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A jam entry

FolkvangrView game page »

Fight for your "After-Life"
Submitted by Pikethorn with 4 days, 19 hours before the deadline
Rated by 5 people so far
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Good graphics and mechanics, but way too much dialogue, even just tapping x to skip through each conversation takes ages. Bit slow overall for me.


Very nice entry! Definitely one of the best looking and sounding ones of the jam I've played thus far. Love the Norse afterlife theme and the platforming mechanics are nicely polished.

My only gripe was that Portobeyo was too tough, but then I noticed the game page mentioning the Hub so I went looking for it and was able to defeat it with the first set of upgrades I chose. A bit more guidance there might be nice...

Very promising game - keep at it!


Awesome mechanics and very well polished!


Some really cool ideas in this game, as well as a nice overall style. If I can offer a little bit of constructive feedback: There is an excessive amount of reading in the beginning, and it feels like it takes too long before I'm actually playing the game. Otherwise, this seems promising!


Thank you for the feedback! You're right about the opening, I'll try to look into ways to improve upon it for the next update.