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Wow I didnt know it was playable at first , I thought you built a game and watch.

you will also notice the doors are in the same spots just less and less of them. 

I love the art, but the format does not work with Tiled easily.

great though :)

is this just ripped straight from pokemon?

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ya thos are the "dark levels" there was one hinted at on 4th floor. The layout is the same. So its a memory game.

I should have made an NPC saying the lights went out...but timing. 

hey thats great :)

I am glad you liked the game. I did use GBstudio. 

If you don't win I will be very shocked. Fantastic game !

it was fun, not sure if it was my computer but the game did not fit on the screen I had to scroll part way up. 

Paid game for a jam?

I have been jamming this on my NES , so great. Really good job!!! I think I find this more fun than any other game of this type :

you got pretty far. Boots are like the last thing to grab. 

Glad you liked it. I guess I should have said in the description that is is a Gameboy game. You can play it on the original gameboy, but I would recommend pocket or color myself.

okay so it says like load game, options or what ever. I click options and click colorblind mode then save but it was stuck on that screen and would not move on. I am on windows.

will d

did not load for me, using chrome.

Lots of flickering with the levels, and it was so big on my screen had to manually adjust the screen down to see the full game. 

same issue, using chrome

Thanks :) Glad you did. 

Did you beat it?

thanks. It runs in OG gameboy too. Basically if its grey and red its an enemy. Then like most ild games you just click in everything. Most stuff is blue purple or green that is clickable if that helps

I could not get passed the third (or) forth room. I cant jump high enough. 

Indeed, one month is not long enough for a full polished game. I also will go back and keep working on my game. 

it was a cute concept for sure, good job :)

I liked it but I was bad at it :)

I can not figure how to jump or go up

It was cute

I liked the cute graphics :)

It was cute, was up the only way to jump? 

I hate to repeat what everyone else said but ya the jumping was hard. 

Loved the art, great game would love to see it finished. 

Thanks :) Yes I am the worst at music :P shorter jams means smaller sound track. I can address in the Remaster version. :) 

cool thank you. 

Any free assets okay to use. Like music, sprites? Even if they where made before the JAM?

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no I was only asking because 2 of the submitted games where made way before the jam started and I was not sure if that was allowed. 

This looks like something I would bootup for my xbox

That does not answer the question. Its fine if it is, I just was not sure what the rules are. 

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The rules don't specifically say you have to make the game during the jam, but most Jams are like that. Is that true for this one? I mean I know it is only for fun, but just wondering since two of the games seem like they where made well before this Jam. 

WOW this was built for the Jam. makes my game I am working on look like hot garbage. :) I have not played it but it looks amazing. The pay wall is a little off putting for a jam game. 

I was so bad trying two hands at once . lol, cute game. Good work :)