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We won't be giving the source code, sorry! xP

On behalf of the team I thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks for the helpful feedback earlier! :)

Hello again tincman! So, I've made another build via Unity and would like to ask if you're willing to test it, I unfortunately do not have a linux machine to test it on and would like your feedback if you could! It should be uploaded on our page now! And thanks for your help :)

Thanks for the help tincman! We'll get to fixing that build asap!

Thanks Serpent776!! We really gotta take our hats off to our artists for that great animation! As well as our sound designer for the added affects! x)

Thanks for the response notdylanchhin! hahahaha Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks securas! Happy to hear you've enjoyed the game!

Nice comment! x) And thank you on behalf of the team! hahaha

Thanks for the review KENAMICK!!! :)

Hello! Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game! I do have to ask, is it allowed for us to make updates to the game now that the month of working on the game is over? It'd be awesome if we could post changes hahaha x)

Glad to hear you enjoyed the game! We'd be glad to get more levels out when we can as well! :) Our team is always glad to see more feedback!

Hi! Thanks for playing the game, our whole team is glad you enjoyed it! :) We too would be happy to see more levels to this game in the future as well, so look forward to it! Hahaha.

DAD!! I have to say, this really had me laughing, fun concept for a game, simple and enjoyable. Good job!

Great Job! This really brought me back to playing old beat 'em ups at my grandma's house hahahaha, a real throwback to the old days. And this was a great recollection of those times! I sure haven't played a beat'em up in a long time, but this was a great experience to have again! Nice art style for this game's theme and even mechanics to fit, only thing I did have to mention, whether it was intentional or not, an easy way to deal with large groups of enemies was to gather them all on top of each other and any attack would hit all of them, either way, it was satisfying hahaha. But again good job on the game!

Awesome game! Good job, maybe I wasn't there during the golden age of first-person shooters, but it couldn't help but remind me of an old fps I had when I was younger called Dark Arena on the gba hahaha. Always satisfying seeing all those enemies piling up on the floor. Again good job, and good luck on the jam!

Awesome job you've done here! I'm pretty sure I would've been satisfied just hitting things the whole time and more with how juicy the swings feel hahaha. Nice art, sound, and clear mechanics that bring it all together. Good job!

Well we definitely want Bob outta there! The workplace is relying on it! Thanks for the feedback and we hope you continue to enjoy the game x)

OH, thank you very much for the heads up! We are working right now to fix that, sorry about that misinformation and the delay of a mac build as well!

Glad you had fun with the game, and the humor was conveyed well! We have to thank a large part to our two artists and our sound designer :)

Thank you very much @Sygmei our artists and sound guy are amazing! And our programmers had a blast with this topic for this competition. Thanks for your reply, and we're glad you had fun with the game! :)