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Thanks for trying it out!

For getting stuck in the platforms, you can just hold ENTER to noclip upwards at least.

Luckily with this, the bugs just become part of the theme! :-P

We ran out of time during submission to the game jam so there is a bug: only the first checkpoint works.

External resources:

Parallax Background:
Robot Main Character: Mushroom, Goblin:
Barrel and torch:

External resources:

Parallax Background:
Robot Main Character:
Mushroom, Goblin:
Barrel and torch:

Thanks! Glad you like it! 

We considered putting letters on the machetes but decided against it - maybe we should have! 

Thanks for playing the game, glad you enjoyed it! 

Thanks for playing! Do you have any suggestions for what would have made the game easier to understand?

That was fun, thanks! 

Thank you for your wonderful comment! :-)

Yes, it is very hard. And it is impossible to win; you can only try to get as high a score as possible.

Haha very funny! I liked it! 



I used a part of one of your tilesets in a game I made for a game jam the past weekend. Thanks!

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I just want to give a big thanks to everyone that contributed to this project! 

Aerelle, RedFusion Design, and Laetans, this game would not be what it is without you!

(EDIT: RedFusion Design, not RockerScience, sorry)

Here it is!

I've made use of your character in a bit of a nonstandard way as an asset for a game I made for a game jam. I'll post a link here when I am done. :-) 

Odd game. Certainly unlike anything I've ever played.

Bit hard to figure out the mechanics to be quite honest, but overall it is fun to play and I think it carries its message across.

Haha, nice, I quite enjoyed this.

Would have fit right into the Meta Game Jam from  a few months back

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There actually is an option to do work.

(Take a look in the bottom left corner. It was kept kind of secret-ish on purpose)

EDIT: I meant bottom-right

Thanks, man!

I couldn't really say how to fix it without looking at the code, but maybe you have an if-else somewhere for checking the keypresses? 

Like if(right){...} else if (space) {...} ?

If so, it might be good to move the if(space) out completely.

Let me know if you get something right?

Hey MiniBobbo, thanks for the feedback! 

The "rank" goes down. It is possible to get it down to 1. The credit card "pay to win" is the best way to do so.

The game ends after 60 actions (maybe we made it a bit too many), at which point an end message is displayed.

It is possible to not have your family leave you if you pay attention to them.

Thanks for playing 

The game could not be made fullscreen, and the text went off-screen. This made it difficult for me to give the game a proper rating.

Most frustrating game I've played on here so far. XD Might be a good idea to allow the player to press space whilst holding right, and to not make the floor quite so slippery? I struggled to get past the first set of jumps.

Overall, pretty good. The concept had me laughing out loud, at least.

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Sorry, but I haven't got a clue what is happening in this game. It is way too hard to get into.

I get that the image is supposed to somehow compile into a program or something? But apart from changing the sprites for the aliens, I couldn't see how what I did changed a thing. 

I read the messages and bought some ROM chips, but I did not know how to go further, or whether it is even possible.

I tried to publish and it said "expecting the number of chip 5 to burn". What the heck does that mean?

This is just way too tricky to try to figure out on my own, with way too little information provided to the player. Is that supposed to be the message? 

This game finishes in about 60 clicks, so just keep going to the end. :)

I managed to kill him. He's just very tough.

I've not taken part in one of these myself before, but I'm guessing short means anything from about 5 to 30 minutes, give or take. I'm sure they aren't too strict.