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We did notice that walking (and jumping) close to the center of the planet is kind of disorienting. If you have any suggestions on how to make it less so (apart from making the planets larger), I'm all ears. We can't have a static camera either, as that would place the player upside down sometimes and invert the movement direction in a weird way.

The destructible terrain is my own implementation of the "marching squares" algorithm, so not a built-in unity component, sorry.

Howdy! That's a bug that we're still trying to track down, unfortunately. It appears to occur most frequently when towers are placed down in quick succession and close together.

The new patch is live!

If you are ever unable to place towers again I'd appreciate it if you could send me the browser's console log, but hopefully it is fixed for good.

While DOTS/ECS has crossed my mind, it isn't supported on WebGL, which for now remains our target platform. Even if it was, the big performance improvements in DOTS come from its multi-threaded nature, but WebGL will support only a single thread for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for the endgame mechanic suggestions. We are aware that spending the late game in a static base with no threat around isn't fun and already have a few ideas for new (and reworked) towers and enemies ready for when we'll add new features.

As an example for the performance improvements I am currently working on, the following gif is path-finding for the enemies running on the GPU using custom shaders instead of the CPU. Each color indicates a direction for the enemy to walk in to reach the player (which I think is really nice to look at):

Howdy! A lot of the game is undergoing an intensive performance rewrite for the foreseeable future, but I'll try to backport the accompanying fixes I made sometime during the coming week. That should fix both the inability to place towers sometimes, as well as some eye towers just refusing to fire.


With the Secret Santa jam 2023 fast approaching, I reminisced about the last few jams and remembered that I never gave you any feedback. Sorry for that... :( I did play your game in January, but Uni had resumed and I was deeply invested in my bachelor thesis.

Thank you very much for the gift, it did not go unappreciated!

It does not happen often with jam games (usually game devs are given the exact opposite advice), but I actually thought this game was quite easy and could be way more fun if made harder. Apart from the shrapnel of exploding squares and the final boss, no situation forced me to move my ship. Same is true for using my abilities. Exclusively leveling up reload time (or double shot chance) is all that's needed. Still, I had fun on the way to finding that out.

Playing through it again just now, the waves abruptly stop after a while, with no way to proceed. I distinctly remember fighting (and defeating) Terminux when I received it early this year... Was there an update in the meantime?

 Again, thank you both very much, and have a happy holiday season!

I can't pick up the weapon on my vive :(

The highscores in the download version don't work for you? I can't replicate that on my end... Do the scores not show up at all, or is just the upload of new scores not working for you? I am aware that the score won't apply if the game crashes: Maybe I should send it more often than just when the player dies.

Thanks for the report! The crown upgrades for both the skull and tooth should work again with the new hotfix 5.

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Good luck! Sometimes pressing restart caused the skulls to stop working, so I had to upload a hotfix already ':)

Uploaded version 1.0.4 with the performance improvements I made up until this point, hopefully without any new bugs. Have fun!

Howdy! Sadly I (the lead programmer) am between jobs right now and can't spend the time I'd want on coding new updates :( Our interest in the game hasn't died down, but it'll be a while.

No no, those "boring" levels have to stay that way to teach players the mechanics!
What I was alluding to is that I really liked being able to sacrifice some of my health for points.

Very cool entry, 5/5 gameplay. Everything you need is there. No unnecessarily tacked-on gimmicks, just a really nice "high-risk high-reward" option so the pros can skip the boring first stages :D The inspiration by Just Shapes & Beats is clear to see, and that is not a bad thing; I loved that game!

I just wish I could give you more points in the theme category, but "collecting points" is just so basic :(

Thank you for playing! The game contains explanatory text pop-ups, but they were missing in your recording (you managed to figure everything out regardless though). May I ask what platform you are on? That might help me track down the bug.

Yup, that's correct. However, you do need at least an offline score display in your game so players can compare their abilities.

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WaterLvl (musician) and I (unity programmer) are looking for a sound designer to join our team for the jam. We aim to create a small, yet engaging old-school game with a "fixed perspective" camera similar to Resident Evil on PlayStation 1, with the backgrounds being generated using AI (Stable Diffusion). We have already conducted a viability test for this method, which you can see in the video below:

You can check out my previous works here and Water Lvl's music here. All communication will take place on Discord, so feel free to contact me at Dino0040#4968 if you are interested. I'll of course answer any questions if you post em here, and mark the post if the position is taken.
Update: Position is now taken

As soon as there is a "hunter", they make their move in a different turn from all the rest. So your friend had an extra turn and didnt realize, you reached the maximum turn count, or we have actual bugs in our game (not at all unlikely)

That's not a bug, that is the main mechanic :D The one who controls the hole has to catch the others, who have to flee

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Glad you enjoyed it! I wish I could have done it like that, but transferring the "decayed" texture in gpu memory back to the cpu (to count the filled-in voxels) is computationally expensive. The framerate would have been unacceptable :( Maybe some clever shader trickery can solve that, but I had enough on my hands with the gameplay.

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Now this is pure twin-stick fun! It takes waaaay too long to reach higher difficulty, but I gladly took the path to becoming a terrifying (-ly slow) killing machine.

The enemies seem to get stuck and won't move... The mechanic might be interesting, and the player movement and shooting feels nice, but without moving enemies its just no fun.

Can you try pressing the "T" key a few seconds after the clock has stopped? That key toggles the leaderboard on and off.

Huh... Did you see the "R to restart" text? I made extra sure that, even if my leaderboard went offline, the player could still see their own score as a percentage at the top of the screen.

2 3D Volumetric Textures: One for the growing "paint" and one for where objects are ;) Was a pain to get working with WebGL. As uploads aren't locked right now I put up a windows build, hopefully that wont run as slow.

"(The game developers) job is to create a game with a high score feature within a 72 hour period"
The submission to Trijam #171 and the comments on it for that jam indicate that your game was not created in the 72 hour period. You are completely right in that "Santuy Quiz" also violates the rules.

Sidestepping? You mean with a/d or the arrow keys instead of the mouse?

Walking towards the sparkly particles in the first room with the wise old man should grant you the sword.

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Dang, this is really hard. Is there some kind of blocking mechanic I am missing? I was really proud of myself when I got through the level where one first teleports, and then you just put 5 enemies into 1 corridor I have to drop down into. The boomerang mechanic is fun, but the levels are just impossible to beat, at least for my mortal self.

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Do you guys try to collect every coin though, cause I didn't :D And I don't know if you are supposed to use the lowering plaforms in the long vertical corrider level, cause it can be finished without it. I guess there is quite a bit of speedrun potential.

That was pretty cool. Quality art, really good music! (The tutorial has no music, is that intentional?) Made it through the game in around 20 minutes and enjoyed every second of it, even though I vehemently dislike moving platform levels in super mario titles.

Something went wrong with the boss sprite during my run; The collider was in the correct place, but the head sprite was offset by its own size to the upper left. That didn't stop me from beating it, so all is fine.

The game is fun, and I agree with the others that the camera should show a bit more of the action. A suggestion of mine would be to give the enemies a bit of inaccuracy / make them aim towards where you are walking to, otherwise constant strafing is just an easy way to win.

The music is nice, but I really dislike the restriction to just one button. It just isn't fun clicking on tiny buttons in a corner that (may or may not, often they don't) move the player up and down. And with that many upgrades strewn throughout the level I didn't even have to shoot; The only enemies are diagonal corridors, which become impossible to traverse without a collision at around ~12000.

Safes can be walked away from by clicking anywhere but on the safe. We are aware that we'll have to implement some kind of indicator for that, maybe a cursor change... Thanks for playing though!

Oh dang, do I read that correctly and the main mechanic changes after the first level?

I'm sorry, but even level 1 is way too long. I'd suggest making the levels shorter but more complicated and giving me less flashlight uses, then I have to memorize the path instead of just spamming a key over and over.

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You just get 1 heart back whenever you enter the shop. When you buy a weapon with a higher maximum health stat you'll get the difference of that to your old weapon added to your health as well. That could make it look more complicated than it actually is.

Oh I know that space activates the book (listing the controls down in the description is perfectly fine) but I can't just activate the book whenever. There is some timer or proximity mechanic involved, and I as the player need some feedback on when I can use the book.

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You really have to give the game a cover image, I almost skipped this bundle of cuteness!
The last door I had also led me into the great blue void.

Short, but the puzzles were quite enjoyable!

A bit slow but the idea is fine. The rooms could use a purpose other than looking good though, and I found myself frustrated with not knowing when I can use the book.