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Thanks for playing our game. Funny bug the one you found. You can win and lose at the same time. Thanks for finding it.

Thanks for reviewing the game. And for finding the bug while climbing up onto the rocks and being stuck there. The time for jams is limited, there are a lot of ideas but at the end we had to limit it to the minimum…

Cool game! Good job!

Nice game! The music is awesome!

It was not clear at the beginning what to do, but then I understood the logic. Cool game!

Really cool! I like the graphics and the background music!

Cool game! It becomes more difficult while the giraffe is growing. Good job!

Cool game! Good job!

Really nice! I like the "retro" internet world... :)

Really cool! And really nice graphics and music! Good job!

Cool! This small plant really grows a lot! :)

Cool plant simulation!

Nice asteroids like game!

Very cool! Good job!

Thanks for playing my game! I am thinking to continue working on it in the future but I have not decided yet.

Cool game!

The game is nice. The snake keeps eating me!

Fun game. The car runs very fast... :)

Thanks for playing my game. You should use k and l to accelerate and decelerate the plane (or the two triggers if you are using controller).

I like the music and the idea, but I am not sure exactly what to do other than moving some packages. More detailed instructions could have been nice to have.

Great! I liked a lot the sounds and the plants/animals around!

Thanks for playing my mini flight simulator. Happy that you liked it!

Thank, I am happy you enjoyed the game.

Thanks for trying my game. Yes it is not meant to be really realistic, just to fly around...

Thanks for playing the game and for finding this. I will fix in one of the next versions of the game.

Thanks for playing my game. The range of movement was limited by design (easier to develop in this way in a short time for the jam). The long pause after the click of the start will be fixed in a next version after the rating of the jam is concluded.

Nice! I like the way the game is implemented and I like a lot the music. Good job!

Cool game! I like the music, the graphics and the idea! Really good job!

Really cool! I like this game! The colors of the background and the sound effect for the wind are great! Good job!

I like the simulator, if you only had time to add some sound effects or music... Overall good job!

I like the music and the atmosphere. Not sure how the combat phase worked, but good idea to allow the player only to decide the direction and then the main character will just continue is path until the next "decision point".

A lot of work. Very good piece of narrative simulation. Good job!

Simple but very cool! Good job!

Cool game! Nice and easy to play!

Graphics is great! Very cool simulation!

Yes... I have limited the range of movement for this game... :) Thanks for trying it!

Great! Thanks for playing my game!

I like the graphics. Nice game!

This is a nice one. Good job.

Really fun! Good job! I like the fact that shooting a lot the cannon moves backwards...