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Submitted by lythande (@LythandeLister) — 8 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#663.2003.200

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Hello, super jeu! J'ai adoré, j'ai bien aimé le UI ^^,
vraiment très classe.


Ahhh merci *_*


cool game!


Thanks :D

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Updates : animations of the jump and attack improved + introduction of the double jump.

As always, the game is not  completely "responsive design", the recommended resolution is 1024x768. You can find this resolution in


Nice game, and superb graphics.
The combat animation seems to be overwritten by the moving animation, and it makes it really hard to aim :)


Thanks :)
I try to improve the gameplay, I know it is not top !


The combat is bad. It could use some major rework. 

But GOD the background. Look really good  and gives you such a good sensation of character movement.  

Test the game for the background not for the game play.

Developer (1 edit)
Hello GoteRo, thank you for your feed !

For the fight, tell me, what did you not like ? The animations ? The waiting time ?  All  ? xD

In any case tomorrow I will try to improve my game. I know it's far from perfect., I'm learning :p


What I didn' t like about the combat was how it feels. Clunky and a bit useless because you can jump over most enemies and not responsive at all.  


Thanks for your answer :)


Sygmei qui es tu pour oser dire que ç est une honte?? De quels droits tu insultes ainsi?? Tu as le droit de critiquer mais il faut que ce soit constructif !! Ce n est pas en écrasant les autres que tu vas réussir mets toi ça dans le crâne ..

Sygmei who are you to dare to say that this is a shame ?? What rights do you insult? You have the right to criticize but it must be constructive !! It is not by crushing the others that you will succeed put it in the skull..


What a shame ne veut pas seulement dire "Quelle honte" ou "c'est inacceptable", mon propos ici était "quel dommage".
Si je voulais vraiment être insultant je n'aurais pas dit "This game seems to be really good".
Je critique le fait que le saut ne se déclenche pour moi qu'une seule fois sur 6, il me semble que c'est un simple rapport de bug.

J'essaie d'être positif dans absolument toutes mes remarques faites aux jeux, je n'ai jamais essayé d'être insultant envers qui que ce soit.


OK sygmei effectivement les traductions sont différentes,j ai trouvé ça tellement dégradant, désolée!! Sans rancune!! Bonne continuation à toi 😁


Maintenant je comprends mieux ... Désolée.
Je me rends compte que le gameplay n'est pas encore génial, j'ai des difficultés avec les animations.
Je suis justement en train de faire des modifications, en espérant de rendre le jeu un peu plus "jouable".


What a shame :( This game seems to be really good but unfortunately the jump is triggering 1 out of 6 times which makes the game unplayable for me (there was another game with the exact same problem).


I'm sorry but I love this game and the theme is perfectly respected.
The only problem of the jump is the animation.
"What a shame" ... bah. Your
criticism is not constructive.
RESPECT because here there are people who put A LOT of effort and are learning.
Anyway congratulations Lythande.


Thank you Flyluce, you encourage me :)

Developer (1 edit)

I'm trying to work the animations, I am not a pro in game programming.
I'll do better next time.
But to say that the game is unplayable, that's a pretty vicious attack.


I think you guys misunderstood me, I didn't said that is was a shame that the game was unplayable, I said it was a shame because I really wanted to play it and I couldn't complete it. English is not my native language so I thought "What a shame" could fit here as "too bad I can't play it".


Super!!! Idée très originale, entre secret of Mana et Zelda  !! J aimerai pouvoir jouer sur mon téléphone !! Vivement la suite!!


C'est très gentil merci ! :)


The game is not  completely "responsive design", the recommended resolution is 1024x768.
You can find this resolution in

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