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This was an amazing entry.

Before I get to what I loved about this game, I want to play fair and note the opposite first and get all of the bad out of the way. It's the RNG. Dice tend to hate me irl, so I'm not surprised they were unkind to me here too. By all means, I do think the dice should have a negative on it, as you said in another post, it'd feel toothless if it didn't, but with the odds of not getting time back being 1/3, it sucks when you're like me and get four "-1"s in a row and die on what would have been a good run. The last level on normal fuse mode frustrated me to no end because while I feel I mastered the mechanics by that point, sometimes the game just commanded me to die. I got stuck on it for the longest time. My suggestion for a fix would be either to have only one negative space (probably the "-1" or heck bump it down to "-2" now that it's the only one there) OR to have the dice be unable to land on the last number it rolled. Outside of that, it mostly just felt like the fuse was tugging on a leash to keep me slowed down as I would have to stop playing to get some extra time. There were some good spots to just let your dice rest and not want to pick it up instantly in the last level, so maybe I was just bad at spotting moments where you should just let the dice roll. In short, the last thing I wanted to do in the game was funnily enough, was roll the dice.

Okay now for the part I actually want to write about, THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC. When the first thing I want to do upon learning the mechanics of a game is lab out using them, you know you've got something special. I'm really glad I chose to play slow mode first as it gave me time to get used to the controls and movement. It's a bit of a steep learning curve, but once you get it, oooooooooooh boy. The tech you can pull off feels great, and I'm particularly fond of doing all of the moves back to back (throw > dice kick > divebomb > regrab > dice jump). Gunjumper is also very cute and well designed and I enjoyed playing as her. The collectibles were also a lot of fun to get as most of them made me feel like I had to use my abilities to the fullest to reach. I made sure to grab all of the powdered donuts on my normal fuse run. Another thing I need to praise is the respawn time. I'm so thankful you took the Celeste approach and just brought the player back immediately. That alone cures a lot of potential frustration. This game was a genuine treat and I enjoyed it quite a bit. 5 stars across the board. Glad I follow you on Twitter and was able to see this on my feed!

Great job.

Also if I can find the time, expect some fan art of Gunjumper at some point! 

Interesting idea, but the execution fell flat. None of the games were all that fun to play, and I had to open and close the game about 15 times before getting them all.

A very simple and entertaining game! I really liked the concept. Some more polish could go into it, but I feel like anything I could comment about is probably already known.

Neat Concept. I would have liked to have seen more done with it, but it was entertaining.

I felt like I had no control over my actions whatsoever and the music was not only bad and grating but also off sync.

I liked the concept, but the game is so painfully slow that it's not any fun.

This game was just really slow and boring. I made it to level 5 without even needing to get into combat once. The mechanics are also really unclear once you do try to fight things. The mechanics of the game don't do a good job of explaining themselves, and when you figure them out, they aren't fun to use.

Though honestly, this game is just way too slow. Instead of every enemy taking their turn at once, each enemy takes their turn one by one and you need to wait for your turn to come before you can act again, leading to constant waiting.

This concept does have merit though. turn this into a puzzle and strategy game with a single large room and have all enemy movement predetermined during the player turn. Crypt of the Necrodancer would be great to reference if you end up going any further with this.

This just felt like a lower quality version Dicey Dungeons. While I liked the art, you claim yourself that you didn't make it so I'm not inclined to give you any points for that. The end boss also being literally impossible also killed any momentum this game had going for it by the end.

The game felt repetitive and derivative.

While I liked the sprite art of this game (the player damage animation was particularly good), the RNG of this game just made it a pain. I understand the keys shouldn't drop easily, but one round I killed dozens and dozens of robots and didn't get a single key until 30 seconds left. It hurt my hand with just how fast you have to mash the shoot button due to how many robots you have to kill. They also respawn so fast that, outside of subtle movements to dodge, there isn't really a reason to not just focus fire one of the spawn locations.

The lack of sound also just made the game feel a bit empty.

If the robots spawned slower and the keys spawned either by number of kills or just more reliably, this game wouldn't have frustrated me as much.

Otherwise, nice work!

This did a good job of capturing the retro feel and look. The sprite art felt very well done.

I had a bit of trouble with the enemy hit/hurt boxes. Sometimes we both took damage, sometimes something that looked like a hit just hurt me, and sometimes I would run straight into some of them and they'd get hurt. It was also very hard to tell when some enemies were planning to jump, leading to a bit of frustration. The enemies felt a little inconsistent, but other than that, good entry!

It was tough to figure out what I was doing, and the game wasn't as intuitive as I would have liked. Once I got the hang of it, it was fairly decent, though a little short (but that's to be expected of jam games). I ran into a large number of issues as I played. Most of them were solved by the reset button, but there were two that weren't. Firstly if you're touching a wall while jumping or using your jetpack, the game registers you as being on the ground and kills your movement. Secondly the gun's bullets collide with you, so if you're moving forward and shooting seemingly nothing will happen.

How am I supposed to play this? I genuinely don't know how to open this.

At first it was pretty confusing as I wasn't really sure what I was doing, but once I got the hang of it it wasn't too bad. I'm not too sure what caused it, but some of my moves would randomly be unavailable. For example I'd reload, but sometimes it just didn't work, or when I run out of ammo I suddenly can't use punch? Probably just a bit of spaghetti code or something.

Took a while to figure out how to play, but when I did, I enjoyed it! I do wish the game was a little faster though, as once you get it, it's a little slow to play. Otherwise, I liked this a lot!

It's certainly minesweeper.
Listing the controls would be very helpful, as I only stumbled on the button to mark mine locations on accident. (Ctrl for those don't know)
There is an exploit where if you mark and unmark a mine over and over again, it'll still add one count to mines found, meaning you only have to find one mine and you win.

I like this game's humor, but just playing it is difficult. My attacks seemed to do nothing for the longest time, it takes way too long to kill even the weakest enemies, and it is way too easy to get stunlocked and become unable to play the game at all. I think some adjustments may be in order.

I'm always a fan of bullet hell style games, and I had some fun with this one. I did find instantly die to walls was a bit frustrating when you constantly have to hug them while having fast movement. I also wish the green weapon was a bit more useful, as the scenarios where you want to use it put you in direct danger of what you're trying to use it on. Outside of some annoyances with those however, I think this was a good entry!

I'm using itch. I downloaded the game.

While I like the idea, everything felt a bit too obscure to figure out. I only ever found 3 recipes, and was only ever able to make one of them. I couldn't figure out how to progress or figure out what I was supposed to do. It fits the era, but vague puzzles and being clueless kept me from doing much. It certainly felt like Zelda 2.

I can't get the game to run. When it opens up, there's nothing but a white line.

You did a fantastic job capturing the era. The aesthetics and audio were absolutely on point, and it genuinely felt like something that would have come out of the old NES library. 

The controls did mess me up a bit, but that's probably just a me thing as I constantly had to tell myself to move using my right hand and act with my left, not many games I play control like that so it took some getting used to.

Only gripe I have can actually be seen as a compliment really. This game's difficulty is also very authentic, in that it is incredibly hard and feels like it punishes you for things you couldn't have known outside of trial an error. It's very fitting for what you were trying to replicate but dang it doesn't mean it isn't still frustrating. Just when I'm starting to get the hang of it I get blindsided and run out of lives and have to do everything all over again. It's a perfect match for the kind of brutal, old school difficulty reminiscent of quarter eating arcade games that the era used to have.

I personally dislike games like this as they tend to fuel my anger and I don't get that same rush from overcoming it that others seem to. THIS IS VERY SUBJECTIVE. There are plenty of more hardcore people who I know who would love this exact kind of challenge and gameplay, it's just not for me.

A great entry that you should be very proud of! I really wish I was better at it!

Fantastic entry! The sprite work and sound design were superb. What really makes this entry feel like an old school retro game was definitely the level design. The enemies over the pits, the blind jumps towards the instant death vines that required memorization more than reflexes sometimes, and the sections where you may accidentally get enemies to spawn when they are off-screen all did a great job of selling the theme. Nice job.

Very good job on the storytelling. The art was pretty nice too! I do wish that there more branches to have taken though. It is a bit sour that the only method that ever works towards progressing the story is pressure, as it makes every other option seem superfluous. Still, I could see this making a good base for something akin to an ace attorney game!

This was really good! I'm honestly surprised how nice this looks for a jam game, great work on that front, really knocked it out of the park! The gameplay was solid and I enjoyed it quite a bit! I would have liked to see a stronger use of the theme, but that's mostly because by the time I realized what/where the kaiju was, the game was over. Also, a gem counter would be really nice.

Great work, this one's something to be proud of.

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I felt like I was mostly just wandering around until a cutscene triggered and it was over. Things did pick up when I got a battle axe, but the gameplay was still pretty slow. I guess I just wanted to see more of this. The visuals were pretty nice though!

I couldn't seem to go any farther than the second level, and pressing q didn't seem to do anything. If there is any way to progress more, do tell!

It was a little wonky to get my barrings, and the fire escape was a bit too dark to see clearly, but otherwise I really liked the concept!

As simple as this was, let's be honest... messing with rigid bodies is always fun.

Now that I'm able to actually play the game, I had a great time! I like when bullet hells have a mechanical reward for grazing, and this felt pretty good. The art was also very nice, capturing that minimalist style just right.

Good music and fun emotes! I do wish it had some kind of ending though.

I played the downloaded version.

I actually recruited my brother to help me play this one! We agreed this was a pretty great entry! The art style similar to that of Mega Man Legends was a plus for me. The music was also pretty fun to listen to.

We do have a couple notes on the experience:

We couldn't find a win condition for the Kaiju. While that's okay if this is just meant to be a survival game, it'd be helpful to have something akin to a timer to judge how long the Kaiju lasted. That way it'd allow for a more competitive edge. 

The Kaiju is kinda out of luck the moment the kid spots them due to stamina. The kid's stamina recharges super fast and, while that is fine, the Kaiju's stamina takes A LOT of time. The only reason this is a problem is because if the Kaiju is actively hiding and then trying to get away after being spotted, it leaves them on empty while the kid makes his way. Even if the kid loses track of the Kaiju, the slow regen forces the Kaiju to do nothing. Basically you can only get away once, and if you get spotted again you're as good as caught. 

These aren't really pressing issues at all, but me and my bro get competitive fast and are quick to try and find the meta. Great job to the team! Really liked it.

This was really fun! You do have to really rush in order to win, but when you figure out what you're doing it's still a fun challenge! The game was very cute and the powers were fun! I do think the giant cat power could have used some faster move speed, and I did end up dying while in that form (i may have missed a goblin or two) but otherwise no complaints.

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The controls feel alright and, when you get used to it, the dash is nice too. I did end up having a lot of issues though. The game crashed twice before I was even able to start playing it and once more after I ran into some boxes. The main issue I had was the blind jumps and constant clipping through walls. Based of off my testing it seem that pressing jump too fast when scaling a building launches you through it instead of over it. The camera is also in a bit of a rough position, but not a bad one. 

Honestly, a few small tweaks here and there and this could probably be pretty good! When the game did work, it was pretty fun, and the kaiju design was also pretty cool.

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Well, the only part of the game I had any issue with was the turtle, and that mostly came down to either not knowing where he should go or not knowing how to get him to a particular spot. The thing I did find interesting about this game was the use of multiple spawn points in a room being vital to solving each puzzle. At first I thought a few of these puzzles weren't possible, but finding out you keep your spot just outside where you enter a room and that the room doesn't reset made for some fun "Ah Ha!" moments. I don't know of any other tile sliders that use that.

tl;dr The turtle's usage felt a little vague. I liked that the puzzles weren't self contained and literally had you come at it from different angles.

Edit: My favorite room was probably the first giant bug room. That one has some clever movement.

This game was adorable! I LOVE Tango and Slushie's designs. The game has a very nice aesthetic and very charming dialogue! I'm also a sucker for "split the party" style puzzle games (or puzzle games in general). It's a shame y'all ran out of dev time because I would have loved to see more of this. If anything more is going to come from this I'd love to hear it! Great work!

A nice idle game, but I do wish there was something for me to do while sitting around to keep my attention.

The character's movement felt really all over the place and imprecise. The invincibility of the dash also didn't seem to be all too helpful in evading damage. The levels, while short, also don't feel like they were made for this game, as every pitfall was inescapable but didn't instantly kill the player, making me have to just sit there. Bosses 2 & 3 also felt really rough as the knockback I took either forced me to take damage or just wasn't enough for me to reach safety.

Honestly, the game feels like it just needs some fine tuning and  more time. I can say with certainty though that the music was great and it kept me around.