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Great Job! This really brought me back to playing old beat 'em ups at my grandma's house hahahaha, a real throwback to the old days. And this was a great recollection of those times! I sure haven't played a beat'em up in a long time, but this was a great experience to have again! Nice art style for this game's theme and even mechanics to fit, only thing I did have to mention, whether it was intentional or not, an easy way to deal with large groups of enemies was to gather them all on top of each other and any attack would hit all of them, either way, it was satisfying hahaha. But again good job on the game!

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I had this dream last night that I ride a unicorn and there were rainbows, and the clouds were made out of candy, and the Care Bares where there offering me popsicles, and my heart almost bursts with joy. 

But, your comment ericlee. Your comment beats all of that!

Thanks a lot for playing! Looks like you've had tons of fun and that makes all of us extremely happy.

Oh, I almost forgot. About the large groups of enemies hits. Yes, well you know what they say - One man's bug is another man's feature.  :)