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Thank you for taking the time to try our game.

Can you leave here a link for a printscreen of what you are seeing on the post its? (ex. on a site like imgur)
Maybe you have encountered a bug where you are not seeing all the screen.

Fun game and the sound/music were very nice.
Bugs i found:
- player animation when on a border repeats (maybe because of changing to round falling.)
- The game auto started if i had a highscore lower than one i got before (maybe on purpose)
To improve:
- Make the screen a little wider or make the camera/character "stay" more to the left to give a little more screen area for what is to come.

Liked it, especially the sounds.
Bugs found:
- Sometimes the enemies spawn outside the field (ex. when close to the border )
- maybe have a smaller number to collect and when collected jump to another arena.

Just gave it a try and gave my feedback. Very nice idea for the theme.

Hint: inside a room you have to break the door to enter.

Good fun game. No bugs to report :)
Suggestions on how to improve:
- More spooky sounds (movement, skulls iddle, skulls attack, cannon fire, etc)
- Walking on grave gives skulls (very easy to loose skulls to shots)

Thank you for taking the time to try our game. I've added you bug to our list of points to review for the release of the updated version after the jam.

Thank you for taking the time to try our game.

Little tip (don't read if you don't want "spoilers"):
we left only one screen where you can see numbers and from there hopefully extract the six digit code.