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Doc Bacardi

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Thank you! Looks like the player movement needs some improvements. I will work on this.

What a beautiful game! The graphics are pretty and I love the sound of the brain crawling around on its little feet.

I ran it on Ubuntu 17.10, 64 bit with OpenJDK 1.8  and it worked like a charm. Can I help testing somehow?

Great action and rich explosions. I love the idea that hurt robots get more aggressive.

Good graphics and great action! I especially like the controls.

I like the dark atmosphere of the game. Good story!

"Hero" was one of my favourite games back then on the C64, and I like this one very much. I especially enjoyed the big boss in level 2. The maximum player speed is fine, but it is a bit too slow for my taste if you just want to move a few pixels.

A great game!