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Luis S.

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So cute! I love the banter between the characters.

This is siiiick! I loved every second of it.

Thanks for playing! ^^

Nope, just the one!

This was fantastic! I laughed a lot and the character designs are fantastic! ^^

What a unique experience! The flashing lights were a bit much for me after a while, but I appreciate the pink line to guide the player!

This is very cool!

So good! The ending caught me by surprise :D

The visuals are breathtaking, and the story grips you as it takes you deep, deep underground...

Very nice game and a cool tribute to ENA!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it ^^

Thank you for the feedback! ^^

Thank you! I love Nikko too :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

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The DS UI is a fantastic addition! I love everything about this. It really feels like something that could have existed in the DS era.

Finally, this covers all my bear-punching needs!

I like the way this looks!

Very cool concept!

This was harder than I expected! Really made me doubt my own choices in the later stages. Congrats!

Nice :)

Thank you so much! :)

The rockpuncher is my favourite. It looks so happy just smashing rocks ^^

Purple trousers are great!

The perfect game to play just before bed :)

Wow, I never expected to learn so much about the ocean! :)))

¡Qué original! Me encanta todo, desde la temática hasta la forma que has decidido implementar cada minijuego ^^

Absolutely hilarious!

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Wow this is just fantastic! I love the scene looking at the night sky :)

Wow, amazing effect!

So beautiful!! The sky during the ending is amazing.

So nice :)

This was so much fun! The levels are so pleasant to look at. You've done a fantastic job here :)

It's here let's goo 👻

This was fantastic! Very unique. I loved sculpting the clay limbs one by one.

The music and spaces are calm yet unnerving at the same time. I loved exploring this place.

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Such an interesting world and characters! I need more :D


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The perfect demo to play on Halloween 😈

Amazing use of vertex lighting. You are a true master of this style.

This is pretty good for being your first game! And you got that sokpop style on point ^^