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It starts at 5:30 AM EST tomorrow morning until 7:15 AM each day until we finish all the games!

Krassjam is live! Go get your themes!!!

Super sorry. I derped and slept in. New times are scheduled for the jam to start tomorrow morning. <3

The game was updated and launched live on Steam in February!


Please pm me in discord and ill send you a private invite link to submit! Good job everyone, cant wait to play everything!!

Hey man, here's our discord. You can ask for teammates there:

Thumbs Up! :)

What Yagich said is spot on! Get hyped, 35 minutes!

Hey guys,

We've partnered with CrowdForge this time around for Krass N.G. Jam 3! If you're looking for a team and unsure where to put info for your availability or want to browse teams that are currently looking for people for the jam, then clicky here:

Super thanks to CrowdForge for this and hope it helps bring people that are lacking in certain skill areas together to form an ultimate team!

Here's the rules to get your theme, didnt even see this, sorry guys!

Thanks for the report. We'll work on it on stream!

Post your information here and if someone is looking for a team member, then they'll hit you up!

Game Currenty In Progress! (GIP)

The year is 2177. Earth has used up all of it's natural resources and now looks toward resource excavation in space. However, the station has been overrun by a parasitic bacteria that makes robots hostile! Take the ship back at any cost!

This game was created during QaziJam 9 - Game Jam for Good.

All art and programming was created and completed on stream by Krassenstein.

Audio credits to SFXR and

I learned that I'm unable to make a simple game and had to constantly reduce scope haha.

If you're having fun, #knightfallgame on twitter!

WASD or Arrow Keys - Move Player

Space Bar - Attack (there is a slight delay between attacks)

E or C - Action Button (open chests, etc)

Full of bugs and when you die, the main menu button is not working. But it's definitely something.