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Love the aesthetic, very chill


very charming!

Love the art style! Took me a sec to realize you had to be within the pot to lay the eggs, might be good to show in the initial how to play screen

very satisfying squish


Cute! Might make sense to have W also allow you to hover

makes 100 sense

Agree with jjmcb that including something in the background to help show the direction  would be beneficial. Nice experiment for a first jam game!

Its true life isnt fair and I do suck

Fun challenging game!

Love the designs and good choice of sfx

The game was made with PixiJS, Blender, Aseprite, and Clip Studio Paint

Very cute, nice job!

Nice idea! Think the inclusion of some background music or ambience would help a lot. Also the logs don't seem to appear properly.

Very charming, nice job!

The visuals and the music really make a mood


Gotcha, thanks!

Hi! For some interactions the character is paused so that you don't leave an interaction before the dialogue ends. Thanks for playing!

Fun puzzles!

Fun game!

Very cute game with cute minimalist characters. I feel like the camera is a bit slow to catch up to the character while they move at the right end of the screen. Also it wasn't clear that the balls dropped on death by enemies were coins. At first I thought they were some death animation explosion. Nice job!

thanks for spreading the jazz

Nice retro style and i love the crunchy sound effects

Fun game! Maybe the slanted platforms could be presented as 3d objects so that they wouldn't disappear at certain angles

Strangely relaxing!


Hey Ohmnivore,
Thanks for the comment! For a higher quality version please check out the downloads for the game!

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We've now added a Link outline toggle in the options menu. Hopefully it can help you out. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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Hi again!
Words that can be selected will be a solid colour when not being hovered over. Other words are mostly yellow but will have some animated red and green noise on top. Selectable words will also become yellow with the animated noise when you hover over them with the mouse. In the options on the main menu you can also change the colour palette which may work better for you. 

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You can select the Green words in the text to progress through the game. So in the first scene you can click on Venus.
Hope that helps!