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Fun little game, was able to complete all the levels.

The bomb needs to have some kind of indicator for when it is going to explode; Make the bomb blink faster the less time you have, *bleep* sound each time it blinks, something like that.

And level 18 was way easier than level 17.

Ich habe keinen plan, was du mir mit diesem Kommentar mitteilen möchtest... ^^

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Game runs fine for me and I really like the concept but the game needs some more moving things / moving enemies in general...
(Don't know if there are any already in this game, but doing all the first few level again after you die is kinda tedious.)
Right now I can plan ahead all the angles of attack in detail, not frantically smash buttons in order to evade coming attacks and kill enemies at the same time.

Oh and I died once by spawning right next to a spikey ball

Personally, I don't like the time slowing down when I activate my shield, but that could just be me...

I hope you'll continue to work on this

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Thanks for your high praise!
We did not want to disregard the black/white theme outright so we used it to our advantage by highlighting important things using colors. Not the most inventive use of the theme, but a legitimate use.
Because "point navigation" only allows for a finite set of states and there not being uncertainty in the system, I think the game definetly classifies as a puzzle and not a strategy game. If Tetris is a puzzle game, this game wants to be one too :)

fullscreen the game