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Gooey single stick shooter
Submitted by Dino0040, Rozzo (@Rozzo_Le_Vrai), KBMusicandSFX (@da_greenjah) — 10 minutes, 19 seconds before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#14.2634.263

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  • Kurt Russell would be proud.

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I has a lot more strategy than I originally realized, I found myself using the shotgun to fly deep into the darkness so I could kill the heart and light characters establishing new bases and things :P. It allows for inventive solutions which I think is wonderful.

My only issue is when you're damaged by the darkness it often pushes you deeper into the darkness and you pretty much just lose :(

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yep, waiting for ammo-exploders to turn yellow and shotgunning to them is basically the only way to survive in the later game.

My naive approach of "push the player in the opposite direction they were going " to get them out of the black mass probably wasnt the best :D I will change that to a simple algorithm that actually pushes you out of the black mass when I can


I am also a dirty mouse user.


Nice concept and sounds on there. I also really liked the menu transitions.


The presentation is top notch. Good gameplay idea and execution.

I ran with 'Kurt Russel' of course, and also have to tell you, that I preferred the mouse too. :D


The concept is really amazing!

I managed to get 9930!

A bit hard to understand the best way to play at the start, but once you get it it's really fun! 

Good job!


nice game, I like the concept. But the controls are a bit sloppy/slow. Is it on purpose? 


Did you, by any chance, play using the keyboard? The minigun only starts after a deadzone of around 0.5 for the stick to allow aiming the shotgun without shooting the minigun - so unitys slow interpolation of the digital keyboard inputs makes it all weird and stuttery. Otherwise, the controls should feel pretty snappy.


Yes exactly this, playing  with the keyboard, then nevermind haha, I was thinkign it would be way better to use the joystick for this kind of gameplay! Stuck 10000 km from home so no joystick ;( Anyway its very cool game ! 


Oh this is really cool, love the concept and the gameplay was real fun! The controls are quite hard to get used to though. Staying in a corner of the screen helps!


My tacting was shooting around in a circle and a number 8 pattern :D


Really fun game. Although the dark fog thing kills to fast, but the game was really fun to play