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A jam entry

Brad & Eric Throwback 2017View game page »

NES & SNES inspired 2D platformer
Submitted by bjshively (@bjshively), Eric (@spaghtettioh) with 12 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 16 people so far
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Excellent job! This is quite impressive.

It's already been mentioned, but the physics are a bit fast. At first I actually enjoyed it (super fun!) ...but then I died too much and had to start the game over when I ran out of lives, and trying to be careful didn't feel as fun. I think the lives system fits well for a "throwback" ;D

Also, it was not obvious at first I had "3 health" and was indicated by transparency of the heart (I ♥️ using an actual heart for that ;D). I think either a meter or some other means would convey that better.


Very good. Well designed, good to play. I felt like to play until the end.


Thank you!



Good game, nice SNES feel, heavily influenced by Mario/Commander Keen. A couple of suggestions: reduce jump acceleration, reduce 'stun' time, change 'space' for another key closer to jkl. Minor bug, 2nd goomba gets stuck when he drops down.


I actually never played Commander Keen! I'll have to check it out.


Thanks for checking out our game =]


Great job on this one. I wouldn't be surprised if this game wins the jam. The level design is terrific as well as the audio. Also, you get points for the completeness of the game. Of course, I do have some nitpicking comments. 

  • The controls are not very tight. Everything seems to move in fast-forward, and it makes the platforming artificially difficult.
  • The graphics are good for what they are, but since they are mostly copied from Mario, I can not give a high rating. The main character model and some others are nice though.

Btw, whoever decided to make the guy explode into gory bits whenever you lose a life, I commend you.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Thanks for your feedback! :) I agree with most of your points.

We would have loved to do more original artwork, but we got a late start (total game was completed in ~12 days, as can be seen here: https://github.com/bjshively/Throwback). Luckily, Eric (the artist on the game) was able to whip up some pretty awesome original content for some things, like the Tetris door, the main player sprite, etc.

I'm still no expert when it comes to Unity physics programming (something I really want to spend more time on), but we tried to go for a high level of polish on most aspects of the game. We spent ~10 days on mechanics and had almost no levels, and once we were happy with the general feel of things, quickly whipped up some levels with inspiration from some of our favorite classic platformers. For instance, one of the level designs was my idea, and if you look closely, you can see it is heavily inspired by original Super Mario Brothers, World 1-2 (the first underground level.)

All credit to Eric for the explosive death animation. :)


This is awesome feedback, thank you!


Very retro!


So much fun! Level 4 was very satisfying.


Glad you like it =] Thanks for trying it out!