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Cooking gameplay is really smooth and nicely! Nice good graphics and a little but engaging story! Very nice job, do you think a mobile version of it? 

Thank you for the review, I didn't expect so much attention! Nice!

Good job! I like the idea that you feel lose when you can't find your other half!

Very nice game feel! Good job!

Interesting idea, I like the graphics and the minimal use of interactivity. The time is always a beautiful thing to play on! Nice job, guys!

I like to see a Mac or browser version of the game, but I like the idea and the design. Good job guys!

It took me a while to understand that I was moving the blue cubes! Good luck for your journey in game design! This is only the first, so rock on!

Playing this game is like see a video with space button pressed! I like the introduction on this page, the idea of use one button, one narrative and one color but I don't like the lack of interactivity expecially when I see two arrows in the same place, who suggest me something that I can choose...

I identify every person but how to confirm, continue?

Stunning and original graphics! I see a great effort from your team to realize it!

Very nice appearance! It remembers me Mirrors Edge a bit, but it's all surrounded with magic! :)

Thanks for your opinion, i really enjoyed to design it!

Yeah, it's a finger-consuming game! XD Thanks for the advice! :)

I know, i know! I apreciated your comments and every other who can helps me to improve!

Yes, it's my first videogame and i'm not an artist, so i learn every day to do the best for passion. All the game is really simple and i think a bit tedious in the long time, but all my other ideas for this gamejam were a bit complicated and not funny and for this reason i chose something simple and i tried to turn this into something enjoyable.

Unfortunately there isn't a high score list, so you have done the record of the entire world!

Grazie! Si, penso che la soluzione sarebbe mettere una freccia più simile al bottone freccia della tastiera e che magari lampeggi altrimenti non si nota, vero!

I do not know why it happens, did you try the app or from the browser?