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I love Reigns and Lapse (similar games) and I actually wanted to submit a sort of game like these. Glad I didn't because your game ended up being better than what I had in mind. Wonderful set up and pretty good realisation. Kudos to the artist :) 

All the achievements for every single actions seem annoying though (but I guess is a way to mock all the games' achievements).  

Unfortunately the colors of the bars are not enough to make clear which "field" they are attached to. I would suggest to make it more clear, for example with a icon or a short explanation at the beginning of the game. 

Thanks for your feedback, and your nice words!

We are actually working on the bars problem already! hope we can update it soon enough. These and some problems in the rythm of gameplay are some design problems that we are trying to surpass :D

And yes, you're right,  we mainly used the Reigns franchise as main reference in order to work a bit on the Achievements theme.