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Likewise! Any ideas/favorite tools yet? I'll see you in the jam :) Thanks again for taking your time to comment!

Hi Cam,
Thanks for taking the time to comment, very glad you liked it 😃 I developed this during last year's Github Game Off and it was great fun. Are you planning on joining the jam this year?

Hey MHC,
yes, I am on the jam discord (, name's stephanmax.

See you there

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Hi mhcreative,
Another beginner here, so don't feel alone ;) I also thought about teaming up with someone this year after participating in two game jams solo (here and here (VAVO), both done in Phaser). I am a computer science grad currently working as a software architect. I feel most comfortable in the JavaScript/Python stack, but also have experiences with Unity/C# and Java. I am currently learning Godot (which is awesome so far). I like what you are saying about what you have learned so far and what you wanna do in this jam. I understand that I might not be your No1 candidate for a team (not strong on the graphics side of things), but let me know if you want to hack away together.

Best, Stephan

Das glaub ich gern. Aber: better done than perfect, oder? :) Bin selbst ein hobby-mäßiger (und das ist fast schon übertrieben) Interessent an Spiele-Entwicklung und ziehe mir jetzt erst mal die Spielesklave-Reihe rein!

Bin gerade von deinem Youtube-Channel hier gelandet und bin schwer begeistert. Soviel Liebe zum Detail und Einfallsreichtum—Hut ab! Mach weiter so!

I admire how you managed the look and feel of those classics—almost forgot about them, thanks for bringing those memories back! You got me thrown back in time for sure 👍

Thanks a lot, that's very nice of you to say! Sound is missing, indeed :/ I will include some sfx and music in the next post-jam release, though :)

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Thanks a mill, magers. Happy you mentioned "satisfying", I was going for that effect. Hopefully, I can make it even better by adding some SFX in the next iteration ;)

Great feedback, very kind of you, AiriKarin. Yeah, I had quite some back and forth with the stomp attack vs normal swing in the air. The idea behind was that the stomp attack also lets you "cancel" a jump to give you more freedom.
Thanks again!

I had a blast playing this and loved the retro feel to it, very well done! Kudos also for making a pixel version of "It" so creepy :)

Thanks a mill for this awesome feedback, Renatomad. I will definitely continue working on this!

Wow, the game looks gorgeous, I felt immediately thrown back :) Can't wait to see what you are making out of this.

I had a blast playing your game and really appreciated the sound and how you embedded the instructions into the first level. Kinda bummed out that I didn't find the time to add sound into my game :) Good job!

And you sure succeeded in doing so! Don't get me wrong, by no means did I intend to belittle the outcome. You did a great job there!


Thanks a mill for the kind feedback, backslash. As a matter of fact, I was thinking about continuing to work on the game. This is a perfect confirmation that I am on the right track—thanks for that! Do you have any specific game mechanics improvements/additions in mind?

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Great entry, kudos! Love the minimal, Limbo-esque graphics and sound.

Maybe I am just not skilled enough, but I found the normal run without the doppelganger quite challenging already :)

I really liked the game idea and *loved* the scenery and the use of music. It seems a bit easy though, unless I've been missing something. But constantly hammering the up key basically got me going. Well done!

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Thanks a lot for the in-depth comment, heckx2. Ah the Bowser fire, good times :) I see where the confusion is coming from, I tried to make the description of the controls a bit more explicit. Thanks a lot for pointing that out and also for your nice comments on the gameplay. Time-killer and restarting over and over again is exactly what I was aiming for :)

The final version will indeed include music and background, both had to suffer because of time constraints. You are also not the first one to demand a REPLAY trigger via keyboard.

Again, thanks for your valuable feedback and thanks for playing!

What a fantastic game! I love the graphics, the ideas, and the creative take on the theme. Well done, chapeau!

Love the graphics and the overall feel to the game. Congrats!

Awesome, completing your first game and actually handing it in is huge. Congrats!

Great work, I really enjoyed leveling up and the game art. Red Slime FTW! I wasn't able to go back into the cave once I exited through the north, not sure if that's on purpose, but I had to level with Lvl 1 Goblins and Slimes only. Great fun and kudos for trying a new game engine!

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. Great to hear it is a bit addictive. Please note, that on desktop you can also use the up key for jumping and the space bar for attacking. It is written on the start page, but I guess it is easy to miss — maybe now you can get your high score even higher ;) Thanks for playing!