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New features include: 

  • New stations: mortar and pestle, alembic and aludel, spiralmouth
  • New ingredients
  • New recipes
  • Multiple days with stations being steadily unlocked
  • Timers for customer purchases. 
  • Sound and music
  • All stations now clickable
  • Shelf for temporary potion storage
  • Quality of life and UI improvements such as being able to right-click to drop items

Give it a try!

You said you'd like to do more alchemistry if there are updates, well... there's been a big update! 

First-off. everything is now clickable, so if the keyboard controls don't make sense, you can play everything with the mouse!

Not to mention a bunch of different improvements, sound, music, quality of life and other interface stuff, new stations and recipes, etc.

Right click drop has been implemented.

You are now able to drop items.

There is now a timer.

It's got music and sound now. :-)

Thank you for the feedback! Really glad you enjoyed it! 

Thank you so much for the feedback! We're glad you enjoyed it! 

We're glad you enjoyed it! 

Yes, the cauldron is the trickiest part! Use Q to add coal, it makes the bellows work better.

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We're glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the feedback!

Ah I'm sorry to hear that! Arrow keys to flip the pages left and right, and it sounds like you were flipping to the page with space. 

Not sure why it wasn't working for you otherwise.

And yes, I'm creating a polished version with some sound effects which I'll release soon after the jam results are out.

Thanks for the feedback! 

Oh, one reason blazing might be so hard for you is the book is mistaken about controls. You blow the bellows with [spacebar] not [b]. Sorry about that!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah we wanted to add a timer but, ironically, ran out of time. 
Glad you liked it!

Thanks! Yeah, I'll add that in the polished version. 

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Yeah, the plan was to have the items in the room be clickable (bellows, coal, wood) but we had more important things to finish before time ran out.

Thank you for your kind words! Novaturient was the main artist (though Stunbrick did most of the glassware). I'll let them know!

Yes, I am planning on polishing things up just a little bit after the game jam - improve the control scheme, add a few more recipes, and actually make use of the glassware that's currently just standing there looking pretty. :-)

A good suggestion, thanks!

Wow a networked game, this is amazing. How did you do it?

Good game, thanks.

Very nice. Had some fun!

Lol, can't help you then, sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hi. In what sense? Does the page not load? Or do you mean the game doesn't make sense to you?

Yes, thank you, that's perfect! I'll post a link to the github repo here when I've made it. 

I've downloaded all the js files and I've been playing around. It's a really nice and logical framework! I've managed to add two new flowers: roots and herbs which give 1 energize and 1 health respectively, a new herbalist hut who will buy roots and herbs from you for 1 silver each, a new enemy type: Ogre that spawns similar to a Hobgoblin, and modified the junk piles in the dungeon to have a 5% chance to find silver and 1% to find health / energy potions. It was all really easy to do! 

I can see now what you meant with the messiness - a couple of funny naming conventions (e.g. thing_flower.js is more like thing_pickup.js, and thing_goblin.js is actually thing_enemy.js and so forth) and there is a bit of repetition that could be extracted into common functions, but otherwise it's super nice and clean and I had no trouble at all figuring it out! Did you really manage to make all this in time for the 7DRL?! I'm honestly super impressed.

I wanted to ask, if you're not continuing with the project, could I please get permission to upload the modified game as I expand it? I will give you full credit as the system designer and a link back here etc. 

You can email me at if you want to talk directly, and I'd be happy to email you the changes I've made so far, or else upload them to my github directly so you can see the modifications if you're happy with that.

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And yeah, I know how tricky getting things accessible can be. For my own attempt at an accessible game I just made a text area with an assertive aria-live property, and then I append all of the game's text there. Then the rest of the game is made with buttons with additional aria properties, and text areas and things.

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Ah cool, thanks so much for the explanation! And thanks for the tip to check out the code. 

Haha, wow your code is so clean for a game jam! Comments and separate functions and files and everything! I feel a bit like this XKCD:

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I gave it a quick try! Very nice game! Mechanics are simple and enjoyable. And it's great to see an accessible roguelike! Would love to see this concept fleshed out.

One thing I picked up is that the card description for silver says it's worth 5 copper, but the screenreader just says it can be traded for goods and services. Might want to add the 5 copper to the read description.

Other than that, it seems to work great with NVDA. I've sent it to some blind friends of mine to try out, and I'll let you know if they have any comments. 

Also, as a programmer and amateur game creator myself, I'd love to see how things are implemented. Do you have some source code available somewhere? Are you perhaps accepting pull requests? Is there an offline-playable version available?

Once again, thanks, this is very cool!

I had fun with this game! The graphics are very cute! Reminds me of the game Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

Hey, thanks so much! That means a lot to us!

Hey, thanks for playing!

You actually missed a feature - the ability to glitch through walls and stuff which we teach the player just past the tower. But I understand with trying to play so many games you had to keep things quite short.

Glad our game is in your stream! 


Yeah, we're quite happy with how it came out! :-D We had a lot of fun designing the mechanics. 

Hey yeah, we know the bugs - we unfortunately ran out of time before we could fix everything... probably go back and patch them up after competition's over. 

We're glad you had fun with the lag!

Glad to have been able to give you a unique experience! ;-)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for trying it out!

For getting stuck in the platforms, you can just hold ENTER to noclip upwards at least.

Luckily with this, the bugs just become part of the theme! :-P

We ran out of time during submission to the game jam so there is a bug: only the first checkpoint works.

External resources:

Parallax Background:
Robot Main Character: Mushroom, Goblin:
Barrel and torch:

External resources:

Parallax Background:
Robot Main Character:
Mushroom, Goblin:
Barrel and torch:

Thanks! Glad you like it!