those were made by a single person! Serious props, I hope I see more of your stuff in the future. The musician did a great job here too, it gets your blood pumping and fits the rhythm of the gameplay.

I really enjoy bullet hells but they do tend to have a bit of an accessibility problem so I like that there was also an effort made there. The dev clearly has a good knowledge of the genre due to experience and knows where to add the little details that matter. Having the "weak spot" flash and make a sound when it changes on the third boss for example was a good idea, and having the exclamation points warn you of where the bullets were coming from was nice.

The difficulty curve was overall pretty solid, although the third boss feels like a pretty big jump from the second, but that's to be expected considering the time limitation. I'll try to beat it after reviewing some more games because it's fun/addicting.

I think if you added a few levels to pad it out you could absolutely release this as a mobile and/or desktop game. I'd love to see that!


Incredible! Super stylish with great art & music. And really polished boss rush gameplay too.

Amazing work, well done!


Very pretty. Tough but fair. Well done!


all out amazing game with amazing music


Really fun to play but did start to get a bit repetitive after a while. It would have been good to get some kind of feeling of how much health the boss had left.


Love this!! Best in the jam I've played so far!


Love the designs and good choice of sfx


The game is not my style, but does that mean it is bad? NO! not at all!

the visuals and music were amazing!

and the gameplay mechanics were really really well accomplished :) not buggy at all, at least from what i played :)


This feels like a game I would see in an actual arcade. Great job, everything about it is top notch. Smooth and polished. Little hard for me but I am terrible without a controller. But very fun. 


Truly fantastic! A tight gameloop and great music + visuals.

I tried many times on the final boss but it was just a little too hard for me.


Hi, cool pixel art. It all feels very cohesive.

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