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Thanks for trying! I will use your feedback for update v0.8.1 <3

Fun concept, nice graphics :D

- said the crowd in front of the waiter at a restaurant  :)

About the exclusive idea from CaptainD - perhaps some developers want to do timed exclusives.

Small ideas:
- make your game on Steam more expensive (because of the 30% of the sale going to steam)
- offer services on you do not offer anywhere else (updates first on Support only on forums)
- know anyone working in a triple-A-studio? Let them try to bring in more customers (popularity).

A thought: steam, for example, is big. A downside of being big/very popular, is that it also brings negative things, like scammers, fake reviews and whatever you can think of you do not want in a community. (it takes time/money to combat this)

Nice game! One of the few games I kept playing after an initial test. 

I'm a big fan of Everything works and is simple to use.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

my game is also designed to be relaxing and is released a few days ago here :)

I will :)

Thanks! Do you have twitter? When I am going to use this tileset, I will let you know and donate some money.

Treasure chest (closed and open) and a walking skeleton? :)

hi! Do you still accept suggestions? 

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Cute main menu music. Nice to play. A bit difficult, but that's just me. :)

Love the rotating mechanic <3

Nice idea and very scary :)

Nice art and fun to play