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A little bit difficult to play with an AZERTY keyboard, but the game is very fun !!! The music and graphics are well chosen :)

Me too .. I don't understand how to start the game :/

It's very fun !!!!

Thanks. Well, I'm glad you think so !

Thanks *_*

I'm glad you like it !

Thanks :D


Merci ! :D

Oui effectivement je n'ai pas fini .. il faut que je rajoute un menu et la barre classique du jeu au dessus des cases .. 

Tchuss !

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I know. I was joking :p

No theme, free theme !!! :p
Isn't it ? xD


Really cool and fun !
I have not won yet, but I'll get there xD

Thank you :D

Very interesting .. nice work! !!

Very very nice ! I've a lot of fun :D

Very nice !!!

Nice :D

Hello, great start !
Mee to, I'd play again with some updates.

Thanks *_*

In the description of the game I wrote that there were these problems and that it's not finished. Two days are not enough, especially when you working on other projects ^^ It's for the fun ;)

Fortunately !! It was the goal!

Hello, unfortunately, in the hurry to finish at time I forgot the delta time ! :'(
I did some updates but until the jam is finished I can not update the game :/

Thank you :-)

Thanks :D

Oh thank you, it's really nice !!! 

Thank you for creating this jam !!

Cool game ! *_*
What a shame for the boss part, there are some bugs, I could not finish the level >.<

Ahhhh cool ! :D

Hello, yes, but not everything! 50% of the work was designed by a pro :)

"Réaction en chaine".

J'ai pensé à une série d'évènements qui s'enchainent.

Hello, no, unfortunately there isn't an exe ... :/

Thanks :D

Ahhh merci *_*