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A jam entry

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Snake, but there are Ghosts that want to cut off your tail
Submitted by therealwox with 2 days, 1 hour before the deadline
Rated by 10 people so far
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I love snake. Is there any mechanic planned where you can grab something and then start eating the ghosts like in pac-man?


Yes, I was thinking about making some powerups which allow you to become temporarily invincible, kill ghosts, things like that.

I like the idea, a little twist on the classic snake. I did encounter an odd bug where a ghost spawned on my head. Other than that it's a great starting point, especially for only 2 days of work :D

Nice game :D Maybe the amount of ghost should depend on the length of the tail rather than the time spent playing :o ?


It's actually dependent on how many times you've been hit by a ghost, each time one more ghost is added. However good idea, perhaps I could implement different types of ghost.

Simple elegant but i encountered a bug. If i make a spar U turn i would die. 


Oh yeah that, I know what's causing it, I will just need to make some changes later on to the input code to protect against it.

Would be good has a background sound. Well done!


that's weird... Are you able to send me what the JavaScript console says? (Would be under the F12 Developer stuff). If you can I'll see if I can find what's causing it.