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Nice game, well executed!

I really like the final result, also because  I'm a developer and I see the how much effort it took to script this stuff. I like the progression of the game and I appreciate the randomic generation of levels and graphics. It's one of the few that I really interesting to see the code on github, perfect idea for this jam, congrats! I ask you if it's possibile to also randomly generate audio and music (inside Unity), did you think about it?

I like the graphics and the overall project is very curated and coherent in all the parts. The starting questionairre destabilized me initially but when I saw the reason I understand it. The story is short but it gives the idea of what can be a completed version of the game. I suggest you to continue this project, congrats! :D

Innovative and fun game, very interesting idea! I like the graphics but the controls are a little bit crazy and the game is near impossible for casual users, they needs an astrophysics diploma! Nice stuff!

Nice graphics, but I suggest to use on the main menu the canvas with Scale with Screen Size selected (I don't saw all the UI). I like the idea and the game but I think that controls are too fast, in contrast with jump so it's really difficult to calibrate right and left movement, congrats!

Wao I built my own ship, very interesting idea! I really like the graphics and sound, nice work!

Visuals are the only thing but awesome! :D I really want to place something in this plane but I can't so the message is that we never place something to mars? Anyway I proud of you and I invite you to continue it in the spare time, nice start!

This is the flappybird of the moon! :D Yeah nice remix and I found it difficult and fun at the same time!

Fun game, nice! I found the controls interesting but I can't believe that I was an asteroid collector! Strange idea!

It cannot be loaded on Firefox and Chrome on Mac OSX :(

Reminded me of when I was playing Soldat online! The game feels great, the animations make the gameplay enjoyable, I also really liked the minimap on the left. Excellent idea of the tutorial to explain the various commands, well done! Compliments!

Cute game, really nice graphics and sound. Maybe controls are too precise and seems that there are a lot of gravity but overall is a nice game!

Really well curated and beautiful. I feel the controls a little uncomfortable and hard to use, but all the work on the game is awesome!

The idea of using a ship's controls as a game controller is really original and cute. Excellent graphics and sounds are well chosen, some icons may not be immediately intuitive but it is part of the game! Good job!

Interesting hint, after all I found my game a lot repetitive but this can be a good improvement!

The artistic part is very nice, the story is beautiful, I would think to make the gameplay more interesting

Because space invaders will never die! Well-finished graphics and music is also very nice! Good!

The game looks very chaotic and is difficult to control, without even starting the game the game over screen appeared. Maybe there would be a review of the controls and I would opt for something that as you progress it becomes more and more difficult to facilitate the players at the beginning and become familiar with the game

Is baseball on the moon an Olympic sport? Very nice the idea of jumping from planet to planet as if they were the bases! However, I noticed that every now and then the ball starts to take a trajectory that you can never intercept to hit it! For the rest very nice, great!

The number system is remarkable, very original, congratulations for having created something truly unique

For us devs, the idea of using bash to play is really cool! I found it very difficult to understand what commands I could enter, but I really enjoyed the blue screen by typing exit! Bravi excellent project!

The neon graphics are very nice, but the spacecraft controls don't seem that satisfying, sometimes the spacecraft seems to go very slow even at full throttle, I went off the map and it said press any key I don't know if it's correct. Otherwise the game has potential but various things need to be taken care of, from the UI to the way you move the ship: D

I love strategy and management games, I liked the placement part with the tiles, it greatly reduces the complexity of placing buildings by hand, interesting because here we focus more on evolution! Nice job!

I really like how the character moves, but it seems that the playing field is cut. I love the fact that the player can gravitate around planets, I would also try with moving planets or moving stars, to make the game more dynamic: D otherwise great job!

Interesting and enjoyable gameplay! I found it a bit difficult to properly intercept resources, perhaps a larger collider should be used to make the game less frustrating. Congratulations, the interface and graphics are also well managed!

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Hi, the gameplay seemed complex to understand at first, try to better explain the various aspects of the gameplay with an interactive tutorial, the rest is good!

Also here in Mac OSX and Firefox browser cannot open it up, try a new webgl build in Unity and zip the folder then upload the zip file.

Interesting puzzle nice work! It's an infinite game with generated levels or you pre-defines levels?

Awesome! I try it and it works, nice!

You are not alone, I'm also on MacOS 10.15.4: Catalina it's a really bad problem for us... :'(

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I liked it! Nice use of one click action! I think if it's all procedural generated pixel by pixel :D

Ok! Now I can play the game and is very fun and exciting! :) Nice job guys!

Very interesting game! Nicejob!

Very nice! ;-)

Maybe you need a Mac to build for the Mac platform.

I also have the same problem using a macOS Catalina 10.15.2.
This is a screenshot of the problem:

Very addictive and fun! Nice game!

I like the idea but I found the gameplay a little difficult and initially frustrating. I suggest to implement a way to move the sight or something like powerup to increase the power of the player!