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Glad you enjoyed it! I wish I could have done it like that, but transferring the "decayed" texture in gpu memory back to the cpu (to count the filled-in voxels) is computationally expensive. The framerate would have been unacceptable :( Maybe some clever shader trickery can solve that, but I had enough on my hands with the gameplay.

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Now this is pure twin-stick fun! It takes waaaay too long to reach higher difficulty, but I gladly took the path to becoming a terrifying (-ly slow) killing machine.

The enemies seem to get stuck and won't move... The mechanic might be interesting, and the player movement and shooting feels nice, but without moving enemies its just no fun.

Can you try pressing the "T" key a few seconds after the clock has stopped? That key toggles the leaderboard on and off.

Huh... Did you see the "R to restart" text? I made extra sure that, even if my leaderboard went offline, the player could still see their own score as a percentage at the top of the screen.

2 3D Volumetric Textures: One for the growing "paint" and one for where objects are ;) Was a pain to get working with WebGL. As uploads aren't locked right now I put up a windows build, hopefully that wont run as slow.

"(The game developers) job is to create a game with a high score feature within a 72 hour period"
The submission to Trijam #171 and the comments on it for that jam indicate that your game was not created in the 72 hour period. You are completely right in that "Santuy Quiz" also violates the rules.

Sidestepping? You mean with a/d or the arrow keys instead of the mouse?

Walking towards the sparkly particles in the first room with the wise old man should grant you the sword.

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Dang, this is really hard. Is there some kind of blocking mechanic I am missing? I was really proud of myself when I got through the level where one first teleports, and then you just put 5 enemies into 1 corridor I have to drop down into. The boomerang mechanic is fun, but the levels are just impossible to beat, at least for my mortal self.

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Do you guys try to collect every coin though, cause I didn't :D And I don't know if you are supposed to use the lowering plaforms in the long vertical corrider level, cause it can be finished without it. I guess there is quite a bit of speedrun potential.

That was pretty cool. Quality art, really good music! (The tutorial has no music, is that intentional?) Made it through the game in around 20 minutes and enjoyed every second of it, even though I vehemently dislike moving platform levels in super mario titles.

Something went wrong with the boss sprite during my run; The collider was in the correct place, but the head sprite was offset by its own size to the upper left. That didn't stop me from beating it, so all is fine.

The game is fun, and I agree with the others that the camera should show a bit more of the action. A suggestion of mine would be to give the enemies a bit of inaccuracy / make them aim towards where you are walking to, otherwise constant strafing is just an easy way to win.

The music is nice, but I really dislike the restriction to just one button. It just isn't fun clicking on tiny buttons in a corner that (may or may not, often they don't) move the player up and down. And with that many upgrades strewn throughout the level I didn't even have to shoot; The only enemies are diagonal corridors, which become impossible to traverse without a collision at around ~12000.

Safes can be walked away from by clicking anywhere but on the safe. We are aware that we'll have to implement some kind of indicator for that, maybe a cursor change... Thanks for playing though!

Oh dang, do I read that correctly and the main mechanic changes after the first level?

I'm sorry, but even level 1 is way too long. I'd suggest making the levels shorter but more complicated and giving me less flashlight uses, then I have to memorize the path instead of just spamming a key over and over.

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You just get 1 heart back whenever you enter the shop. When you buy a weapon with a higher maximum health stat you'll get the difference of that to your old weapon added to your health as well. That could make it look more complicated than it actually is.

Oh I know that space activates the book (listing the controls down in the description is perfectly fine) but I can't just activate the book whenever. There is some timer or proximity mechanic involved, and I as the player need some feedback on when I can use the book.

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You really have to give the game a cover image, I almost skipped this bundle of cuteness!
The last door I had also led me into the great blue void.

Short, but the puzzles were quite enjoyable!

A bit slow but the idea is fine. The rooms could use a purpose other than looking good though, and I found myself frustrated with not knowing when I can use the book.

The red dot is an indicator of where a bullet actually hits. The white dot is for interacting with objects.

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We really should mention the reload button in-game. Sorry for that :/ Also worth mentioning that the gun really isnt integral to winning, its just a last resort.

Its right by the flashlight, together with a magazine.

There is only one ending; We tell the player how many recordings they collected to let them know whether they have heard the whole story.

Well, this is a weird one...

Without any instructions the first thing I did is escape your carefully cubed in map through a gap, with no clue what to do next. Killing myself using fall damage and choosing to retry didn't get me back into the main game area either.

One restart later I noticed the red pillars and followed them, reading the hint about the boxes, going into building and hearing scary sounds, but was never in any danger. I even walked back to the apparation once to make sure. Getting the hint about the lights led me to pull the first lever I could find, which was actually a monster? I thought I was protected because I pulled the lever and promply died :D After pressing retry I just ran somewhere and arrived at the ending. Pretty sure I skipped quite a few things.

All in all: This might have become interesting with the protecting light and the monsters (and candles? never saw one, I think?), but I was able to run straight through to the ending by accident.

Ah sorry, might have to write that down in the description; The game is supposed to be played with wasd, space, and the mouse. Just to make sure everyone can play the game however they like I now made jumping using w or up possible.

Howdy, and thank you for your encouraging words and the criticism! The newest update simplifies hunting and combat by allowing you to assign tasks to multiple units at once. It also improves unit pathfinding and should fix the bugs you mentioned. I hope this places our game at just the right level of "frustrating" :)

A fast forward button has been added to the game.

There are fruit bushes randomly scattered across green land, but the most food can be acquired by hunting goats.

Sorry for that :/ I really should have had a reset button in there, just in case. For anyone that gets stuck in the future, press R to reset.

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Should be fixed now. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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Stuck? In what way: Did only the sword disappear? Did you respawn in a wall? If you can tell me what happened I'll try to fix the bug. edit: Oof, don't know how that happened, it'll be fixed in a few minutes.

We couldn't decide whether or not to add some kind of keyboard functionality to the game. In the end time constraints prevented us from changing anything in the controls, so the 2 keys that are still there are just remnants left from earlier prototypes before we had the UI implemented.

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After realizing that there is a kind of rythm to the enemies I was able to breeze through the first 7000 units and then craaaawl through the last 3000 because the boost, and even just the normal speed, are just way to fast xD Got 86 seconds.

I love the aesthetics, as you already know. There just isnt much to do here...

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Cute little game, if a bit too easy. Online leaderboards are awesome!
I dislike the discrete 8 direction steps so much though... Especially as they are arent distributed like I would expect - It doesnt put you into the closest approximation of your direction, but the one for which you have crossed the intended direction position. Don't really know how to say it better, like you made it go mathf.floor(direction) and I want mathf.round(direction).
And there a gap in the level in the top down shooter section, upper right corner.

I enjoyed this! Just getting through all the levels was easy on my first playthrough, and my time gradually decreased from ~70s to now 49.7s. When one is aiming for shorter and shorter times one starts to notice the "pro track" that you have build into the levels for people to follow - sadly I found myself overshooting those quite often and having to limit my first few jumps to get there :( It never felt right to limit my ability artificially because the place you put some jumping pad was where you ended up. Still, great game!

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I really like the ridiculousness of this!

The main gripes I have with this game are
- The fast movement and high gravity (Just too hard for me, especially those small time windows to boost while you fall in the later levels feel almost frame-perfect)
- The punishing level design (In some levels you get killed after you boost because right after you collide with another floating enemy. Maybe give us some time of invincibility after the boost is over?)
- Why make us charge the boost? What difference gameplay-wise does it make, just waiting after collecting a star?

Don't think I didn't like this game, I very much enjoyed playing till I had to ragequit :D

I would strongly suggest not to go with a physics based approach to grabbing with a game like this - sometimes grabbing an animal felt more like one of those rigged claw machines than a spaceship designed to kidnap. As others have said before, this also needs sounds and some more interesting surroundings, but a cool idea nonetheless.