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Version 2.11

  • new logicals added

No more devlogs here, please refer to the game devlogs. (Setting this to 100%.)

Version 2.10

  • 3 new logicals added.
  • Difficulty for some logicals corrected.
  • 'How to play?' updated.

Version 2.9

  • 3 new logicals added.
  • Difficulty for some logicals corrected.
  • Clues for some logicals improved.

Version 2.8

  • 3 new logicals added.

Version 2.7

  • 3 new logicals added.

Version 2.6

  • 3 new logicals added.
  • Improvements
    • Show solution to each logical
    • Logical "Wizardry"
      • Corrected spelling: "Angalf" -> "Andalf"
    • Logical "Movie Nerds"
      • Corrected difficulty: medium -> hard

After 1200 plays the game got it's first rating. Thank you dear player. 😊❤️

Also much love to the 18 people having added the game to their collections. ❤️

Version 2.5

  • 3 new logicals added.

Version 2.4

  • 3 new logicals added.

Version 2.3

  • 3 new logicals added. Community » Creativity & Art » 2D Art · Created a new topic Clown

Version 2.2

  • 3 new logicals added.
  • Improvements:
    • Changed difficulty for 'Blargh, the 2nd!'
    • Changed difficulty for 'Art Heist'
    • Clues improved for 'Art Heist'

It might have fallen off. 🤔😅 Community » Creativity & Art » 2D Art · Created a new topic Robin H.

Added 3 new puzzles, a dark mode, difficulty indicators, and a few other improvements/bugfixes.

First 3 puzzles added. I think I'll release new ones weekly now, on sundays.

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After the first iteration of my puzzle game 'Logikal' was a moderate success for me, I decided to add more puzzles to it. :)

I will add puzzles (in batches of 3) regularly. The first new puzzles will arrive in the next days.

Meanwhile check out the 51 existing puzzles:

I realized that my contribution to the Mini Jam 72, Nightmare Agent (, was actually added to the 2nd most collections of all my games.

Unfortunately the game is trash. :D It has next to no gameplay, and not even any real puzzle. So I decided to give it bit more meat.

I started by revamping the graphics.



Hey, I improved the wording a bit. (Better late than never ;) )

Hope it's clearer now. :)

Thank you. 😊

Very cute. ♥️

The middle one. ♥️


Currently not WIP, but I'm thinking about it. :D

Released it a while ago, but didn't know there was a thread here where I can post it. :D

It's a logic grid puzzle game (also known as Zebra Puzzle or Einstein's Riddle) containing around 50 puzzles, varying in difficulty.
You have to apply the clues to the grid to solve each puzzle. The puzzles are available in English and German.

I agree, it is a bit misleading.

I pretty much derived the clue description from here:

I see if I can come up with a clue that is more clear. I think "There are no square or blue sculptures" is missing the hint, that squares also cannot be blue. ;) 

The complete clue would be something like: "Neither squares nor sculptures are blue" AND "Sculptures are not square".

Hi and thank you for messaging. :)

It's because of the 6th clue: "Neither squares nor sculptures are blue." So the medium 'sculpture' cannot have the form 'square'.

Fixed. :)

Thank you and sorry about that. I thought I had fixed it. It's a translation error and supposed to be 'soda'. I'll fix it asap.

Thank you. More are about to come. 👍🙂

Thank you. :)

Had to figure out friend from foe at first, but then it was fun.  :)
(I wished you couldn't fall into the air vents...)

I liked that you also told a story, that gave the whole game more weight.

Thank you. 🙂

Making tricks in game is maybe something I will follow up on (maybe giving points for a loop?). 🤔

Thank you, cats. This means a lot. 😊

It fills me with grieve and despair, hearing that this game caused so much trouble.
It should soon self destruct, and our rescue team is on its way to pry you away from your computer.

Unless you managed to sleep by then; then nothing will happen, and I'm just happy that you liked the game. :D

Your engine? 😱 That's impressive, good job. 👍😀

Thx. :)

Wow, looking really good. Did you create that game in Blender?

Framerate was also smooth for me. :)

Issues I had were that the options menu didn't seem to work for me, and I only could leave the game by ALT+F4, an option to return to the main menu and exit would have been nice. :)