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The game runs well under Wine on my manjaro laptop and my Steam Deck using Lutris. Didn’t even require any extra setup. Download and run.

This was an extremely well polished game. I absolutely love the music and how the game synced up with the beat. Also enjoyed how the second level was a switch up from the first level in theme. Great entry!

It took me awhile to get the hang of it, but this was a relaxing game and I had to pry myself from it so I could rate before time ran out. I couldn't figure out how to plant the tomatos though, but I enjoyed it.

This was an interesting entry. I didn't really understand despite the epic story behind it, but I had fun shooting at the rockets for about 5-10 minutes until I realized I was suppose to jump into the portal. I'm still trying to figure out how this game makes me feel, but it's definitely a good feeling.

I didn't really get this game, but I still enjoyed it. It was really creepy and would be really fun to play at night. I could never find a gun to take care of those creepy dudes though. Would love to see this expanded.

I really enjoyed this one. Didn't get a chance to beat it, but I had a lot of fun with that shotgun. My only complaint is sometimes the slimes would spawn over me right after coming into the room after healing. Being able to fight the Slime King directly reminded me of Breathe of the Wild a bit.

Thank you so much! I wanted to add tons of sfx, but time got the better of me... Didn't even cross my mind to add UI for the enemies lol.

Lol now I can't unsee it. Thanks for playing and I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it.

Thank you so much! I love getting comments like these!

Very nice game! The graphics were amazing and the game was nice despite issues with the rats/slimes getting stuck. Also I'm not sure if the pipes had any use.

Thank you so much! I had so much planned for the combat, but a week is so little time, but I am happy it came out the way it did. Also have to give credit to the amazing  Krishna Palacio for the graphics. His minifantasy series is magical and is the asset I use for all Whole Fool misadventures.

Thank you so much, but I got to give credit to the amazing  Krishna Palacio for the graphics. His minifantasy series is magical!

lol ask and you shall receive! This was made for AGBIC 2018 or 2019, but I never finished it in time for the submission.

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more of Whole Fool's misadventures!

Thank you so much! I definitely wanted more non-combat events, but most of the ideas I came up with were NSFW (given the nature of Misadventures of Whole Fool). I honestly just ran out of time to come up with more SFW ideas.  I also plan to have a playable prototype/alpha for Spades Budokai before the end of the year. 

Doh! I thought I fixed that, but thanks for playing and pointing it out.

Really simple and short game. Movement felt nice, but it felt like shooting just caused me more problems. I would give the things a cooldown after shooting the line and have the line cause damage.

I'll be honest... I didn't get it, but I enjoyed the vibes. This is a nice style for a video game.

This was a relaxing game until it wasn't lol. I did wish the stations were a bit closer together or I could run (maybe that could be an upgrade).

If you're still playing some games give Journey of a Cursed Fool a try!

A nice and simple game! I enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing. I thought about implementing mouse controls, but I never got around to it and I prefer keyboard controls.

One of my favorite entries for sure! I really enjoyed playing this one and even finished it. Took me about 30 minutes and it was nice figuring out how all the plants work.

I was also surprised at the amount of levels the game had. It was nice being greetedf to a second set of levels after growing the tree the first time.

Really nice game. It would have been great to have some instructions. I felt like I was just clicking around until I eventually got what I was doing. The racing reminded me a bit of the chao racing from Sonic Adventure 1+2.

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Thank you! I tend to gravitate towards turned based RPGs when doing jams... not sure why lol. The last jam I did seriously was also an RPG.

This was an interesting game. Since it mentioned it was a demo, I think this would work well if expanded. Also the story was fun as well. Hope she can save her cat husband.

Thank you so much! I've actually been playing around with expanding this a bit for my Misadventures of Whole Fool series.

This was a fun game and awesome use of the theme.  Also I like how it the stones and fruits start to fall more erratically as you grow your neck. Very well balanced.

Would it be possible to build as an appimage for Linux? I think that be more universal.

Have you tired building/running it from the source on git. That shouldn't be too difficult.

Here you'll find all the credits for Misadventures of Whole Fool.

  • Graphics:
    • Minifantasy Assets by Krishna Palacio
      • Twitter- @Krishna_Palacio
      • Insta – @krishna_palacio
    • Custom MiniFantasy done by King Asix:
      • Outfits for the following characters:
        • Whole Fool
        • Mr. Ant
        • Firemen
        • Mail Guy
        • Time Hater
      • Radio
  • Music:
    • Theme – Asix Benson
  • Sound Effects
  • Special Thanks:
    • The Universe
    • My Wonderful Wife, Destenie
    • SayWhat by Nathan Hoad
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This is a list of all the available episodes of Misadventures of Whole Fool and the links to watch them. Each episode is listed under what "arc" it falls under and while they might still be foolish standalone it's recommended that you watch those in order for the whole foolish. The minisode arc are basically all standalone episodes that don't fall into an arc.

    You could used the 'Call' method from the Dialogue node to call it's 'start_dialogue' function, but to be honest I'd hold off on this until the owner updates his documentation or at the very least answers the questions here.

    Ok I see now! Thank you for the quick response.

    Quick question: What would be the best way to go about using these? I'm using Tiled and I'm trying to recreate the indoor mockup, but I'm having difficulties since the props don't fit an 8x8 grid.

    Love the asset packs btw.

    Any chance for an appimage for Linux or a package for Arch Linux?

    I tried to make my own script, but it was trash. Thank you for this!

    Any chance for an appimage for Linux or a package for Arch Linux?