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B34t AV3Nue 3/4View game page

beat the beats by beating left mouse beatton

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B34t AV3Nue 3/4's page


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Please mention below any pre-made music or art assets you used.
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The spacebar sometimes jumps the scrolling of the game's page, and also if the gameplay just restarted, another music will be played (so the game music will clone itself, making more restarts too annoying with the music). Spamming the mouse button to the enemies will sure keep me alive.


Cool music and visuals! The concept in itself is also great. However, clicking on ennemies doesn't feel intuitive, and actually makes the game a bit frustrating. I would also have liked being able to start with the increased speed: getting to do the slow part at each new try became annoying. Nevertheless, it was still enjoyable, and pretty solid in its mechanics.


Super nice graphics! I included it in my Music Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


It's all functional and present, but I can't say I found the game very fun. The music is nice but I found the gun sound fx somewhat draining on repeat, and was fairly disappointed when the music didn't change speeds with the gameplay.  As others said, it was unclear at the beginning that you had to click on the enemies. I like the background images and the character sprites, but the player animation look a little wonky when running (mostly because the upper body seems static) and it almost seemed like the enemies didn't even attack. The game seemed far too easy and the jump button wasn't necessary, maybe you could add some platforming elements to it? Spikey pits, ring of fire, etc. It's not bad work necessarily, I just think it could use a couple coats of paint and a little more originality.


As other have mentioned it was not clear that we had to click either on the rhythm line or the enemy to shoot them but once that was understood then it was easy to get going. I was hoping that the speed-up mechanic was controlled by how many enemies I took down making the difficulty level be controlled by how skilled I am. (Perhaps this is something that can happen later.) Sadly, the game broke after I died the first time, which appear to put me where I died, and then the music stopped and did not loop, and the speed up counter stopped at 5 and then took 30 seconds to get to 0.  :P lol Other than that, the music was fun to listen to and the simplicity of the game play makes it easy to get understand and play


Took me a little bit to realize that you had to click ON the enemies for it to count. Fun to play once you get the hang of it though.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I think you have to click on the actual enemy to shoot. Gave me quite a headache for the first run I thought I just had to get the angle right. The background art is very nice, but the rest of it is kind of a weird mix of low and medium-high res art. The difficulty ramp at the first speed up is pretty intense too. Maybe a more gradual speed up would be nice or smaller increments. As it is, it's very hard (and I want to say it's a little buggy, because I'm sure I was clicking them) at the higher speed. I didn't make it very far past the first speed up, so I don't know if there are more levels. I can't imagine there's another speed up it would be way too fast if there is. Music is nice and fitting for the theme, and I really like the pixel backdrop. Looks nice. 

Edit: I would add that the jumping is a bit floaty, but I'm not sure if jumping really is needed for anything anyway. Is it?


Nice art and simple fun!  Music was really good too!  Great job! :D