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Collect arkanium ore and escape before a swarm of enemies take you away.
Submitted by Arknoid — 46 minutes, 55 seconds before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#183.1673.167

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Super challenging with the crazy amount of swarms but lots of fun! I think the enemies need to pop up in front of you less though as once they stop you its kind of an instant death. I like the lighting and the visual effects too. 


Fun but the difficulty ramps up so fast! I had probably hundreds trailing behind me in 20 seconds XD


Yes the gamejam version is too difficult i m very sorry , but i have a big patch ! :D


What a great game ! Even if it is not very relaxing (you're always harassed by hordes of extraterrestrials insects) this game is really fun ! Musics and art are really cool ! If you want you can implement a story in your game and it will be super extra cool ++. Anyway your game is really fun to play, great job ! [- v -]


Thanks you !! yes i can implement a story :)


Nice game!

Improvements: those powerups are really hard to get! Also, it's very hard to collect the ore with the swarm following you :/

But overall, the piecing shot feels very nice when you manage to land it!

Good job!


Thanks for your feedback, I just finished a patch of balance and bug correction , among other things I reduced the ore to collect to 200,adjust the loots of powerup, and the enemy parition of the swarm.

strongly that I can publish this update which I think is indispensable


Cool! I think with a bit of adjustments this can become a really cool game!


Liked it, especially the sounds.
Bugs found:
- Sometimes the enemies spawn outside the field (ex. when close to the border )
- maybe have a smaller number to collect and when collected jump to another arena.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you, very good idea for the future, we can imagine collecting a little ore to land in another level a little more difficult! I’m preparing a patch with bug fixes for now


Cool concept and game. My only issue is the enemies spawn too close sometimes making it frustrating.


Thanks, yes there are still a lot of settings and bug fixes to improve the gameplay. even though I have planned the end for the moment I don’t even know if it is possible to collect 1000 ore before being submerged


Really cool game, remind me of the movie "Pitch Black", got the same feeling !


I really like all the details you've added to the game: the car tire tracks, headlights, effects on the volcanoes, scores that are displayed above the enemies or the items to collect... it really feels like you're playing a finished and polished game, it's very pleasant!


Thank you very much, I just noticed that I have a rather unpleasant bug which makes the game harder with the passage of time but it does not take into account the reset when we start again.

Yes I think to continue and improve it especially if I am asked: D