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Interesting puzzle nice work! It's an infinite game with generated levels or you pre-defines levels?

Awesome! I try it and it works, nice!

You are not alone, I'm also on MacOS 10.15.4: Catalina it's a really bad problem for us... :'(

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I liked it! Nice use of one click action! I think if it's all procedural generated pixel by pixel :D

yeah makes you very anxious! nice game!

Ok! Now I can play the game and is very fun and exciting! :) Nice job guys!

Very interesting game! Nicejob!

Very nice! ;-)

Maybe you need a Mac to build for the Mac platform.

I also have the same problem using a macOS Catalina 10.15.2.
This is a screenshot of the problem:

Very addictive and fun! Nice game!

I like the idea but I found the gameplay a little difficult and initially frustrating. I suggest to implement a way to move the sight or something like powerup to increase the power of the player!

Very interesting game, it's nice to play and challenging! I like all the animations and style, congrats!

Thanks the aim was exactly this! I'm glad it's understood!

Nice job! The game is appreciable in the controls and even if it does not last long it is a good start!

Nice idea! It's a little difficult initially but you learn fast to play. I found the win of a level not very exciting so it seems that it is not so important to overcome the level but that the importance is in how to overcome it. Great job!

I really appreciate the game juice. I see a lot of effort on the design of the controls but about this I found the use of the "s" unnecessary and also difficult to exploit. The use of the bounds of the screen is very nice and all the animations offer the player a good feeling. Congrats this will became the new Super Box Boy? Good luck!

Nice concept and I appreciate the reinterpretation of a very common game like this. I found the game a little repetitive at the end but I suggest to add other reason to move the character on the symbol. An idea may be to run away from something that is about to overwhelm you. Compliments anyway it's a good product!

I really like the animations of the player and I found the movement pretty easy to understand but a little static. I suggest to implement some smooth controls for the movement to make it more fluid and engaging. 

Nice! You really have the sensation of flying in a chaotic city. The initial tutorial I think can be improved by use a less transparent background because I see that is difficult to be read. I also suggest to separate the "market" from the main commands in two different screens because initially I see a lot of information all in one time to be read and comprehend. Congrats for the procedural generation part because is really amazing and very fluid.

This game is challenging, you learn how to surround enemies by playing and this is very positive. Sometimes I see that the enemies attack in vain but the feedback of getting an hit (sound) was fired the same. I don't like the audio effects but this is really personal, the polish of the overall game is good enough for a jam!

Thanks for your time. I'm implementing the tutorial, because I think is necessary. I'm also thinking about a more challenging production cycle by introduce some random (but balanced) generation of costs. Thanks!

I really appreciate your feedback. The upgraded actions are useful if you know that at the end of the game you need to do the lowest number of actions (and for this we need the tutorial). Your suggestion about custom messages at the end of an action is really inspired me, I take it into consideration, thanks.

You need to invest (using the green action) and then you can produce (using the orange action).

Yeah, I'm also waiting for a mac version, it's a possibility?

Leaps and bounds for me means that you overcome difficulties and you have done a big progress like that you have achieved a milestone in a project.
Good luck and enjoy the jam!

Cooking gameplay is really smooth and nicely! Nice good graphics and a little but engaging story! Very nice job, do you think a mobile version of it? 

Thank you for the review, I didn't expect so much attention! Nice!

Good job! I like the idea that you feel lose when you can't find your other half!

Very nice game feel! Good job!

Interesting idea, I like the graphics and the minimal use of interactivity. The time is always a beautiful thing to play on! Nice job, guys!

I like to see a Mac or browser version of the game, but I like the idea and the design. Good job guys!

It took me a while to understand that I was moving the blue cubes! Good luck for your journey in game design! This is only the first, so rock on!

I identify every person but how to confirm, continue?

Stunning and original graphics! I see a great effort from your team to realize it!

Very nice appearance! It remembers me Mirrors Edge a bit, but it's all surrounded with magic! :)

Thanks for your opinion, i really enjoyed to design it!

Yeah, it's a finger-consuming game! XD Thanks for the advice! :)