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nice concept, hope yo ucan develop it more ! Its satisfying to earthquake stuff ;p

really cool concept, maybe could have the player block to change color according to the ''Skill" it is getting ? ;)

Simple but nice idea !

Cute E.T. and fun Music

Swarm of lasers, be aware of the reflective materials of the enemies !

It's a game we build for the Arcade Control Jam 2020, in 72h.
I inspired from the "Outrun" graphic and music style. Retro Pixel art with Nu-disco music.  Can play in Browser HTML5, Mac & Win64

We made it in Construct 3 ;) One of the major challenge was to get the online high score board working.

It's ok, thanks for your feedbacks anyway, next time I will make sure of the consistency ;)

Join our discord server if you want to know more about the future of Sakhalin Station ;)

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hello ! Thanks for giving it a try and your feedbacks! I'm indeed going to build a full game and expand it! I'm working on the scenario right now. We just started a Discord server to share the development of it and other things. ;)

Hello, This is not a bug, its normal, the information is on these six notes, pay attention and try to read them to find the solution for the keycode ;

Thanks for your feedbacks ! and yes we plan to create a full game, I will create a Discord server soon ;P

thanks for your feedbacks ! we plan to do a longer and harder version soon. Actually the art was really quick to do I think 2hours by level... because the game is in 320*180 and I duplicate my design a lot and use tilemap. But its really the low resolution that helped. You can visit Maxime Lenik soundcloud if you like the music =)

check at the bottom of the screen, need to read, there are some numbers ;p

Yes exactly this, playing  with the keyboard, then nevermind haha, I was thinkign it would be way better to use the joystick for this kind of gameplay! Stuck 10000 km from home so no joystick ;( Anyway its very cool game ! 

nice game, I like the concept. But the controls are a bit sloppy/slow. Is it on purpose? 

cute ants, same as others, difficult buyg things, I have the same for my game. By the way, a tip for the graphic art. try to keep consistency in the pixel size. if you choose one pixel size, stuck with it. And same for the font/typography you are using. Try to find a blocky font if you go for pixel art style. Consistency is key ! ;)

This game needs more upvote ! I think the gameplay is neat and original, and matching the theme completly. Kind of a new pacman. Keep it up !

cute ! Love the frog, its so cute, but glad it can go to heaven xD Try to add more sound effect especially a "sluuuuppppp" when the tongue is out would be so funny!

Same as Hcatarrunas, for everything horrir side, sound design is more than 50%, as you can see in movies, sound is everything, keep it up !

yes exactly, keep in simple like it is but just one perk to slow them down would be nice, pickups really add to arcade game becasue there is also the pro and con of risking it to catch the pickup vs escape.

Cool entry, yes take care with the music because 8bits tone can be very loud ;) Maybe for the visuals , try something with more contrast so can see more clearly whats happening, the gameplay is original btw !

Very original and unexpected gameplay ! Wish the game would be played only with arrows. ITs too difficult for me right now haha, but I guess thi would be a killer in  japanese arcade place !

Really cool game, remind me of the movie "Pitch Black", got the same feeling !

the little guy is so cute, I like the camera shakes as well, make it so much dynamic ! Keep it up !

cute game, love the graphics and controls

very chill but I suck at it, looking forward to see video of other players, I liekthe simplicity of it :)

very chill, but looking for streaming of it so I can see how to play better haha, Im stuck a bit

Nice little game, maybe could add more mechanics to the player for better gameplay, anyway to slowdown the swarm ? ;)

Merci Merci ;) Hello from a fellow french stuck on an island in Philippines, with barely electricty and no landline internet to work on... so working on jam is tricky haha. The game plays in godmode for now, we are trying to update the settings asap if the mods allow. yes we gonna fix the credits bug as well thanks ;)

oups we gonna see for this bug thanks ;) Glad you enjoyed the game, have a look at maxime Lenik soundcloud if you liek the music ! ;)

Yes the game was uploaded with godmode ON... cannot update it now its blocked, asking the mods to let me change the settings of this, the gme is way better when you can actually take your own weapon against you, this tactic of yours will cause you insta death ;)

Yes Thanks, I made the mistake of droppingthe picture on top of the highscore as well, its fixed now we waiting to be able to update the game

Yes actually the WIP title was outrun ! Its still the name of my folder on my computer ;) THis game is inspired by Kavinsky soundtrack. If you wanna check, I made the art for this game listening to kavinsky Testarossa Autodrive/Signatune mix live on youtube ;)

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Thanks for the feedbacks, if you check the description on, it shouldnt be that easy because we forgot to take of "godmode" testing. YOu should be hurt by your own laser, its the point of the game, but too much difficult during the testing phase haha. Give it a try next time ;)

And noticed for the score, going to fix it asap ;)

nice gameplay and relaxing playing style, yet a bit stressful ! I Think its something worth developing more !

Nice entry ! I like the little stressing music. The mechanics are cool and its getting harder and harder, for now im 19th score ;-p I liek the clean design so we can see whats going on. Maybe put the blu weapon more visible?

Sure! Just woke up, let us try out everything ;)

haha yes, well we disactivate because when we are testing we would die too quick! Hopefully we can put it back on, its so much fun when its activated ;p

Thanks for trying out the game ! You need electricity running, and you need some batteries. Check out the drill room, but you gonna need to find the keypass ;)

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Hello Guys, thanks for trying ou the game ! Unfortunately the scoreboard is hidden under the picture there haha, and we didn't take off the "god mode". You should be hurt by your own laser. Hopefully the mods will let us change the settings of the game asap.

Thankjs for your feedbacks, appreciated ;) Im goin to create more levels soon ! Also I will see with the Dev how to have something similar as in Wiepout where if you reach some scores the world level will swap colors ! Stay tuned !