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thank you! I'm not much of an artist, but I've been trying to make my style more consistent at least. really pleased you see some merit in the visuals.

mouse aiming requires a combination of speed and precision that's definitely easier to consistently hit on mobile. Really glad you enjoyed the concept though. I had a ton of fun making this one.

I'm glad you liked it! yeah, the controls are very sensitive and particular about when/how movement shots are registered.
If I had to do it again, I'd probably use different values for mouse and touch. Constructive feedback is probably my #1 favorite thing about jams.

that's what they get for gawking! 549 is decent, you weren't messing around huh?

enjoyed the heck out of the lighting and the overall vibe. took me a couple plays to get my mind around it, but once I did, it clicked. situational awareness is super helpful in this game haha. I gotta play again and get all the upgrades to unleash the full potential.

This is slick. My little guy never stopped moving. Felt good dashing right past a ghost and sending him into the river styx. clever mechanic that makes for easy controls while still providing some challenge. ended my last run by accidentally doubling back on styx water. will def come back for this one.

that means a lot, I appreciate it.

half of the dev time was spent outside on the porch working on the tablet and drinking cheap whisky haha. it was basically mobile-first from the start. thanks for your thoughts on this, Luke. you've given me some ideas on what to add once the jam is over! 

nice! I agree, definitely more fun with fingers. mouse aiming can be a little wonky.

This freaked me out. The juxtaposition between the creepy roaches and the retro gaming was a trip. This game has CRAZY amounts of atmosphere. It was actually making me uncomfortable, which is a good thing. First time i played, I didn't realize you had to kill the roaches. I thought space was just a cool way to take you back to the menu. ...then I realized. then I saw. I was hoping some of the powerups massively slowed the zombies. 

Woah. Game has more depth than I initially anticipated. It's an endless runner with some cool arpg-lite mechanics on top. I don't care if it's beneficial or not, I'm turning into the bat at every single opportunity. it's too cool haha. I got spanked, but that's my fault. Ima need a Redbull for this one haha.

getting a good rapidfire stomp session in feels good. when you see 3 bats coming after you and you have the high ground. I enjoy the forced bounce mechanic. you gotta watch your bottom AND your top. consistent art style, easy to understand, still challenging. occasionally I would misread collisions, but it wasn't a big deal. 

I haven't rated it yet, as i can't even get it to play! I can click on everything just fine, but arrow keys/wasd/spacebar aren't working for me. Or maybe I'm missing something. Looks tight and I like the vibe, so I'm excited to play.

6382, and Kronos STILL whooped me. I didn't really understand what was happening for like the 1st minute, and that was OK. I just kept blasting and running. Why recycle plastic and paper when I can just do this haha. Interesting concept.

Dang. Looks like something you'd expect to have been already released. A lot of detail put into the aesthetics and feedback. Tons of room for strategy and tactics. I keep getting WIPED, but it's because I'm bad at the game haha. 

Smooth package. Everything felt/looked consistent. I kept falling haha. I'm picturing this place as a graveyard on the top of a mesa. Simple idea executed well with a minimalist vibe. 

I dig the simple, one-touch controls. I also like monkeys! some polish would go a long way with this one. core concept is decent. big fan of the background and vibe. 

this was SOLID. polished, responsive controls, visually engaging and simple to understand. I felt like Indiana Jones if Indiana Jones spent most of his time jumping into lava by accident haha. feels mostly complete. a pretty great base for something if you want to build on it after the jam. 

I play games more on my phone now than consoles/pc, so I've been focusing on mobile-friendly stuff. glad you enjoyed it!
Adding a little mini-tutorial or just a visual demonstration of how to play would go a LONG way.

good point. Should be a button that pops up after completing a run! 

thank you! and yeah, fine-tuning the physics definitely took up most of my time. 

Really good idea! Definitely adding those in post-jam. It will make things immediately recognizable.

Big fan of games where you draw a line that interacts with character. Last gamejam I did before this one used mechanics like that, but the target is super cool. I had a blast trying to hit bullseye. The UI is a little rough and the visuals are scattered, but I had fun playing. a cleaned up version of this would be dope.

the vibe is awesome. consistent and unique visuals gave this game a great feel. Satisfying just watching your little pidgy flip around. Again, amazing style. 

I almost grabbed my roommate and had them steer while I typed lol, but that would be cheating. fun stuff. would have been neat to incorporate more parkour elements like jumping or flipping. but this was cool. 

This was cool. One of the best uses of the parkour theme I've seen. Controls felt a little clunky at first, but I think that's by design. They became more natural the longer I spent dashing and climbing. I liked the auto-climb and auto-dash features. Made it feel more like a puzzle game than the platformer I was originally approaching it as. 

This is nice! Simple controls yet fun to play. Had a good time running from that big sentinel looking dude. Randomized levels kept things fresh and the controls were price/responsive. When I lost, it was because of me doing the wrong thing. Definitely dig the vibe and the one touch controls.

Solid core. running, rolling and jumping felt good. sticking the landing is nice. would be nice to have shadows for jump/landing and maybe a smoother camera. I like it. Family friendly too.

I jumped a lot. I got trolled by the level. impressed by some of these high scores. 

Controller is definitely the way to go with this one. Tight platformer. Challenging but fair. Can't believe I wasn't using dash for most of my first level playthrough. Lesson learned haha. clean presentation.

had good times smashing turnips and jumping over skeletons. I don't know why this princess chick is screaming loud enough to knock stuff down, but I like it haha.

I like that you start to understand the depth the more that you play. There are a lot of options for only having one button. Cleverly designed, consistent and minimalist aesthetic. This is good. 

this was SLICK. the entire package was solid and polished. I love simple mechanics like this that are easy to pick up but still challenging. getting the angle right on a jump to barely clear a rock and grab some light? awesome. I'd play this for fun. 

haha thanks. I try to do a little something different every game jam. this one turned out pretty well. I'm still discovering tricks and techniques just messing around with it. 

for sure. even something more goal oriented where you're going forwards and backwards. I'll play around with it.

keyboard control is a good idea. would have been super simple. I'll add it in after the jam. thanks! 

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I gave it a legitimate try, but it's not working for me. I can't get beyond that first rock, and I can't slide. I watched the video, but it's not helping. Most I managed to do was run backwards at the start, double jump up that wall and keep going on top of the level. I'll wait to rate it until I know this is the experience you were intending.

This was fun. simple mechanics, but they're tight. I enjoyed the randomized nature of the game, but that means that some runs felt easier than others. I dig the sliding. Good stuff.

I couldn't figure out how to use the fireball at first. Didn't realize it needed a special target as indicated by the cursor. Once I got that, it opened the game up a little. I was BLASTING haha. reckless fun. was having a good time grappling around. wish I could go lower before getting restarted. solid game.

gangster. when I first started, I thought the controls were tight but there wasn't much to do. then I got the sword. THEN the game started haha. precise, tight controls for sure. didn't take long to understand how to play. the timing was juuuust right. enough to make you nervous, but giving you room to play how you'd like. I think I ended with 754 coins in my bag after slaying the big bad. real decent game.