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What is the recommended gameplay time?

A topic by JohnBlakeSaturn created Mar 19, 2018 Views: 251 Replies: 6
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I wanted to know what you meant by shorter experiences...How short gameplay time is recommended?

I am kinda new to this stuff...

Have a good day (or night... depending on whichever timezone it is)!


I've not taken part in one of these myself before, but I'm guessing short means anything from about 5 to 30 minutes, give or take. I'm sure they aren't too strict.


I would recommend you to make a small 5 minutes game.


Any length is fine, but less than 5 minutes is recommended (easier to finish and polish)!


Agree... getting to five minutes for me right now is a challenge. 


Gameplay duration is always a problem for me... I  can go through my games in 1/4 of the time required for a new player.


For my game, for exemple, you can finish it in less than 45 seconds if you know what to do, or be stuck all your life if you've not found ^_^
5 minutes seams to be a good compromise.