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thx. yeah, the gameplay is lacking. 😅


I changed/added some stuff:

  • Mouse controls are more responsive
  • There is a point multiplier now, increasing with speed
  • I added a clock item which decreases speed/multiplier
  • On mobile there is vibration now

Feel free to give me feedback any time, if you want. 🙂

Hey, thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. :)

As far as I can tell the mouse movement breaks because I tried to put it on top of the tilt controls of the Android version. That doesn't seem to work that well. I'll change it to the actual mouse position, that should also cover the responsiveness of the movement.

Gameplaywise the game is a bit stale, I agree. I haven't come up with a good plan to expand on it, yet. I'll probaly add a few different apple types in the next version (golden apple which gives more points, a timer-apple which slows down time, such things), but I think I have to change the gameplay a bit more drastically then, because more apple types make no sense, when you have to catch all of them anyway; I have to incorporate a bit of choice/strategy, I think.

Kind regards,

Thank you. 🙂

Thank you. 🙂

Thanks. I did the music myself.  :)

Thank you. 🙂

Thanks. Yeah, the first thing I realized too late. The second thing I wanted to implement, but had to decide against due to time constraints.

Yeah, I know. I pretty much implemented that feature in the last 5 minutes... :D

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Well done. Nice design and gameplay. Impressive for just above 3 hours. I enjoyed it very much.

The only thing missig really is music. ;)

I like the presentation, very artsy. :D

Thank you. 👍🙂

I'm sorry for that. I make sure to include one in my future projects. 👍🙂

Ah damn. I made a mental note on one of my last jams to include a restart, and now forgot again. Thank you for pointing that out.

Thank you. :)

thx. I haven't got much feedback about scores yet. but yumehiko got 6400 points. 👍🙂

😂 my plan was to implement a powerup that allows you to destroy wasps (you know like pacman), but since I never got to... 👍😁

It's a spider thingy, so I'm good. 😄

I pretty much love Godot, but I never tried Construct. My only real comparison is Unity, which I find much more complicated to use.

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Technologically very impressive. :)

The graphics in the web version are messed up for me, though. :(

Also why is your music playing so flawlessly? For me with Godot it's always a choppy mess... :D

Neat little idea and story. :)

Reminds me of the game I did for this jam, only yours feels much more dynamic. ;)

Thanks. Yeah, I had a few more ideas in mind, but no time to implement them.

Very nice graphics, looks very polished.

yes, aim low. Make a game much simpler than you anticipated. Especially when you work alone. 

Interesting concept (reminds of the game 'Driver'), and art style. :D

The gameplay has some serious slowdowns for me, though... :(

Quite cute game. Takes a while to get challenging, though. :)

I would have liked a dedicated ingame mouse cursor, instead of the Windows one, if I had to nitpick. :D

Thanks. 🙂

Yeah, gameplay is lacking a bit. 😁

Thank you. 🙂

good idea. 🙂 are you planning to do these regularly?

Very cute game, and the concept is great. I very much enjoyed it. Good job. :D

Did your team create music too?

Wow, fantastic concept and presentation. The only thing missing really, is the music, and one level seems to be broken.

But other than that, I loved it. Good variety in levels and items. Great job. 

And the puzzles are challenging in a good way. 

Thank you, this gives me some confidence for my pixel art. :)

Very sorry for the loud music. I make sure to lower the volume with the next update.

I want to add some more puzzles to it this weekend, if everything goes as planned.

Thank you. Glad you liked it, because especially with pixel art I struggle a lot. :)

I hope I can add some more puzzles to it this weekend.

Thank you. :)

I plan on adding more stuff this weekend.

Thank you. Glad you liked it. 🙂

I probably add some more stuff to it this weekend. 🤔

I think it just took a minute. I can see the voting buttons now.

Gosh, I really underestimated the amount of time it takes to create the graphics for a "graphic adventure". 😂

Anyways, this is the current state, and there isn't much of a gameplay, but hey, it is what it is. 😁

Great looking screens. :) The menus look clean, and I like the color scheme. This will be an RPG, I guess?

Did you use premade assets? Also which engine do you use?


I can pick up items in my inventory (left click) and investigate items (right click).

Now I have to enable the player to combine items.

(The background is a placeholder image, the images for the items on the floor are still missing.)