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I'll be providing a Mac download soon!


Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, the games mechanics aren't explained very well within the game, mostly because we ran out of time and had to resort to putting that information on the game's page.

Could you elaborate what exactly do you mean with hit feedback?

Its a great concept, altho im not really sure what should i do when ive located the beeping sound.


Im a bit late, but my game Parallels its basically the challenge yin-yang in its finest form.

Its fantastic, altho i got stuck on like level 3.

I can repeat what others have said, its great!

Thank you! What would describe as the most difficult part of the game?

Thank you for your feedback! Im currently working on sounds and im thinking to implement that you can switch witch character youre controling directly as suggested below.

I can only repeat other people - the game is great! And yes, restarting the game with a keyboard would help someone as lazy as me. 


Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, Ill admit that I never made the walls jumps "feel" right, but I have a few ideas I might do.

Thanks for your feedback! Could you suggest something to make the movement better?

My only problem with this is that its too short.

Its really cool. (as you can tell, im not good at writing reviews)