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Official Autumn™️ font. Very nice ^^

This is incredible and so powerful! I'm in awe.

Hey this is very useful! Thank you for making it :)

¡Qué bueno! He tardado en pillar que los edificios están desordenados 🤣

Oh well lol

Still a very cute game!

Mystery buyer oh mystery buyer, where are you? 👁️👁️

I love the horizon colours and the city in the distance. I can almost feel the breeze in this game. Very well done :)

I really enjoyed the demo! I'm waiting for the switch release but I know I'm going to love the full version :)

I loved the demo! You nailed the creepiness of an empty Gmod world. I also really like the simple, off-looking UI.

The ship sprites are very well made!

Thx for playing! :D

I haven't played a game like this before, I don't think. The topics you deal with in this demo hit so close to my, and I guess many others' experiences with online games. Subcultures that find their place in MMOs, the way these virtual spaces get appropriated by alt-right groups, long-standing rumors about secrets in the game...

You have something very special here and, after playing this demo, I'm sure you can explore these topics with the respect and care that is needed. I'm looking forward to the full game.

The boss battle was great! I really enjoyed this little game. Well done :)

Nice mechanic. I like how the enemies force you to think quickly, not just by getting closer, but because they remove numbers that could have been useful!

Cool concept! ^^

Throwing the ball around and getting a quick win is very satisfying!

I like how by moving the camera you can effectively reach three tiles without turning. I don't think I've played a game quite like this before, but I like it a lot!

Aaah I've been waiting for this one for a while! What a cute little (but not so little) world!!

Thank you! Electric is the same as ice, it stops the enemy from moving. Hurricane confuses the enemy so it doesn't attack in the next turn even if it is next to you.

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This game made me realize I follow too many devs, because every rat was trying to sell their indie game to me xD

Edit: Oh and btw the portal is an amazing addition.

This game is amazing! The dreams are beautiful and eerie. I can't believe you made all of this in a month!

Fantastic game! All the abilities feel different and you have a nice system for swapping them. I also love that I can play this on my phone!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I agree that the game is on the easier side. I wanted to add some difficulty scaling and even harder enemies, but I ran out of time 🤷‍♂️

Ahh the dialogue about procrastination 😭

I organized a nice online tea party. Very cute game!

When the game said "you spend a little time on your phone" ouch, that hurt.

Excellent work with the game! Time really flies by when you are having fun (and it's important to rest from all the work!)

Omg this is amazing! I love planet generators. Yours is so good 👏

¡Qué preciosidad de juego! Una pena que esté con el portátil y no me va muy bien, pero he podido verlo en uno de los vídeos que os han dejado por aquí y me parece una pasada.

Los efectos de sonido animan muchísimo la historia, sobre todo en los momentos en que en pantalla no está pasando mucho. Me recuerda mucho a un teatro. También me gusta especialmente la escena de huir por el bosque con los colores cambiantes.

En fin, que enhorabuena por el juego :)

Pero qué monada de juego 💜

I think this is one of the best-looking games I've played. I'm in love with the colours, they way you did the dithering on the lampposts, the final "enemy". Wonderful work.

Beautiful and haunting. My favourite dream is the one with the phone box. There's something very eerie about it. The whole collection is amazing.

I love the way you did the "skyboxes"!

Good doggo 🐕

Actually cool. I felt bad after breaking the crystal. I hope they are ok.

Lovely! I really enjoy this idea of finding unexpected cosmic horrors by looking through a simple telescope.

Thanks dude!

Nice facts about tea ☕

I love that you can tickle the character's nose.

Precioso 💙

Ah don't worry! I'll share the game page then ^^

A wonderful collection of memories. I love the way the music slowly adds up as you explore new places.

Do you have a twitter I can share? :)

Wonderful! Very small-scale but it is better for it! This is the sokpop essence distilled imo. Very nice experience.

Very relaxing and cool!

My favourite was a world with lava rivers. Striking vistas there!