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Honestly you should just put out a run of hard copies. The vaccine is out. I would buy some. Preferably with heavy weight paper/high quality printing.

Hello Blackwell Studios :) I just purchased the three-game hardcopy bundle + Umbra: Stations. I can’t wait for my hard copies to get here! Your games have been on my radar for a long time. I already printed out my copy of Stations and hand bound it! (See photos) I have never bound a book before, so that was a fun thing to learn!

But I can’t use this game until my hardcopy of Umbra core gets here. :( Would it be possible for you to share a copy of the PDF with me? Regards, Kris!

Post some sweet sweet low polys 💦

I like the “hard science fiction” idea. For a long time I have been envisioning a strategy game where you would build a civilization using the Global Village Construction Set. The game could basically be a simulated trainer for building the set, with detailed steps and material requirements. Definitely a bigger project than I can take on.

Thank you for your kind words! I will check out that jam. Cheers!

That’s a great perspective, thanks for sharing. It’s well argued. Unfortunately a lot of those skills of tending to the land are being forgotten. I was raised by a Master Gardener and I can barely manage houseplants and a few small garden plants. My roommate deeply studies the local biodiversity of our region, and it’s a skill that is beyond me. Those people who put the time in do deserve our support.

I appreciate the variety and depth of these questions a lot. It’s much more involved than your typical d6 tables. I could see this being a great way to worldbuild for tranquil games of Golden Sky Stories or Ryuutama. Well done!

That sounds like a great approach, I think that kind of optimism is important but I won’t lie, it’s kind of difficult for me to see how it happens. I think that’s common, hence the proliferation of post-post-apocalypse in solarpunk.

I look forward to seeing how you imagine it!

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Hello all! I might be a bad solarpunk as my optimism is not an endless well but something I have to really work at. A far cry from my youth. I designed lots of material for two other games before having an “Aha!” moment and quickly prototyping what I will be submitting soon.

The first idea was for a spacefaring race that basically grows all their foodstuff aboard ships and uses the motion of galaxies to traverse interstellar space, rather than FTL drives. Think of it like super-slingshot maneuvers that take advantage of the motion of whole solar systems and the rotation of galaxies. While empires rise and fall, fueled by cheap FTL, these Babylonians subsist with the stars. But, it’s kind of a post apocalyptic scenario. And the mass of the ships would greatly outweigh the mass of life aboard them, no matter how efficient. So it didn’t fit the theme.

The second game is called “Denial of Service” and I’ve been working on it for a long time. It’s basically about the slow decline of a civilization and corresponding rise of reactionary and revolutionary forces. I know from Hannah Arendt’s writing, and research on many revolutions, that such events would not be fun and punk but harrowing and horrific. So I didn’t think it fit the theme.

The third game, that I will be submitting soon, is about optimism in the hear and now. It uses a standard deck of cards and faux betting to tell the story of how two players in the group achieved great success in love, in enterprise, in creating art, in making a casserole, literally whatever sparks inspiration to the players as they tell their story. It is called Good Fortune and I hope you all enjoy it.

How did you balance optimism and realism in your design process and submissions? Let’s get a good conversation going!

Edit: My game is submitted: Good Fortune!
Appreciate and return any feedback.

Yeah, it’s an interesting phenomena. Sometimes it’s easy to spot and call out, e.g., the “Hello, I’m Paper Bottle” fiasco which is widely ridiculed now. Despite that, there may be some people out of the loop swayed by the packaging.

Other things are much harder to spot - for instance, claims of fair trade, sustainability, and offsets (either carbon offsets or direct re-planting). I know there are organizations that certify these claims, but who certifies them? More to the point I’m not really familiar with those organizations enough to know what to look for.

It’s a complicated issue.

Yeah, sounds like an automoderator issue more than anything.

I don’t think indie games are where the systemic issues with greenwashing stem from.

Oh yeah, maybe it just wasn’t close enough. I thought I tried pretty much the whole slider but I just tried again and it worked fine. It’s a really fun little game! The waves are kinda mesmerizing.

Dragons beat everything

oh :(

Really cool music, could definitely be longer but it's a very polished little package.

Can you clarify for me how this interaction works? Maybe a demo?

Very fun and challenging

Hmmm I'm really struggling to line the waves up. I can't progress past the frequency. Tried pretty much every position of the slider and although the other 3 say locked, frequency does not respond.

I really like how the graphics look

This is my favorite

Interesting concept but it's kinda glitchy

I enjoyed this :)

I think its a good idea. The audiovisual element could basically be the prompt that nurtures the roleplaying. Why not!

Hey radiatedskull,

You should definitely join the discord. We were just discussing playtesting our games during the jam period. I'm sure people will want to play their polished creations afterwards, too. 

There is a link to the unofficial discord server in another thread in this jam community page. I recommend you join and say hi! 

Also, thanks for cuing me into 10 Candles, looks insanely spooky and fun!!

I love the style of architecture and the camera work, very atmospheric.

I'm intrigued can we get more of a preview of the rules/mechanics tho? It's card based, French deck or custom made?

This is fair well written, would like to see it expanded. You basically set youself on one of two paths, both seemingly (spoilers!) headed to Dukong, but then the narrative stops.