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Funny game :)

fun game :) 


only if you want to have fun or make a big score lol :) 


It says click a lot , witch I find funny :) 

thanks, that clone game from last year was great 

Better than flappy bird :) 

it's fun :) 

It is a nice game, reminds me of pokemon :)


what engine are you using? if its unity you have to figure a way to put the logo on a scene that you should change in a few seconds to the game scene

Looks good, but you should add upgrades like I did , also do not make them very expensive , that is one mistake I did :) . I hope you have fun developing more games , if u want we can colaborate with some projects or if we need feedback.

lol :)

thanks for the video

thanks :)

thanks :)

Thanks :)

nice , I played some of the assasins creed games and this is like a realistic one

funny idea ,I like the cat at the begining of the game:)

Good to see some youtubers playing those , a lot of devs put effort in making this games :)

Great game :)

nice game :)

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Note that this game could have a lower score than it deserves because of some indian developer named bug that I cought using fake accounts to rate his game and got triggerd by the fact that he is acting like a 5 y o lol.

ok great job lol , nice fake account bug :)

good idea, I hope that you will finish this game :)

good game,but it could use better controls 

best game I rated in this jam so far :)

:) better than the original

cant drag n drop anythink only drag lol but I like the art style

I like how the console looks w green text on dark font, reminds me of when I was a kid and I started doing batch file scripts :)

fun game :)

nice little puzzel game

nice , even I got bored when I tested the game after like 20 clicks :)


That is the joke , you are the first that got it right BlueJackalope :)

I know ... this is art 

I would recommend you to make a small 5 minutes game.