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This was really fun. I like the idea of wanting to not dodge the bullets. Great artwork and sounds too!

I love the idea, I love giant monsters too, but it was fun to run around and attempt to "hide" while I'm knocking over buildings.

I like the approach, it is a bit challenging but that's what helped keep me playing. Great work.

I really liked your approach to moving between platforms, but also requiring the player to be smart about it with the evaporating slime mechanic.

I love this game. The whole combination of monochrome graphics, clean sprites, and simplistic game play just marry together for a wonderful experience. Great job!

I believe this entry is also related, is a rip of It appears there are three accounts by the same person: Limelighteditor, Highestage, and Binaireinc; All of these have ripped/stolen content.

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Thank you for playing! I can definitely see some of the tiles having annoying lines. It's not my best sprite work >_<

This was awesome, it felt just like the old LCD games I had growing up. The visuals and audio were on point.

I like the idea, a little twist on the classic snake. I did encounter an odd bug where a ghost spawned on my head. Other than that it's a great starting point, especially for only 2 days of work :D

Solid puzzle game, had me hooked immediately.

It's a short and sweet game. I loved the visuals and audio. Even for as simple of a game as it is, there was still a challenge to manage your stamina. I'd love to see this with more levels.

Simple game play with ever increasing difficulty, reminds me of games I played when I was a kid. Love it.

Gotta say I love the dig dug remake in Pico8! Good job

I love the graphics and audio, definitely feels like an older title. I enjoyed the variety of spells you get as you go, opening up your ability to solve puzzles. Boss fights were very creative.

Wow, I was not expecting someone to go this far for a throwback title. It looks good, a bit rough at times on the first level where the enemy difficulty ramps up to the point where you have to spam bullets hoping you hit because they move so fast. But this was a fantastic game, I'm so glad you made it :D

Love the audio and visuals. Like a polished Atari sort of feel.

Very well done, I found it challenging at times but I couldn't bear to quit. Loved the visuals and smooth controls.

This was a good play and had a nice retro feel. Loved the ending.

That would be because I forgot to link it back into the cave >_< Thank you for catching that.

I enjoyed the Pokemon-like feel of it, and it being a mix of old RPGs where the player progresses but in this case you can evolve into one of 3 forms. Dodocan is the best. 

I like this game, it's interesting and simple. I had a bit of a hard time using controls on desktop but that's because it is primarily for mobile devices. The game play is simple and a bit addictive, I kept finding myself restarting over and over again trying to beat my previous score.