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A member registered Dec 04, 2017

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Nice game. Feels arcadeish and the cars behave in most cases as you would expect (minus the other cars and collision detection)

When I attack  the character is stuck in a swing animation 

Simple elegant but i encountered a bug. If i make a spar U turn i would die. 

What I didn' t like about the combat was how it feels. Clunky and a bit useless because you can jump over most enemies and not responsive at all.  

The combat is bad. It could use some major rework. 

But GOD the background. Look really good  and gives you such a good sensation of character movement.  

Test the game for the background not for the game play.

Some instruction could be good. The graphics are interesting.

The jumping mechanics could use some refinement. Nice Graphics and nice concept. 

I agree. 

The game is nice. Simple and easy to learn. 

With some balancing it could be even better. 

Simon says yes dance game no.  Interesting approach yes