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Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately it was a long time ago and I cannot find the original vector files anymore, I looked everywhere but it was done on an older computer that I do not have anymore.... You can find the .png files in the git (, sorry 

Wow, great job!! Controls are a bit wonky, as mentioned by others, but the game is incredibly well done.

Great game, awesome idea! Too bad there aren't more levels :)

Awesome game! Love the music and idea.
Humans wrecking buildings by running into them.. Brilliant!

Very nicely done. I love the music!
Controls are a bit wonky sometimes (fireballs sometimes fly in slightly odd direction), and game sometimes appears to randomly lose.

Awesome game!

Great game. Very nice voice acting and music!

Very nice game! Are there more levels? I collected all coins but nothing happened.

Wow, amazing game! Well done!!

Great game! I really enjoyed toying around with the puzzles.
I would change the colors though, blue on blue doesn't really work.

Did you upload it to and make it public?

Cool, I'll check it out again! Thanks

Nice! You beat my own record :)
Thanks for the feedback, this is really encouraging!

This entry appears to be an ad:

Awesome idea. It was a bit hard to figure out which person expects which answer, but the overall idea and graphics (and sounds!) are great.

The game looks really nice, but there are only 4 enemies, then you just scroll endlessly. Am I missing something?

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Hi Matthew,

The dates on the Overview appear to be wrong (copy-pasted from some past jam?). This might confuse people who haven't seen the video :)

Nice one, sure brings back great memories.
On a technical note, it appears that your HTML files were not properly implemented in, as your game cannot be played in browser through the site itself (I had to manually download the html and run it locally).

This is a really nice game! Well done

Nice one! Graphics are great and concept is hilarious. Also made me hungry :)

Love it! Very relatable

Awesome mechanics and very well polished!

Thank you :) that's good to hear.
Actually, you can get some more ammo by visiting the tent, provided you are all 'full health'. I suppose now in retrospect that this might be a bit too harsh, and it would have been better if the Chief gave our bullets regardless.
As soon as the jam is over I'll see if I can improve the game based on all the comments :) Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome game! Two thumbs up!

Nice game, and superb graphics.
The combat animation seems to be overwritten by the moving animation, and it makes it really hard to aim :)

Nice! The bloated screen effect really makes it feel like an old game.

Very nice! I really liked the jump-on-pizza mechanics!

Great game!

Thanks :)
I am sorry, and you are right. I should have invested more time into beta-testing and adjusting difficulty... but I ran out of time :(

Thank you very much! I'm really happy to hear that :)

Nice! Very original 

Nice work! I liked the breaking of the 4th wall there :)

Very nice game. I especially like how you move differently when fighting ships or asteroids.

Amazing! Great cinematic at the beginning too! 

Great idea!

Very cool game!

Great game!

Thank you kindly :)