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Great artwork in that game, for sure!

Thanks for the kind message. I am still making games. My current work-in-progress is a visual novel set in an alien movie studio. The Alien Squatter artist is also involved.

YES! YES! YES! I sent you a DM on Twitter.

No problem. Thanks for saying hello! =)

I meant to say this months ago, but this is a very informative review. Thanks for this!

I'll go and high five the entire team for you right now. 🙂

Thanks for the encouragement!


No, you're fab! I hope you like it. =)

This comment made me happy! =) Thanks for playing and saying hello!

Dang. They made those pajamas themself, and here you are trashing them. =(

Just between you and I, they are sort of ugly though. I won't defend Mel's sense of fashion.

It's by MorpheusKitami:

Thanks so much for playing and commenting! =)

No special trick to finding those ones. I don't even think they're that rare!

Please try the other Xoo: Xeno Xafari game. It's one thousand times bigger and better!

Yeah. It's like a sequel. Thanks! I will indicate that!

I'll volunteer my game Alien Squatter. It's an RPG/survival where you play as a homeless extraterrestrial in a future version of Japan.

I would LOVE to do a Mac version, but the engine I'm using (OHRRPGCE) has a few bugs on Mac. The engine's developers are working on it right now, but I don't have a definite timeline. I believe there will be a Mac version eventually though.

Yes! That's so good to hear. I was definitely trying to make this one feel more fun and less punishing.

Sweet! Good to hear!

I didn't make Dr. Moonlight's Happyworld, but yeah, I would play a sequel.

This is more like a sequel. It's 5x bigger with 5x more stuff to collect. It's got new graphics, new systems, and lots more stuff to do. Basically, it's like the original, but way more awesome.

Am I convincing you?

Thanks! I hope you try it and like it. =)

I've been having some issues with the Mac and Linux versions of the game so they are currently unavailable on Steam and itch. I'm waiting on an update to the game engine.

OHRRPGCE! It's flexible and fun to use. Definitely check it out.

Thanks for the reminder! I'm working on an update for Alien Squatter that will be out this week, I'll put out a Linux version on at the same time!  I'll also do a sale for at some point in the undisclosed future. In any case, thanks for getting the game on Steam. =D I hope you have a groovy time!

This is cool, and you're cool for doing this. Rock on!

I'll have to figure out what's going on with the Linux version. Until I have a chance to test it more. I'm going to disable it. Sorry!

Never heard of Axiom Verge. I just looked it up. Seems cool. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. =)

Thanks for playing and commenting on Void Pyramid.

It's going... poorly. There is a weird display bug. I'm working with the engine's developer to get it sorted out, but progress has been slow. I'm sorry to let you down. I promise that I haven't forgotten about you. =(

I will definitely port this to Mac. If it goes smoothly, I'll get it done this weekend.

Yeah. 1989 was a hot year. Mother came out in Japan. Dragon Warrior came out in America. Castlevania 3! Megaman 2! Ducktales!

1999: Megallennium 6-in-1 Mega Cart would've blown 1989 out of the stratosphere!

Thanks so much for playing! I'm currently working on a new version due out this November. If you are looking for a reason to replay it, this version will add lots of new content. I'm also trying to get it Greenlit on Steam. If you you feel like supporting me, get on Steam and vote it up:

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Void Pyramid is a post-apocalyptic RPG set in the space-faring Egyptian empire. It has been in development for 2 years and is now complete and ready to be played.

Choose to be a slave, soldier, or scribe and escape from the prison-like Void Pyramid as it drifts through deep space. This game has a unique system and setting.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think. Thanks so much!

Void Pyramid page.

This is an interesting use of the branching narrative style of "game". It's kind of like an aid for meditation. The text entry field makes the experience very personal.