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It is a game about clicker games , it is a joke on clicker game mechanics where you just click

lol there is no ending it is a clicker you click



fun game :)

nice game, good idea

fun little game but kind of hard , I always kill everyone :)

It is always good to have more features ! :)

great game :)

nice small game :)

great pixel art!


Thanks :)

Thanks for your feedback :)

Thanks for your feedback, the game needs more polish , but as I had no idea of how to make a 3D game there are a few annoying thing in this game :)

good idea

this looks interesting will try it soon

good job on making a game :)

great game

great game

needs more work but its ok

I did fill that feedback form

lol thanks for the feedback :)

great game :)

the game is ok but needs better controls

great game it is really fun to play!

cool game

great game but kind of hard

thanks for your feedback

the game is fun :)

fun game :)

Great game and very good idea of gameplay :)

fun game but needs better sound

good game :)

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great game


thanks for playing :)

it is working but as I am kind of new to programming the ai sucks:)

Thanks Alex!

thanks :)!